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Monthly Astrology July 2024 Forecast For All Signs



Expand your possibilities

Allow answers to emerge

The tide of attraction flows effortlessly your way!

Introspection is always followed by expansion, Aries. So, spend some time in contemplation at the start of July. And use this to get very clear on what it is you want to go for next. Yes, you are on the cusp of your yearly pleasure/attraction peak. Time out in mindful audit of those dreams and desires adds up to zero time wasting later on what you no longer need.

Yes, I know down-shifting even on an emotional level simply goes against your pro-active, can-do, why-wait fiery heart, Aries. And you hate that feeling of spinning your wheels. But allow for the new Moon in its ruling 4th (5th) to point your way towards emotional satisfaction. And the direction that lies in. Letting this emerge into your consciousness like a mosaic that you are patiently putting together, will result in you no longer wasting valuable time, energy or even love.

This can also mark a lifestyle change. Either around you living arrangements or your circumstances. Again, you may have been antsy and pushing for changes. But unable to work out just what or even where might be your answer. Again, allow the answer to slowly come into focus simply by going against your natural urge to push ahead. No matter how frustrating or uncomfortable it may feel. It’s only temporary.

By mid month you can expect the pace to pick up again. Suddenly your next step is abundantly clear. But do watch for any indecision or scrambled thinking to confuse you or derail those plans. Why am I telling you this? Because this month sees Neptune turn retrograde in your 12th (2nd).

You’ve lived with Neptune’s ability to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not since 2012. And Neptune is a planet which spends half its time retrograde. So, why does this feel different? More intense? That’s because this retrograde occurs at an ‘anaretic’ degree of Pisces and your 12th. 29 degrees. It also happens with Neptune less than four minutes from your sign. It will enter Aries next year. So, for you, this may feel as if you have suddenly been cast adrift or washed up like the characters in the TV series Lost. Stranger tides exert a pull of their own.

This is why some slowing down may be necessary. As your usual decision making process may be hampered by uncharacteristic uncertainty. Or you may simply need more time to uncover the facts. Don’t be deterred however. If you are prepared to go with your intuition and follow that, no matter how long it takes, you’ll come up with a decision that’s not only right, but more creative and innovative too.

You will get help here especially after the 20th and then the 25th. Ruler Mars enters your 3rd on the 20th enabling you to drill down and uncover the information you need. Plus you’ll have the advantage of knowing exactly what direction to head in following the dynamic meeting of Mars and Uranus in your 2nd on the 15th. Wielding next level self-confidence and daring comes naturally now. But do watch for being over-protective over something to the point of over-reaction.

This month’s full ‘Blue’ Moon arrives late in Cancer season (21st). It’s rare and completes anything left over from last month’s full Moon. Between these moons, if you have worked hard taking stock, gaining those insights and then applying them in a disciplined and mindful way, this could mark your point of attainment. Certainly by now, you will have done all you can and you know this. Now, sit back, release and let go.

Mars will trine Pluto in your 11th and also the Sun oppose it as it enters its ruling 5th (22nd). This sees you enter your peak pleasure cycle of the year. Where life becomes carefree, effortless and playful. And drawing to you what you want should be the same. If you have to strain – if something seems like hard work – and one sided, this is your cue to look closer. And potentially let go. If you do this with confidence, then know this is the time when nature truly does abhor a vacuum. Watch the tide rush in with something better to take its place.

And also watch for others extending invites and joining them as this opens up new portals to your future. Generated by others and activated by your own desires! Be daring and colour outside of the lines when it comes to what you want to attract or experience next. Chiron in your sign has been asking you to push the envelope with what you can get away with. So – just what is that? It retrogrades from the 27th and is trined by Venus on the 30th. You’ll never know unless you try, Aries. Go on as we head into August – I dare you!

In a nutshell: The 22nd sees you enter your yearly pleasure peak. The time when life should flow effortlessly your way. In the run up to this, take your time arriving at the answers you need. Part of going with the flow is ditching the need to rush, Aries!



Be your own life coach!

