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Yesterday I received a telephone call from a concerned lady whose sister had recently attended a course on psychic development.

Apparently, during the course this person opened herself up to the finer energies that exist, be they good or bad. Regrettably, she was encouraged through this development circle to use such tools as the quiji board. Constant chattering of many voices in her head now disturbs her. She has since been admitted to a psychiatric ward at the hospital, but they could not get rid of the voices. The tutor of her development circle says that the voices are all in her head and are not real and the tutor does not want anything to do with it.

My observations are this:

Firstly, the tutor has a moral obligation to take care of the students. The tutor opened this lady up, he has an obligation to settle the energy of fix whatever the problem is.

Secondly, whether the voices are real or not is irrelevant – they are real to the lady concerned and that is all that matters

Thirdly, the hospitals tend to use drugs that only suppress energies. This does not tackle the cause.

Fourthly, the quiji board on it’s own is a tool just like any other. It is not at fault.

Fifthly, spirituality first and psychic second.

Let be expand on these observations and then give you the answer of how to “cure” this lady of her voices.

Choose your Tutor with Care

The greatest trap in spiritual or psychic development is giving god like qualities to your perceived teacher. The reality is that nobody is better than anyone else and in truth all the answers are really within you. The teacher can not in reality teach. The teacher is there to help you open up yourself to your own knowledge that is within.

Some teachers are not fully aware of what it is they are dealing with. Spirituality is fine (sort of), but when it comes to psychic stuff, there are consequences that need be known. There Is more to psychic stuff than meets the eye and the tutor should be aware of the energy action/consequence  or the metaphysics  of energy when manipulating psychic energy or assisting people to experiment with the psychic.

Please beware. Just don’t go to anyone. Ask questions like, what is your experience, and what organisations do you belong to, why should I trust you and do you have any testimonials or references.

This is no longer a ‘let’s-join-a-psychic-circle she’ll-be-alright-mate’ sort of thing. This is real and should be treated with respect and caution. Just sometimes, things wont be alright, you know!

What is Real

Anything you perceive or believe in, is real to you. We all have our own realities, truths and perception. Do not deny any ones reality just because yours is different. One’s job is not to push their reality onto someone else.

Acknowledge that we are different and that there are many faces of the one truth, all in themselves being true.


Drugs suppress, they do not get rid of the root of the effect, and instead they push it all down, out of sight, out of mind. The brain is a fine chemically fuelled electromagnetic control centre of your body. Chemicals upset the balance of the brain’s function.

The mind is a curious thing and sometimes plays tricks on itself to convince itself that it is all right.

For Instance, in this case, the voices in the ladies head could very well be her own voices. Her deep emotions, worries and fears that show themselves to herself in the form of voices, because this is safer for the ego to handle. It is safer for a voice to say you are vulnerable than it is for you to realise and acknowledge your vulnerability. Understand?

So, to suppress the voices is to deny the person to work through their own Issues. The voices may just be an aspect of the self.

As we know, cure the cause, not the effect. Use the person’s own language. Soul Trekking teaches us this.

Quiji Boards

Quiji boards in themselves are not a danger. One often hears stories about people who play with quiji boards and then become unhinged. The reality is that it is safer to blame something else than take responsibility for your own actions. Call this transference. One transfers the blame to sanction themselves.

It is not the board that it at fault, it is the user. Usually, the quiji board effects those users who

in themselves have expectations of mysterious psychic stuff, or who in themselves are going through their own emotional sorting out. That means that your auric shell is vulnerable and the energies that are raised through contact with energy via the quiji board have an access to your inner auric shell. If there are such things as negative energies and earthbound spirits or lost souls then this is a sure way for them to attach themselves to you. The quiji board is the tool that opens you up to these things and if you are at a time in your life where you are tired or confused or whatever, these energies will jump right on in, without hesitation.

However, if you stand in your own light, if you know who you are, then quiji boards pose no threat. It is exactly the same with any tool of spirit communication. Playing with Tarot cards, or runes or even crystals can have the same effect as the quiji board.

It is not the tool at fault, it is the user!

Spirituality First, Psychic Second

We must realise that we all have psychic talents. That we do not go out and learn new tricks but rather we undo all those doubts within us until we uncover what we all have at our inner most true self.

To work on your spirituality, to work on your belief, gives you a light within that can become unshakeable. It is called self-empowerment, standing in your own light, knowing who you are. Once this stage of self awareness is achieved then the ‘psychic stuff’ follows as a natural manifestation of your own self knowing.

However, if you go for the psychic stuff without working on yourself first, then you open yourself to energies and all the good and bad that comes with it and when your faith is challenged, it may fail. Because your faith may not be strong enough, because you haven’t attended to your own light within first.

If you can walk through a room of zombies, the living dead and all the ghouls and scary entities without fear, because you know that the light shines from within you – then, and only then, you are ready for the psychic stuff and you will never falter because you walk in your own light and your God lives within your heart.

The Answer

In this case the answer takes three steps.

Firstly, sue the pants of the tutor. The tutor can not put their head in the sand and hope what they have unleashed will go away. Sue the pants of the tutor so that they understand to take responsibility for their own actions and the safety of their students and so that they cant do this to anyone else. The tutor has to answer for their actions both legally and morally. If everyone  who  had  dissatisfaction  with metaphysical services were to be quiet then the world would be full of frauds and victims. Someone must take a stand!

Secondly, the voices are real for the lady here. She must identify them one by one and face them and challenge them. Understand what their purpose is and accept or reject each one’s answer based on her own right to be the master of her own life. These voices may be representation of issues that this women need work through. She must face them or they will stay until answered. The very fact that they are there means that they need be faced.

Then slowly, through soul searching the lady here will free herself from her own demons and be able to walk out the other side with her own light shinning from within. Self empowered.

Thirdly, hell’s bells, what if these voices are not aspects of her inner self. What if they really are entities that have possessed this lady? How do you tell, what do you do. Well, a good medium/healer should be able to tell.. But sadly, sometimes they even get these energies confused between the difference between an energy that has manifest from within the person (ie thought forms) and an energy that has manifest from outside of the person (possessions).

If this is a possession case, then after the entity has been cast out (who to go to?), then there will be a vacuum inside the victims aura and this empty space needs rebuilding to reestablish light and substance with the victims own essence.

Who to see for possession cases is another subject all on it’s own. I will leave that for another time.

I hope this has been enlightening for you. The overall message is:

Take responsibility for your own actions,

walk In your own light,

be self empowered not needing someone else to prop you up.

Once you walk in your own light

with your head held high and your heart true to itself

then your future too, is in your hands

– and what better hands to trust

your fate

than your own!

 God bless you all,