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What are Those Sensations in Your Hands?

During the course of a Reiki Treatment many practitioners will experience a variety of sensations in their hands – heat from warm to very hot, tingling, cold, pain, etc. Many practitioners have asked why they experience such a variety of sensations and often the answer they receive is simply that “it just happens that way”. However, German Reiki Master Walter Lubeck, in his book ‘The Complete Reiki Handbook’, has the following to say about these sensations:


This sensation generally indicates some inflammation. Very intense tingling, sometimes extending up to the shoulders, often signals some acute, severe inflammation – in which case it is recommended that you advise your client to seek help from their physician.


This could be caused by an old energy block which dampens the vitality of the organism. These blocks sometimes need a great deal of Reiki in order to release them. It may be necessary for your client to face old pain or deep forgotten memories. Often there is great potential for growth when this kind of blockage is released.


This is a sign that vitality is needed and welcome – a tired but vital organism taking in the force it needs.

Strong Magnetic Attraction:

This infers that Reiki energy is urgently needed in this area and readily accepted. When this feeling ceases, wait for a while to find out whether  another sensation follows.

Energy ‘Pushing’ You Away:

This is probably an old, deeply rooted blockage which impedes the vitality and the life energy it needs. Such blocks are usually connected with the vital processes of the body in some form. The mental/emotional method of Second Degree Reiki is recommended for this kind of blockage as well as affirmations and other methods to enable the client to open up and allow the healing process to work.


This feeling suggests that the life-force energy is already flowing and welcoming the additional vital impulses, resulting in a higher vibrational frequency of the entire system. The Reiki session will be felt as a merging into love and security. It will be a most agreeable occasion for experiencing gentle growth.

Sharp Pain:

This may be an energy build-up in the process of dissolving. Releasing and facing areas that have been repressed is often stressful or painful. Ensure you take time to give a full treatment. You may need to support the client afterwards by allowing them to talk about what they have experienced and released during the treatment.

Dull Paid:

This may be an old build-up of energy still in the pre-conscious state which is ready for release. You will need to give this area Reiki often, either in addition to or instead of a full treatment, until the blockage is completely dissolved.

Pain Twinges:

An energy build-up ready for release, but not yet integrated by the surrounding energy system. Regular treatments required.

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