If offered a second time – say ‘Yes’

You ARE the Heat!

The Aries next door are turning their houses upside down in a desperate attempt to find where they put their mojo. Of course, you have it now with Mars in your sign, Taurus. Mars doesn’t just turn up the heat. It makes us the heat. Leaving you with that feeling there is honestly nothing you can’t accomplish or crush. Mars hands us energy to burn, searing self-confidence and when harnessed properly, is our best motivator/coach out there. It does have to be channelled constructively however. It needs a clearly set task to accomplish. And we need to pace ourselves and watch for over-reach. With Mars in charge – its easy to ignore that needle in the red zone. And we’re empty before we know it.

Do pause and check your fuel gauge and what still needs to be done around the time of the new Moon in your 3rd (5th). Look at your priorities and also if there are tasks to be tackled – can they be delegated? Sometimes in-charge Mars can have us believing nobody does it better (true in certain aspects), to the point that we simply have to do everything ourselves because we are caught up in our own self-belief. Which also is telling us that others are bound to **** it up.

Mars represents leadership. Good leaders direct their resources where they are needed. And allow others to show their capacity to lead by giving them tasks to do. In other words – to prove yourself you don’t have to do it all, Taurus. And yes, someone’s process may be different to yours. Remind yourself it’s the result that counts. Whether this involves stacking the dishes to co-writing that project. Nobody can do it all effectively.

All that being said, however you have used Mars is likely to hand you a scorching result around the middle of the month. That mojo is working in your main house of attraction. Your 1st. That hotness you project includes that on fire profile, image, look, appearance or style. Being flexible adaptable, open and willing to embrace the surprising with audacity and a willingness to blaze a fresh trail, puts you in a winning position.

You’re a dynamic and unmistakable force to be reckoned with on the 15th when Mars and Uranus turn you into a powerhouse prospect. Put yourself forward in some way. And above all, work whatever makes you unique. Uranus rules your house of career and status. Where Pluto currently sits and will be impacted by the planets moving into your 4th from the 3rd. Both Mars and Pluto are your relationship planets. How so? Because they rule Scorpio and your 7th house. Because of this connection you may experience intense and dynamic activity not just across your career or home life, but your relationship status too. In a potentially spectacular and outstanding way that no-one (including you!), can miss. The 12th in particular is highlighted for attraction and gains.

Whatever manifests – you’re willing to work it as Mars leaves you on the 20th for your 2nd. And a full ‘Blue’ Moon points to solutions and a release into something on the 21st from your 9th house. The blue light of expansion coaxes you away from the familiar. What will you discover if you leave that comfort zone, Taurus? Like the Hero’s Quest, this could be the second time the invitation is issued. Don’t say no. The Venus/Jupiter trine on the 21st is another day of abundance and potential satisfaction for many of you. Settleds may be entertaining or finding new pleasure at home. Property news could give you something to celebrate. Or a gain leads to you breaking out of a cycle of restriction.

The Sun moves into your 4th on the 22nd and there may be shifts or an unexpected development which again calls on your ability to adapt and think on your feet. But don’t worry Taurus, you’re almost now at the point where the pace slows and you can catch your breath and enjoy what you’ve managed to achieve this month. Kicking back rather than pedal to the metal, becomes your fresh priority.

The heat is still on but now something to bask in. This could also be the love as the Sun aligns to Pluto on the 23rd. Be aware now that Mercury in your 4th slows from the 17th. Bring career and property matters to a close. Rest and relax and yes, revel in all you’ve done up until this point. You may also take the time out heading into August to either staycation (a wonderful Mercury retro metaphor with Mercury in your 4th), or to look at how audaciously you can approach those goals that remain on that crush list. Chiron retrograde in your 12th reminds you of the past manoeuvrers you’ve made that might have been out of character – but worked. As it aligns to ruler Venus on the 30th this might give you all the incentive you need to try the same daring approach again. You’re the heat this July – so bring it, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Bring the heat this July, Taurus. Mars in your sign sees you radiate and also take control of your destiny. That next-level fierce you project gets you noticed. But it’s those bold, brazen moves that get you results.



