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It’s a birthday month for Taurus and Gemini – Taureans should make the most of nature, while Geminis need to move past losses. Meanwhile, those born under the sign of Pisces have money woes, and Capricorns could be considering an overhaul of their career direction. Find out what’s in store for your star sign in our May horoscopes.

What’s in store for you this month

You’re in need of inspiration to get things moving again this May. It’s not a bad thing to get ideas and inspiration off someone else just to get a different perspective. If spending time in nature is your thing then, what are you waiting for? It might be a case of you looking at the same problem for far too long. So, look away, speak to people; speak to a coach, counsellor or even a psychic if need be to get constructive advice. Just remember, there is no shame in asking for advice!
If you’ve been working on your financial freedom for some time, lessons will finally be learnt this month. The first lesson in this is to remain detached from the material aspect of things. Try to move past losses that you’ve had. Begin to let go to allow a different perspective to take over. Good news is, you achieve this with self-reflection and understanding of why you’ve ended up in the position you have. Expect a “Eureka” moment when the understanding forms and clicks, and you find the cause of your lack of financial freedom.
Someone is tip-toeing around this May! Your instincts might guide you away from sharing too much information with your partner or family this month. Less is better. If you feel it’s important that the people close to you in your life be left out when it comes to what you’re up to, then please ensure that you’re doing it with a clear conscience and not with the intention of deceiving or betraying anyone. They key here is to not get caught up in a web of lies that will make you lose your credibility.
LEO JUL 23 – AUG 22
Sit up and pay attention to any advice that you may receive from a motherly figure in your life this month. You may not necessarily have a kin relationship with this person, but she’ll provide you with guidance in your life in the way of helping you to achieve work-life balance, for example, while still maintaining a certain level of financial achievements. You may disagree with the advice as it may feel illogical. You may also be overcome with worry in your head about things that aren’t necessarily going to manifest. So, stay grounded and listen to advice that is being imparted to avoid any emotional disappointment this month.
Instinctively, you know that you will lose some things to gain some things this month. Sacrifices will need to be made to get to your long-term goal. The sense of completion or the destination that you thought would make you complete seem to change. Just when you thought you had settled on what your final outcome should be, circumstances take a 180-degree turn. You soon realise your initial want is not a fit for your existing situation anymore. So be prepared to expect the unexpected – completion may take on a completely different meaning.
It’s a month where an emotional review is needed in order to move forward in your path. It may be nice to escape to your past or reminisce about old events but it’s important to know that the past stays in the past – and it should not be brought forward into the present. Still, some of you may need to revisit your past to work on emotional issues that were taken on during your childhood. Do retreat this way if it’s important for you to process your emotional issues. The good thing about this month is that you finally break free from the emotions that no longer serve you anymore, allowing you to move on to greener pastures with ease.
It’s not a very eventful month on the physical side of things for Scorpio. Introspection is the theme. Thinking and forming an understanding of your current circumstances is key to maintaining your place in this world. Things may be chaotic but it’s your job to find peace and balance within every chaotic moment. Sounds like a tall order yet this is what you seem to be trying to achieve this May – keeping still within this mad and demanding world of yours. Good luck!
You look towards achieving and laying long-terms plans this May. You aren’t in any sort of rush to make things happen as soon as you can. You have formed an understanding and acceptance that experiences and circumstances will fall into place when they’re meant to. There’s no point in rushing and then feeling despair that things haven’t gone to plan. There is a plan but it’s not going to flow in your timing. As soon as you understand this and trust that your goals and plans will materialise, the journey gets less anxious, more relaxed and you begin to gain more out of each moment and experience. Plod on, put your head down and know “it will happen”. Don’t worry about timelines, just trust it will materialise when it’s meant to.
In order to bring things to completion, your instincts drive you to pick up a new skill set or do some new study. You might feel a complete overhaul in your career direction is in order, while others may feel a bit of tweaking is all you will need to feel complete. Go where your instincts drive you to and you won’t go wrong. However, pace yourself and be aware if you’ve taken on much more than you can handle. Embracing growth also comes with the task of maintaining and keeping yourself up to date with things. Expect a bit of a stressful month while you find your balance with this new pursuit.
It’s quite a moody month and worry seems to consume you. If you’re a woman, you would most likely be worrying about your ability to be a good mother, or about becoming a mother, or possibly about trying to maintain or establish a positive relationship with a mother figure in the family. If you’re a man, then you are obviously worrying about appeasing the opposite sex, be it your partner or mother, or you’re just having trouble exercising empathy towards others. Things are centred around relationships this month. Try not to overcomplicate things for yourself. It can become quite a highly strung month if you allow your negative emotions to engulf you.
Money woes will take over again this May. This time, though, it’s about your ability to juggle things around so you can achieve a balance – between trying to bring money in, and spending time with loved ones. Put your feet on the ground and stop worrying about not having enough. Review your relationship with money. It might have become so one-sided that you aren’t able to see that money is just a means to an end, rather than the end goal in your life.
It’s a month where you make a career choice; or, you simply establish a set of self-beliefs that best describes your path. It’s important to determine where you stand in your life at this moment and it should be done with no judgement or bias. Avoid getting emotional with circumstances. Lay down objectively the pros and cons before choosing your path. There is a sense of achievement and completion this month – not so much in the material sense, but the path you choose will certainly start to make sense and paint a bigger picture of the purpose of your life.

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