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A Numerological Essay on Karmic Numbers

By Greer Jonas

Want to know if you have karmic numbers and what it means through numerology?

You can find out by looking at your full birth name. According to this theory, you pick your parents who are inspired to give you a name.

This name affects the challenges and strengths of your life. Each number carries a lesson that you came here to learn. By the way, if you were adopted, we look at your original name (if you know it) as well as the name your new parents gave you.

How it works

Using with Pythagoras chart, each letter has a corresponding number. So in the chart below, the “AJS” has the number 1 value and the “BKT” has the 2 value. Each number has a specific definition, strength, as well as a challenge.

When you look at a person’s name chart, the numbers that are missing are your karmic numbers. These are your lessons in life. They are often what you strive for, but might be hard at first.

George Clooney’s Karmic Number

Let’s look at May’s celebrity of the month, George Clooney (Born May 6, 1961). George Timothy Clooney is a successful actor, director, political activist, and humanitarian.

Now, take a gander at his name based on the alpha-numerical chart.

Next, we chart which letters fall into which numbers as the tic-tac-toe board below illustrates.

George Timothy Clooney has the very rare karmic number of “1“. It is rare because most people have at least an “A” or an “S” in their name.

Also what is very interesting is that George’s destiny (sum of the birthday numbers is also a “1” (5+2+1+1+9+6+1=28 which reduces to a 1)

 What does this mean? 1 is the independent leader and inspirer with a good and confident self-image. This comes through in George’s 1 destiny.

However, with karmic 1’s, his lesson in life is not to be so impressed with himself.  He has 2 twos (charismatic and attractive), 4 fives (also charismatic – actor, speaker and lots of energy) 4 sixes (compassionate, connects with family and community) and 4 sevens (spiritual and inward thinking, the unique non-conformist).

Thus, he is very popular but he also cares about the world and how he can make a difference. His fame only helps him achieve more.  In 2008, for instance, he became one of the “United Nations Messengers of Peace”.

What are your karmic numbers?

Note: many people have more than one karmic number.  Calculate your karmic numbers and see the lessons below.

1 — Independence, a self-sufficient leader, being in charge. Lesson: As Clooney, your lesson is to lead without pushing your power. For some, the lesson is to stand out and not be insecure or afraid of your power.

2 — Relationships of all kinds, love, friendship, and business. If you have a karmic 2, you may have trouble having or keeping relationships (especially romantic). Every lesson is overcoming the challenges. Once you achieve this, relationships are very important to you. It might be easier for you to rise up in relationships with friends and business than romantic relationships.

3 — Creativity and self-expression in every creative form – art, music, writing and speaking. You may be insecure but once you learn your lesson, you can be very successful.

4 — The builder and organizer. The four represents the home.  You may tend to be sloppy and unorganized, or stubborn.  As the four karmic number may deal with an early instability in your home, (like moving a lot) you may have been brought up with a family life that is dysfunctional. Rise up and you can create a very nurturing family and home environment.

5 — Five is charismatic, like the dancer, singer, and actor. They are very energetic.  It is rare to have a karmic 5 as most people have an “E” or “N” in their name.  Having karmic 5s can make you lazy and insecure. You can rise above this lesson by taking a course in something that you are passionate about, like acting, writing, dancing or painting. Once you feel safe, you can have more fun, even in a quiet way.

6 — Six is the heart, compassion, love, friendship, family and the healer. Ah, this, like the two and the four can be painful. Perhaps your family as a youth was tough and not nurturing. Once you learn this lesson and stop being a caretaker (afraid of what others think of you) you can rise up as a healer and have a strong sense of family and friends.

7 — Seven is the spiritual, inward thinker. Karmic 7s may cause some people to feel insecure, afraid to be out there in life. Others may be fascinated with the unknown. Rising up, you may be a unique non-conformist that seeks what is different in the world.

8 — Many people have karmic 8s as it is the H, Q, and the Z. Eight is all about power and abundance. The lesson is to claim your power and understand it as your God-given right. Many people may be afraid of their power and how it will influence others. Some will abuse their power, as power over others. The lesson of karmic eights is empowerment. As you claim your power, you empower others to be their authentic selves.

9 — Nine karmic numbers are also rare, as most people have an “I” or “R” in their name. Nine is the spiritual warrior, who sees the bigger picture and is psychological, understanding where people come from.  The lesson of the karmic nine is to learn to be intuitive and sensitive to others.  They often can be misguided. To rise above this, one can learn to understand what a person is truly saying and can become a helpful encourager to assist others and self.

0 — yes Zero! This is someone who has no karmic numbers. The lesson is to seek every day what there is to learn. This is often frustrating as there is usually so much a “0” wants to learn and accomplish. An example of a “zero” karmic number is Gandhi. He was selfless and would do anything to help his country rise up from oppression.

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