Fire up that profile

Set those plans in motion

What feels brand new?

Fierce fiery Mars is on its way and arrives in your 1st on the 20th. Combined with Jupiter now in residence, this is set to fuel you with drive and determination as well as a level of confidence you’ve not experienced in a very long time, Gemini.

Transits of Mars in our sign can only occur once every two years. And it is extremely rare of this to coincide with Jupiter, as Jupiter only pays you a visit once every 12 years. The last time you experienced both planets in here was May-June 2013 which was at the end of Jupiter’s stay. Look back to what you achieved or set in motion back then if you were 18 or over. And look at how this is linked to your personal image, who you believe you are and what you project. The same will hold true this time around.

Right up until Mars lands, embrace the chill factor, Gemini. Ruler Mercury in its ruling 3rd favours easy peasy planning and activities. Without the rush or the stress. Ideas and solutions should also flow effortlessly now. And short pleasure trips could be on the agenda. That day trip, mini break, the county or country next door. You’re in search of light-hearted fun and not in a mood to take life too seriously. And don’t guilt trip yourself. Believe me, you will more than make up for any (perceived) lost time once Mars reawakens your drive and personal ambitions from the third week of the month onwards.

This month’s new Moon (5th) is one which reboots your finances or simply resets your priorities when it comes to where you want to direct those precious assets, Gemini. It appears in opposition to Ceres in your 8th. This is all about the art of the deal. The win/win. And not feeling you’ve had to give up something or compromise too much. The deal you may strike here may simply be with yourself over just how much you assign to a certain goal or area of life. Or it could be over your pay or income. No matter what, you exit the process feeling richer in satisfaction. Not short-changed.

Midsummer always brings you your yearly financial peak. Where you can begin anew with those financial goals. Or simply reboot your relationship to money and abundance. What you are earning, have at your disposal or believe you can attain increases. The new Moon is an especially good time for you to set a fresh financial goal to aim for between now and December. Do put that time stamp on this, Gemini. It is very important both in terms of you seeing just what you can achieve when you work to a deadline. But it also makes the most of the astrological timing for you as well. Once you have reached this by the end of December, you will continue to build on it right through 2025! That’s the upcoming Jupiter effect for you.

Watch who is bringing the drama mid-month as just prior to Mars entering your sign it barrels into Uranus in your 12th. This can in some instances bring an unexpected but needed change your way. But in other instances, see someone act out. If its the latter do look at whether or not this is the first time they have done this? If the answer is no, then it may be the last.

Ruler Mercury gets a little shady in its ruling 3rd from the 17th. You don’t need me to tell you the rules need to be obeyed now. Ahead of the full fat retro next month. And as the planets shift into your 3rd they oppose Pluto in your 9th. Mercury on the 3rd, Venus on the 12th and the Sun on the 23rd. You seize the day, the energy and the mojo. You are raptured and captured by the idea of something you want to get done, attain or attract. This truly is the start of a cycle like no other. And while your birthday season is behind you, there’s something about this energy that makes you feel as if anything is possible and that new beginnings are yours to experiment with and kick-start.

Change needs to occur before this can happen. We have a second ‘Blue’ full moon to appear in your area of transformation this Cancer season on the 21st. It’s a rare event. And when you look back on this, you will see it marked a point of rebirth for you. In connection to your money, assets, self-empowerment and intimate ties. And there’s no missing the emotional impact of this so don’t worry, Gemini.

With the Sun now in your Gemini-vibeing 3rd, Mercury slowing down in here and Venus also in residence, do focus on what you love to do, engage with, share and communicate. Direct your energy to those projects, plans, channel, social media feed, studies, podcast, photography, screenplay, manuscript. And bring your attention down to right where you are. Your immediate surroundings and neighbourhood. You are about to reconnect to it or make a discovery right on your doorstep. If you are travelling back to places you are familiar with, something about them feels new, delightful or fresh to you. Just consider its your viewpoint that is responsible. Use next month to go back over old familiar territory and those projects and ideas you may have shelved. Take it from me – something new comes out of the old for you now.

