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2019 annual astrology forecast

You are starting to gather the fruits of your work. This period will last 15 years and will also mean the fulfillment of a big dream. Some of the natives will reach the peak of their career. The natives born especially between 15.04 and 19.04 will go thought some breakups.
This is a good time to seal a partnership, especially a marriage. They will be full of happiness, success and wealth. During 2019, you will suddenly receive money from people who have no direct interest. Sexual life will become increasingly important for the natives of Taurus.
Plenty of positive experiences and a big and unexpected success. 2019 is an auspicious year for real estate businesses and it’s a good time to invest in your own home. The last part of the year will bring wonderful family relationships. You must adapt to the new occurring situations.
A great period for real estate transactions. At home you will also enjoy an absolute harmony, while at work the relationships with the coworkers are increasingly favorable. 2019 means a good period for relaxation and, especially, for trips. At the end of the year, you will enjoy an ascension at your workplace and your health will be perfect. At one of the events you’ll attend, you will meet the partner you’ve dreamed of all your life.
Finally, you will get rid of the financial worries. For the first time in 10 years, your income will be amazingly increased. Your parents and your children will become your main responsibilities. Some of the Leo natives will start a romantic relationship with a partner where the age difference is quite big. In 2019 you will dedicate yourself to your family.
You will earn increasingly more money, but you will also have a lot more responsibilities regarding the children. You are starting to develop your creative side, you are taking music or dance lessons. Your family will become bigger, either is an adopted child or a guest who doesn’t want to leave anymore. During 2019, some of the natives will start serious romantic relationships.
Life takes an unexpected turn. You will relocate or change your workplace. Starting with September until October 2019, you will have plenty of luck, especially financially. Important people start to take interest in you.
You are becoming very popular. You will establish a lot of new contacts. There is a possibility to become freelancers and to have small, but constant contracts, which will ensure a good income. From October until November 2019, you are going to have more luck financially. Your new contracts will raise your self-esteem. You will get ready for more changes.
You are going to go through a period of happiness with plenty of money and a good reputation between your work colleagues. There is a possibility to work in a foreign country, especially if your activity domain is medical, media or judicial. In 2019 you will become more exigent.
A 30 years cycle will start in which you will go through a phase of reinvention and reorientation. Your popularity is on the rise from 2019.
You will be involved in obtaining numerous contracts. Starting with December, Jupiter is entering your zodiac sign and you will have plenty of luck.
You are going to notice a tear in the relationships with your friends and even with your life partner. You are thinking of quitting your current job. You are eliminating everything that’s irrelevant in your life. During 2019, you will find yourself and you will be looking for more freedom.
It’s the ideal time for international trips and for taking different classes. Your trips might be related to a relationship you have with someone who lives abroad. During 2019, you will be financially satisfied, especially due a new job.

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