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What is the difference between:

Spiritual and Spiritualist.

To be spiritual means to have an appreciation of spirit. Spirit in this sense being the appreciation of what is for the good of humanity. The spiritual person is the person who cares about their fellow being. The little old lady next door who bakes the neighbours a cake. A spiritual deed, a deed of caring. Spiritual means to be unselfish and to truly be manifestation of kindness for all humanity as a whole.

A Spiritualist, on the other hand, is someone who goes to a Spiritualist Church. In this sense a Spiritualist is someone with a particular creed, philosophy and belief in the creed of a Spiritualist Church.

The Spiritualist Church basically have seven main principles.

  • The fatherhood of God

A source outside of our perception of the  cosmos. A creator. The uncaused cause.

  • The brotherhood of man

Unity. The oneness of every living thing.

  • The ministry and hierarchy of Angels

A divine plane with different entities with different positions of responsibility.

  • The eternal life of the soul

Re-incarnation. The body dies but the soul lives forever.

  • The communication with spirit
The ability to commune with all entities within the divine plan of God
  • Eternal progress to every soul.

Flexibility in each path of enlightenment. Moving up the hierarchy.

  • Retribution and reward.

Karma. You reap what you sow.

In a nutshell, if you do not agree with one of these principles then you can not really call yourself a spiritualist. (in the context of the Spiritualist Church)

Spiritual and Non-Spiritual

You will often hear the expression ‘spiritual’. They are a ‘spiritual’ person. So, I ask you, What is non-spiritual. Are we not all borne of spirit? Are we not in that sense all spiritual? The expression ‘spiritual’ is more a judgment, a perception that someone will behaive in a manner that you expect them to behaive in to be labeled spiritual But those very expectations are your own. We are all spiritual and I have coined this little phrase. If you breathe, then you are spiritual and if you don’t breathe, then you must be spirit.

Psychic and Medium

A psychic is any person who has some level of mastery over their innate ability to ‘tune in’ to energy. Clairvoyance is one specific area of psychic. Clairvoyance means clear seeing. So a clairvoyant is a person who sees images, pictures in ones mind’s eye as a form of communication with spirit. In a sense there is no difference in the outcome of a message, per se, except that the method or technique used to get the message will differ. A psychic could see, hear, feel; or sense the message whereas a clairvoyant only sees. Only seeing has its drawbacks in that it prevents the ability to hear. Hearing spirit is called clairaudient. So, a psychic uses ‘tools’ to translate subtle energies to which they are sensitive to.

A medium, on the other hand, is more a vocation than a description. A medium’s only purpose is to prove life after death by communicating with loved-ones who have passed over. To this end a medium will give clear and accurate proof, such as names and details of the spirit they are communicating with. A Medium will prove life after death, and to do this they will use psychic skills such as clairvoyance etcetera.

Medium and Mystic

The Mystic is the wise person who will guide your soul forever seeking truth and fulfillment. The medium or psychic just so happens to be a person who communicates with spirit or tells fortunes or can see auras – this does not mean they are ‘wise’. The Mystic in this sense feeds the soul, whereas maybe the medium satisfies the mind.

On this topic, people believe that if you get a message from spirit that the message is flawless. This is foolish thinking as, just because somebody has passed over and is now in spirit, this doesn’t mean they have gained anymore a wisdom than that that they had while on Earth. Passing over does not give you enlightenment! Enlightenment and wisdom are the rewards only of discernment and study and living.

Prayer and Magic

Prayer is when you ask something you consider greater than you to deliver to you your goals, desires or aspirations. Magic is when you manipulate energy. Magic is using the natural unfolding of life and energy to manifest to create something out of the ordinary to happen. For example, if a young girl had a crush on a young man and she knew that this young man was having lunch at a certain place and at a certain time. If the young girl sort of made herself on purpose accidentally meet the young man by coincidence, yet all along having planned the meeting – then this is magic. The young girl has hastened the natural unfoldment of what might be. She has manipulated energy by making something happen that she desired. Prayer is the same thing in a way. When we pray we are asking that natural unfolding is hastened. We are asking for our own ends energy to be spent on us. ‘Dear God, I do hope I get this job I am applying for’ This is a prayer – it is also a request to make happen a desire – it is magic. ‘Dear God, I feel so sad for the starving, I pray that world hunger will end’’ This is a prayer that asks for the natural unfolding to be manipulated to met one’s own desires or vision of what is good. In my mind, prayer and magic are the same thing. Except it sounds nicer to say ‘‘ pray;, than it does to say, ‘‘ do spells’’ Ultimately, they are one in the same. They say the greatest magic and/or the greatest prayer is to not need to do magic or prayer.