In a nutshell: Having both Mars and Jupiter both in your sign at the same time is rare. The last time this occurred was back in 2013. Your self-confidence reaches new levels of fierce. Whatever you set out to do – you project that winning mindset.



Enlighten your life!

Once in a Blue Moon love strikes

Happy new YOU

Your extra special, startlingly sweet new Moon ushers in the start of your astrological new year on the 5th. Begin again, Cancer. But this time – do it different. Look to an area you know needs renovation or simply you owning the fact you have allowed a key and important personal need to go unrecognised for far too long.

What you recommit to or the changes you set in motion carry you forward and that momentum is going to take you a long way now. This is down to you accessing the staying power of Saturn in your freedom sector.

The time period right up until the Sun’s exit of your 1st (22nd) is pitch perfect for new plans, reclaiming those you regret letting go of, and a personal relaunch. This is also a new Moon of secret, special invitation previews of what could possibly be for your future. It sets the scene, the intention and opens a portal of possibilities that will occur from your birthday season next year when Jupiter will be in your sign. So, when you are contemplating what it is you wish to manifest – think big and think beyond the confines of this year, Cancer!

Jupiter now in your 12th increases your natural intuitive and creative abilities. It’s a time for you for enlightenment – and by that I don’t just mean revelations – but lightening your life by healing from past wounds and letting go of what holds you back. The more you do this the more magnetic and freer you become. And you’ll quickly see how the world sits up and takes notice of you as a result. This is after all, your main attraction cycle of the year. And confidence is the key to getting the most from this. Which flows uninhibited once you shed those layers from your past.

This month also sees Mars bamboozle its way into your 12th house of spirituality and secrets. Expect a few revelations. And also checks and balances as well. When it comes to checks – resist the impulse to react right away. Or fly off the handle. Count to at least 3 – hundred – if you can. It may be that you need to sit with something and examine this from a long term perspective. Has it been going on for a while? Do you want it to continue like this? And most importantly – have you been ignoring your intuition? The answers you give will determine your action. And the right level of response. Avoid the heat of the moment if you can. Especially with partners and loved ones at the time of the full ‘Blue’ Moon in your 7th. This is a rare event. This appears the day after Mars’s arrival in your 12th (21st). If there is something on your mind you need to address, tackle it BEFORE the full Moon and avoid the fall-out!

You need to know where a relationship stands and for partners (or potential partners) to be able to supply that reassurance. There’s nothing wrong in asking or putting someone on the spot. But do know the ability to get what we want in any area always begins with being very clear about what that is in the first place. So, do use this repeat energy to clarify this in your own mind, Cancer. And to be comfortable with this.

As the planets move into your 2nd, they can deliver powerful and monumental shifts around your money, assets, home, investments and income. Especially joint resources. Gains can be made. And it may not just be material increase that is the change you’ve been hoping for. Combined with Jupiter’s background healing dynamic, the oppositions the planets make to Pluto in your 8th as they leave your sign, bring about a much-needed transformation in how you see and value yourself. I told you that others would take notice as you became more aligned to your present and unburdened of your past. Any shifts within you translate quickly into changes in your outer circumstances. And also in how others perceive you.

Look to the 3rd, 12th and 23rd for tangible proof this process is in motion for you as these are the dates when first Mercury, then Venus and finally the Sun oppose Pluto.

Keep in mind the upcoming Mercury retro of next month. Especially when it comes to love and money, Cancer. Avoid impulse buying from the 17th when Mercury begins retroshadow. There may well be gains but why not hold on to any for now? As Mercury slows down, take your time to look at whether you need something – or simply feel you want it! The same goes for love, Cancer. Your magnetism attracts. But see this as putting you in the position where you get to choose. And take your time with that choice.

Surprise encounters could see some of you ditch that type or change your criteria by the end of July. Or thanks to Pluto’s work in your 7th you recognise your needs have changed – and make a different choice based on this awareness. Heading into August expect your energy and stunning zest for life to remain high. That’s what true enlightenment is all about – the ability to live it, Cancer!

