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What is the difference between: Prayer and Magic

Prayer is when you ask something you consider greater than you to deliver to you your goals, desires or aspirations. Magic is when you manipulate energy. Magic is using the natural unfolding of life and energy to manifest to create something out of the ordinary to happen. For example, if a young girl had a crush on a young man and she knew that this young man was having lunch at a certain place and at a certain time. If the young girl sort of made herself on purpose accidentally meet the young man by coincidence, yet all along having planned the meeting – then this is magic. The young girl has hastened the natural unfoldment of what might be. She has manipulated energy by making something happen that she desired. Prayer is the same thing in a way. When we pray we are asking that natural unfolding is hastened. We are asking for our own ends energy to be spent on us. ‘Dear God, I do hope I get this job I am applying for’ This is a prayer – it is also a request to make happen a desire – it is magic. ‘Dear God, I feel so sad for the starving, I pray that world hunger will end’’ This is a prayer that asks for the natural unfolding to be manipulated to met one’s own desires or vision of what is good. In my mind, prayer and magic are the same thing. Except it sounds nicer to say ‘‘ pray;, than it does to say, ‘‘ do spells’’ Ultimately, they are one in the same. They say the greatest magic and/or the greatest prayer is to not need to do magic or prayer.