You are currently viewing 20 Signs that your Psychic is kidding you!

20 Signs that your Psychic is kidding you!

If your psychic uses any of the following “lines” -please be aware!

1. Your troubles come from a previous life and for money I can fix that.
2. I have never seen a chart (or numbers, or an aura) like yours. You are exceptional.
3. You are under an evil influence or a black-magic spell and I can fix that.
4. I guarantee to return your ex to you.
5. I am a 100 percent proven psychic.
6. In your previous life you were royalty or a movie star, or died in the Holocaust.
7. I sense a dead person trying to contact you.
8. Love and money are coming your way, but you need me to guide you and tell you what to do, and when.
9. I saw you in a vision (or a dream).
10. Buying my magic talismans or crystals will help you.
11. I need money to travel to a place (often, France) where I can do an occult ritual to help you.
12. Bad things will happen if you refuse my services.
13. Someone important to you has the initial “R.”
14. I have read for the rich and famous.
15. You are surrounded by enemies. I am your only true friend.
16. I inherited my psychic powers from my ancestors.
17. You are a healer
18. You have negative/black/bad energy in your aura and for money I can fix that
19. Your grandmother is here and she loves you
20. This is a karmic debt

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