In a nutshell: Once in a Blue moon opportunities surround you in love this July. The new Moon in your sign on the 3rd marks the astrological start of your yearly cycle. Time to lighten you life by shedding what dulls that glow, Cancer.



Nobody does it better

Here comes the change you have been waiting for

Happy birthday, Leo!

You will be at your most vivacious and vibrant as the planets begin to cross into your sign. Starting with Mercury sparking invitations, conversations and outright flirtation from the 2nd. Feel the cosmos begin to turn towards you, Leo. Even though you are waiting until the 22nd for your ruler to mark the real start of Leo season, Venus’s arrival (11th) begins to usher in the new. And your desire to get the party started!

As the planets arrive, they oppose Pluto now in your 7th. So, one effect of this is you actively wanting things to be different from this point onwards. Dates to recognise that YOU are the

point of powerful attraction now are the 3rd, the 12th and the 23rd. Especially the 11th which is when Venus opposes Pluto. You are at your most powerfully charismatic and authentic. Above all, you favour the direct approach. You know what you want, get to the point and go for it. You will value others who do the same. Just keep in mind that you’ll have zero tolerance for those who shilly-shally, sit on the fence or simply can’t make up their minds. Blowing hot and cold will be your ultimate turn-off. You simply don’t operate like that. Or have time for it.

While the Sun remains in your 12th, this is a good time to continue to sift through what you want to take with you into your new cycle. (Including those who don’t know a good thing when they see it!) Especially given your desire to ensure you are now served up the same old reheated set of circumstances. Let your desire for change extend to looking at what to toss and what to take. And this may involve you actively deciding to relinquish those recurring thoughts or mindsets which keep you stuck. Do you over-think? Worry to the point where every possible negative outcome doom scrolls through your mind? If you find yourself doing this – especially when the new Moon strikes your 12th (5th), do pause and look at whether those fears have any real foundation?

Worries especially around what you believe could happen as opposed to what will happen, are what tarnish your natural glow. As Mark Twain put it: I’ve had a lot of worries in my life – most of which never happened. Make this your mindset, Leo. And in the countdown to Leo launch, do address those real worries and concerns and don’t leave them growing in the dark any longer. Chances are you’ve been bigging them up and feeding them simply by ignoring them. Confronting them cuts them back down to size.

Mars is in your career minded 10th right up until the 20th when it will join Jupiter in your house of friends and future path. It fires your ambitions. After all, Leos are designed to shine and stand out. One reason you aim high is you don’t like others telling you what to do, Leo! You’re willing to work to get there however. Just don’t ruffle any feathers on the way. Especially with those who are in a position to back you or give you a hand up.

The 15th has Mars collide with Uranus in your 10th. This could see you called on to suddenly step up and bring it. Or you need to lean in and show others just how professional and capable you can be. This can bring about a stellar opportunity to do that. Which you can maximise simply by ensuring you allow someone else to share the spotlight with you. Give thanks and due deference to that boss, team, collaborator, co-worker and your own star will shine brighter for it.

Uranus rules your 7th house. Your 10th rules your relationship status and also the status of your partner. Others could be basking in that Leo pride for that significant other’s win or achievement. Or even the attention of someone delightfully different and on a success trajectory of their own. Power couple? It could have that kind of potential, Leo.

Once in a Blue Moon – one appears. The 21st brings the second full Moon of Cancer season. And the second to enhance your psychic and creative abilities, boost your empathy and open yourself to healing in the past month. It has you going back over that routine, those habits, your priorities and your attitude towards self-care. What you do each day perhaps even without registering its impact on you over the long term. Pay close attention especially if a thought returns from last month. Don’t dismiss it. There’s more going on than meets the eye. And the only way to discover the implications of this is to go deeper and keep asking questions.

