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Who is curious about Tantra?

I have been asked to teach Tantra again, so I want to know if there is an interest out there, who would be interested and if it is worthwhile doing.

If there is, I shall run a 6 week course.

Tantra Workshop in Tauranga for singles and couples

  • Learn to understand the essence of bliss through tantric belief and actions.
  • Learn Kundalini Massage, which you can do for yourself or as a business.

Let me know if you are interested

Email: or leave a comment below.

Otherwise, it will not happen!

Tantra is an Ancient philosophy and way of life that leads to inner harmony and spiritual fulfillment. One of the key motives of tantra is connection and bringing about wholeness and richness into our everyday existence.

A big aspect of this practice is about relinquishing shame, judgment, guilt, and taboo; finding perfection!

Purpose of Course

  • To clear the name of Tantra – Tantra has received a bad press from the West. The West has perverted what is a very old philosophy and basis for spiritual enlightenment in the East, into what appears to be an obsession with ‘Sacred Sex’. The truth is so far from this image. Certainly sexual technique is a part of the Tantric teaching but no more than there is the need to procreate in any culture. What Tantra does is take a physical action such as the act of sex and turn it into a spiritual meditation such as the magnificence of how we were created and the magic that goes into the process.
  • To discover the wisdom of Tantra – In fact it is much more than that and hopefully the student will see the bigger picture and the wisdom of Tantric teaching because of this workshop.
  • To realize the inner peace Tantra offers – We will explore simple truths such as what is our purpose in life; how to obtain spiritual bliss; what really is love and the Tantric teachings on relationships.
  • To understand Body Energy and how to use it – We will look at the Body’s energy systems and the synergy on polarity between male and female. We will study Kundalini energy and ways to realize it.
  • To be able to activate and raise Kundalini energy through secret massage techniques that result in bliss.
  • To improve the intimacy and magic of your love life. – Lovemaking can be the most rewarding, mind-blowing and spiritual experience beyond your dreams. It is the single most purist spiritual gift we can give and receive from each other. We owe it to ourselves to fully achieve our potential being.
  • To make your life more fulfilling – But, most of important of all, we aim to use the philosophy of Tantra to help you become a better you!

This workshop is designed to be non-threatening, soft, gentle and enjoyable. The emphasis will be on experiential learning and discussion within an atmosphere of beauty and harmony. You are not going to have someone stand and lecture at you all day. Instead, the course will consist of a string of exercises that will be enjoyable, enlightening and comfortable. While ‘Tantra’ does explore lovemaking techniques, this course will only discuss these (if need be) and it is not the intention to have any sex type exercises at all. The emphasis is on the ability to recognize what love is, what your truth is and how to manifest this through a philosophical appreciation and awareness and use of mind and body energy; as well as a good understanding and ability to utilize the body’s energy circuits, joy buttons and other physical systems that enhance and optimize touch and intimacy, romance and passion.


About me:

Who is Kevin Reed:

Kevin Reed did his first ‘reading’ when he was 16 years old; that was 40 years ago. Since then he has:

  • founded the New Zealand College of Metaphysical Studies,
  • Successfully promoted some big ‘Meet the Mediums’ shows throughout the New Zealand.
  • continues to be a popular speaker at Spiritual Churches and Psychic Societies throughout New Zealand;
  • has taken a group of people to Indonesia on a spiritual journey.
  • Brought to New Zealand an Ancient massage technique called Kundalini Massage;
  • Regularly travels teaching most aspects of metaphysics, the psychic and spiritual.
  • Always has interesting and unique workshops covering a wide area of the Spiritual/psychic realm.
  • Is a Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition
  • Practitioner of several massage and healing modalities.
  • Founder of Tauranga Psychic Café

He is a speaker that makes you think and he deplores disempowerment and people who make themselves better than others by saying they have gifts etc.

He teaches philosophy, theology, meditation techniques, mysticism, psychic craft, healing with energy.  By the sounds of it he must be a pretty amazing guy…and you know what? No less nor more than anyone else.

Who is Bud Barber?

Bud Barber initiated Kevin Reed with Shaktipat

Tantra Yoga.

Bud Barber comes from Australia and has been studying and teaching Tantra Yoga internationally for more than 40 years. His spiritual journey began at age 21 when his Kundalini, or spiritual force, was awakened while practicing ‘pranayama or yogic breath exercise. Since that time he has studied under many different teachers, gurus and Tantric Masters such as Swami (Baba) Muktananda, who also taught and instructed him to give ‘shaktipat initiation’. Bud has also studied with Ram Dass, Swami Prakashananda, UG Krishnamurti, Ananda Maya Ma, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Lama Zopa and the Dali Lama in Bodhgaya, India.

He has studied Tantra personally with partners from both Hindu and Tibetan paths and teaches from both these traditions, as well as from Taoism. During 2000 and 2001, Bud studied in Varanasi, India with masters from Kaula-Marga or ‘left hand path’ Tantra Yoga, even though he himself is of the ‘middle path’. His primary teachings, however, come from Kashmir Savism, the Hindu, non-dual philosophy of Tantrism, which is a part of and originates from ‘Shiva Shakti’ tradition.




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