Black magic and White magic.

Magic is magic whether it is black or white. The blackness or whiteness is only a reflection of the intent when the spell (prayer) is cast. Behind all prayer (magic) is a neutral energy. It is only how man has manipulated the energy by the intent of the prayer that makes it BLACK OR WHITE. The difference between black and white magic is MAN. Man and perceptions, man and conditioning, man and judgement. Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so!

Good and Evil

The same argument applies as to black and white magic as it does to good and evil. The only thing that creates good or evil is man’s perception of what is good or evil. It is here we address Satan versus God. They are one in the same. The yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine. God is outside of good and evil, therefore God is outside Satan and the reciprocal. In a sense God is Satan because we have created it that way. God is made in man’s image – not man in God’s image. We create a God that reflects our understanding of God. Therefore, if we believe in Satan, that is because we choose to do so therefore we have created it! Regrettably, this is how man’s mind works – we need Satan to understand God. The challenge is to not understand God but just accept God – in which case we no longer need a Satan. Therefore, Satan is an energy (because Metaphysics is about energy) created by man (a thought form) and given strength by man believing in it. It can be likened to God saying, ‘here man, here is pure energy. Neutral energy. You use it to make your world, you have freewill’, and man makes the devil. Not God, but man makes the devil!


Empowerment fuels your inner flame whereas dis-empowerment consumes it. Every time you have a choice, ask yourself, does this empower me or disempower me?

Spirit and Soul and Shells and Shadows

Each human has a spirit. Their essence that makes them them. You may have heard people say about someone with enthusiasm how they have a lot of spirit. Your spirit is your sense of self. Your consciousness, your identity.

A shadow or shell has no substance, it is like a memory or a photograph, while you acknowledge it, you know that it is not the real thing.  It is like the discarded shell of a cicada.

A soul is that link we all have with the oneness outside of creation and part of God. It is the soul link that enables us to be sensitive to the finer energies of higher beings. It is the soul link that allows us to tap into the divine source of all knowledge. It is the soul link that gives us an urge to progress. When man’s spirit transcends ego in thoughts he is linked to soul.

When a medium links with a physical person to give a message or to communicate with spirit, what the medium does is create a link firstly with the physical person. The medium may then see an image of a loved one in spirit. This is just an image, it has no spirit. We call this the shadow. From this link the medium then links into the spirit. The spirit of the loved one will communicate as if the loved one is still alive. How the loved one would talk to you in their normal way. Because the spirit has a sense of identity. So the spirit will say, ‘I am well’. The medium may then link with the soul. This is the link with the divine. The level of the message will ascend and the soul will be giving a so-called spiritual  type message, ‘Go forward young one and sin no more’. These will clearly not be the words or mind set of the spirit of the loved one, but therefore must be linked through the loved one and be coming from a higher source. This source is the soul. Mind you, soul will never say. ‘sin no more’ because sin is a concept from man, not from soul.

Heaven and hell

Our minds and thought are powerful. They create what we subconsciously want to see. So it is in death. We experience what we are expecting to experience because we are nothing but thoughts (our body has returned to dust).

This is why Catholics see Mary, Christians see Jesus, Buddhists see Buddah and Hindus see Krishna – we see what we expect to see.

A non-believer will see nothing. Yet nothing does still exist. It is called no-man’s land. Soon, they will tire of nothing and seek a better heaven (or hell). So I guess, hell is our own fears and our own guilt’s manifesting, just as Heaven is our own love and self worth materializing.

It is interesting because in the afterlife, we do not have a physical body. Our senses, touch, taste, sight, sound, fragrance – are all made possible because of our physical body. These senses do not exist in the afterlife except as memories. The memory of the smell and taste of a nice hot juicy steak to eat is not as satisfying as actually eating the steak here on Earth. On saying this you may appreciate just how special earth is and hopefully do not take these senses for granted. I once heard the expression, “I don’t understand why people are killing themselves to Leave Earth, as I know so many spirits can’t wait to get here and enjoy the sensual benefits’.

In summary Heaven and Hell are created by ourselves in a space we call the Astral Planes.

© Kevin Reed