Nobody does it better. Or knows better than you what you want this cycle, Leo. Hold on to your personal truth and don’t be shaken from the time your ruler the Sun arrives (22nd). What you seek in fact seeks you this cycle and many of you may be in the happy position where you don’t have to go look for it! It finds you instead. As if by magic! We are now heading into Mercury retrograde weather. The planet of communication got shady in your sign from the 17th in preparation for a full reversal next month. What this means for you is that you know what you want.

But during this time adjust your personal image settings to look like someone who already has it! Have fun doing this – IRL and virtually. Get feedback on this on the 23rd with the powerful Sun/Pluto alignment. What you project to others plays a key role in what appears to be an effortless attraction process. Raise your vibe and watch those results as opportunity is your most joyful party guest this birthday season.

In a nutshell: As the planets move into your sign, they oppose Pluto in your opposite one of Aquarius. No wonder you’re so keen to get those changes started. The icing on the birthday cake? Jupiter and Mars in your wish sector break down barriers between you – and what you want.



Save the date for goal delivery

Lean in to deservedness

Know what the future will bring

2025 sees Jupiter in your house of goals and wishes. This month allows you to decide what you want the planet of open-handed generosity and good luck to deliver when it arrives next June. Be the mage of manifestation this July. The creator of a fresh future and the weaver of a bigger dream. Infuse that goal with emotional intent and purpose. You have to feel it to attract it.

The new Moon in your 11th (5th) is the perfect time to decide what you want to draw to you. Inspiration is fused with intention. Creativity with practical action. A fabulous way to begin this is to start a visionboard or journal and let your imagination inspire you on all the possible ways you can attain this for real. Then break this down into steps. And do set your timeline, Virgo. Do not leave this open-ended. Delivery systems work best when there is a deadline. How about by the time of the next new Moon in this house which is 12 months hence? By that time Jupiter’s in here. Save the date.

Ruler Mercury speeds into your sign on the 25th. At which point it feels as if your new cycle has already started. You’ll have a need to initiate or start something now. But do keep in mind that Mercury entered retroshadow in your 12th on the 17th. This tells you that there is still planning and revisions to be made. And also that what you may want is linked in some way to something from your past. An abandoned or lost goal perhaps? And if so, does this involve at least one other party? Or a significant one? Past, present or potential?

Neptune retrograde in your 7th (2nd) along with the planets in your 12th (Mercury 2nd, Venus 11th, Sun 22nd), combine to focus you on lost loves, past loves and simply where you may have been caught in a current and washed up on a version of Love Island you don’t particularly like. The period going forward from now until early 2025 will allow you to course correct, find your person/direction or yes, escape that island if you’re feeling shipwrecked and playing a game where you have no say in the rules.

Planets in your 12th can not only put you in touch with what you may have discarded or been set adrift from in your past, but can on occasion bring someone from your past back in. If so this July, you may find that the two of you are in a better place on a soul level and have grown spiritually since the last time around. This goes for renewable friendships as well! Sometimes the person can be right but the timing can be off. If this is your story with someone, then second time around turns into the charm.

Anything that no longer serves your growth, restricts or has simply been lived out is likely to suddenly change or simply be swept away and replaced by the innovative, exciting and ultimately soul-expanding mid-month. Above all – don’t cling or try to prevent change from occurring, Virgo. Especially mid-month with the intense and freedom creating infusion of Mars and Uranus in your 9th. If you’ve been stuck, limited – by either circumstances or even your own mindset, something shakes you free of this. It may come from left-field and intially feel challenging as it could ask you to accept something innovative and different. But the results will be more than worth it.

Don’t be afraid to explore alternatives. Especially if initially you see what is happening as just one more block in your progress. Appearances can be deceiving. Your courage will be at its peak so you’ll be more than able to go beyond those usual limits. Look at just what you can lean in to, stretch yourself or embrace with this month’s full ‘Blue’ Moon in your fabulizing 5th. Not only may you find yourself front and centre in some way, you can also gauge how comfortable you feel when this happens. How is your attitude to good things, being the centre of attention and receiving? Again, lean in to the good. And for some, this could be a second bite of that cherry when it comes to romance, the passions you pursue and an opportunity to be outstanding.

