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What’s the latest – Yasamika Koombala

What’s the Latest

A good crew turned up, most of the last year’s group with some nice new faces to add to the mix, the more the merrier because the different perceptions and angles of thought are important and helpful to everyone.
We went over some patterns that were played over the holiday period, recapped on our interior makeup and the clearing process. I then explained how the subconscious Ego only knows how to clone or duplicate and no-thing of us within the subconscious matrix is original only the Flame is original, we are all subconsciously programmed to clone, duplicate and copy things on the outside of ourselves.
“Monkey see Monkey do” – Cause and Effect.
Then did a subconscious Clearing on being a Mind Clone, which worked REALLY well.
This week the Topic is Past Lives: Why we have them, Where they are, How they work, Who you’ve been, How you bring them into this lifetime at conception and gestation and how to clear their emotional attachment to you in this lifetime.
If you’re interested please come along, it’ll be a great night of insight and “Dot Joining” past lives help to explain so much about ourselves.
Monday Night @ Whisp, Piccadilly Arcade, park on Grey St 7.30-9.30 $40 per night

ROTORUA Wednesday Night
Hardcase start!! The Wednesday night group is usually quite full with lots of keen people raring to go but only three beings turned up??!! Two regulars and one newbie. Well it did nought take long to find out that everyone had stiff necks and sore shoulders, so I explained the “Transcendent Reality”.
This reality comes from when we are in an Orb and descend down from the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension before our conception, depending on how we react to the situation within the Orb will determine how you are programmed transcend your 4th dimensional thoughts in your head, down your neck and into your body to manifest them in the 3rd dimension.
Hence the stiff necks and sore shoulders. So we did a clearing on the Transcendent Reality to loosen up the 4th-dimensional pathway so energy and thoughts could flow freer into the body so their thoughts could manifest into the 3rd dimension.
This week I Am sure there will be more people, we’ll find out what the common denominator is and do another clearing.These are great nights for beginners because I teach as I go and give out handouts.
If you’re keen on learning about any of this stuff, please come a long, EVERYONE is welcome and once you’ve had a taste and you’ll never see life the same again.
Wednesday Night @ Rotorua Race 7 – 9pm $20 per night

ROTORUA Thursday Night
Magic Night of advanced insight, straight into patterns that everyone was or had played during the festive season – decoding them, talked about the first emotional response that is the reflection of the ripple that begins the subconscious waveform – Very Interesting, talked about Mind Cloning and then did their version of being a Subconscious Mind Clone. Majoring in being taken out of our Unified Reality where we know we are made up of many levels or segments yet we are conscious of all of them. To incarnating in BLIND, having our levels of consciousness separated, having interdimensional beings manipulating us to keep our pineal glands shut down, our consciousness dulled and capped, mind fucking us with false belief system propaganda, ahhh … you get the picture!!
As well as having to relearn and copy anything in sight on the outside of ourselves so we can learn and live from it.
It was a FANTASTIC night, everyone was ecstatic to be back into it and after that clearing, we were straight into the deep end.
Anyone can join this group, they are a great group of beings that come from far and wide for these nights and we always make the most of it. We talk patterns and angles on how to clear them from our subconscious matrix and a shit load of other stuff.

Thursday Night @ Rotorua Race 7-9 $20 per night

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