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What is the difference between: Good and Evil

The same argument applies as to black and white magic as it does to good and evil. The only thing that creates good or evil is man’s perception of what is good or evil. It is here we address Satan versus God. They are one in the same. The yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine. God is outside of good and evil, therefore God is outside Satan and the reciprocal. In a sense God is Satan because we have created it that way. God is made in man’s image – not man in God’s image. We create a God that reflects our understanding of God. Therefore, if we believe in Satan, that is because we choose to do so therefore we have created it! Regrettably, this is how man’s mind works – we need Satan to understand God. The challenge is to not understand God but just accept God – in which case we no longer need a Satan. Therefore, Satan is an energy (because Metaphysics is about energy) created by man (a thought form) and given strength by man believing in it. It can be likened to God saying, ‘here man, here is pure energy. Neutral energy. You use it to make your world, you have freewill’, and man makes the devil. Not God, but man makes the devil!