The energy starts to shift to something less showy and more spiritual from the 2nd with Mercury in your 12th. Followed by Venus (11th) and the Sun (22nd). This is your annual soul quest cycle. And one where you can find yourself paying extra close attention to what’s going on below the surface. Subtext and subtlety are things which we can sometimes miss. But your increased awareness of what isn’t being said verbally but broadcast loud and clear in other ways, means you can instantly translate. The Sun rules your house of the soul and spirit – and the sign of Leo. So, this period can be both creative and illuminating for you when it comes to decoding what’s really going on and for tapping into your own needs.

Look back at the past year and look to all those areas of your life which have improved thanks to your own efforts, Virgo. You did that! Be realistic now about what still needs that TLC. Looking back, this should come with the surety that you can now tackle anything outstanding. Once ruler Mercury arrives in your sign (25th), chances are you will use the upcoming retrograde to attend to just that. Know you can bring about the improvements you want.

You are unlikely to make the same mistakes as you have done in the past. These include not paying close attention to those ‘gut’ feelings. When it comes to sweeping changes that your higher self is also telling you need to be undertaken, use the Chiron retro in your house of transformation to try something different. By the time the Sun reaches your sign next month, chances are you’ll have yet more achievements under your belt if you do.

In a nutshell: You’re in soul preparation mode for your new cycle next month. And part of your readiness means looking ahead to what you really want. Not just for the next 12 – but further ahead still. Get that cosmic order happening – and date stamp it!



Step up and claim your due

Play and participation boost attraction

Resolve that emotional ‘sticking point’

The Sun is in your house of public persona and profession right up until the 22nd. It doesn’t matter if you are engaged in paid work or not. Expect to be sought out for your expertise or something you are good at, Libra! And yes, this feels like recognition and hands you that sense of achievement and satisfaction. Be the payoff positive strokes and praise or something material. Whatever form it arrives in, you are left with feeling a success. Especially with the new Moon adding emotional strength and satisfaction to your take-out on the 5th.

Your determination to clear the decks or simply crush those tasks means you’re no longer in a mood to procrastinate. Anything you’ve been putting off doing is now prioritised. And this simply sets you up to be seen as a dynamic force to be reckoned with. So – no wonder others look to you this July. This is your yearly success peak. You should be on a roll which takes you right up to the new Moon in August. Lean in as this is your opportunity to attain acclaim and recognition.

Who you know and are connected to will have a larger role to play in this from the 2nd when the planets begin to shift from your 10th to your 11th. Beginning with Mercury (2nd) and followed by ruler Venus (11th). You’re the diamond in that social circle. The one that adds the sparkle. This is also the time of year where goals are not only in focus – but what you need to attain them can magically be drawn into that orbit. You do need to be interacting with others in the spirit of playful cooperation and a willingness to experiment to fully tap into this however. Your creative mindset brings new options to you. As does your ability to dazzle and charm. And this in turn fuels your unshakeable expectation that whatever you set out to have, to or experience – you can.

Mid-month brings changes. But not necessarily unwelcome ones. Chances are you have been wanting and waiting for a shift in a key area for some time. Mars in your 8th collides with Uranus on the 15th. And five days later joins Jupiter in your 9th. This marks a cycle of sudden liberation where barriers to movement, progress and soul evolution are demolished. You could pivot and take advantage of an opportunity or new direction that is both challenging and thrilling at the same time. Just take it that if you are called to think on your feet and adapt to the unexpected, this has occurred in order to get you moving in a new and better direction.

As the planets move into your 11th they will oppose Pluto in your 5th. Mercury (3rd), Venus (12th) and finally the Sun (23rd). These dates stand out for you when it comes to not only your social life, but your power to attract. Especially if what you are seeking is aligned to a key goal. The other big shift for you this month is Mars joining Jupiter in your 9th from the 20th. You may still be surfing that change break generated by the Mars/Uranus meeting by this point. The Mars/Pluto trine of the 22nd continues this and send you off in search of heart-starting adventure. You won’t want to be confined however. Do watch your spending. There may be gains but pause and ask yourself why you want something first. Is it to prove a point or show off in some way? If you can truthfully answer ‘Yes’ – you may want to give it a miss.

I guess that’s why they call it the blues under this month’s full ‘Blue’ Moon in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart (21st). Look to where you may feel emotionally ‘stuck’ – especially around home, living arrangements, lifestyle or family. Are you still clinging to something that doesn’t truly support you? Perhaps simply because it feels familiar? Have you got your feet dug in and are resisting the shift that came in mid-month with every fibre of your being? No, no – I won’t go! How about opting for surrender and trust in the universe, Libra? A ‘Blue’ Moon is a rare thing. This one asks you let go of rigidity once and for all. Especially when it comes to what may have become a habit. What you see as supporting you may in fact be a prison. There’s only one way to find out and that is to release. Try it and trust that it is safe to do so.

You should now be in a daring and explorative mindset. Boosted not just by the Sun in your 11th but the Venus/Chiron trine across your 11th/7th houses (30th). Along with Mercury entering retroshadow in your 11th (17th), and Chiron retrograde in your 7th from the 27th, we also have Neptune in a long, slow retrograde until November in your 6th. Do address any issues around work and wellness. Look to how loneliness could be impacting on your energy if this has become an area of concern. And do something about it. Energy levels are important now. As is your body telling you it may have had enough.

This is a good time to delve into the works of Dr. Gabor Mate. Listen in and as well as the usual journaling activities, you might want to keep tabs on your energy levels during this time. If you do, you’ll come to understand just how interlinked all this is and how it impacts your ability to enjoy life, manifest and love. It all adds to that success story this July.

In a nutshell: Friends and the future feature from the 11th when ruler Venus enters Leo. As does your enhanced ability to attract who or what you need in terms of those goals. I could call it ‘Playful attainment’, Libra. Let down any barriers to having what you want or keep you emotionally stuck.



Chart a fresh course

Let go of any need to control

Love takes a surprising twist

The barrier breaking new Moon in your 9th promises momentum and forward progress this month. Travel may feature for some of you. As could the discovery of new opportunities and solutions just clamouring to be let in! Your mindset is peaceful yet expansive. Adventurous but grounded. It puts you in a prime position to make the most of what’s on offer. And yes, to try something you might have hesitated over or even refused in the past.

Take that burgeoning sense of exploration and apply it to something you know you want to explore or conquer. Do however watch for a small speed bump mid-month. This is when your resolve may get tested or doubts creep in. Ancient ruler Mars in your 7th runs into unpredictable Uranus on the 15th. While just days before Venus now in your 10th opposes modern ruler Pluto in your 4th. Others may act out or something halts that forward progress you’ve been enjoying from the start of the month. This can make you doubt your ability to do what you’ve set out to accomplish. Or else throw an emotional spanner in the works. Remember – you can’t control how others act. You can only control your own response to them.

You’re being asked to stay the course and hold your faith in yourself now. Keep in mind, transits through your 9th are lucky and also protective. What initially looks like a set-back is revealed as a better option. You reach deep down into your source to try something you never would have otherwise – and are left with an outstanding result. What stands in the way of your soul evolution is cleared from your path. And you’re back on the open road to freedom once more. Mid-month asks you keep both your cool and an open mind.

We have a once-in-a-blue-moon event this July and that is a full ‘Blue’ Moon in your 3rd on the 21st. This is the second full Moon in this house in your chart in what is Cancer season. It’s another call to adventure or invitation to take something further, Scorpio. Did you refuse the first time? Think back to last month’s full Moon and what happened then. It could be a portal opens for the second time.

Approach invitations, conversations and solutions with the open-minded curiosity of a child. Above all, don’t dismiss anything out of hand. Ask questions. Delve deeper. ‘Question’ is derived from ‘quest’ – the journey of discovery. Answers give you the confidence you need to go further. Dialogue matters under this Blue Moon. As does not just the ability to talk but to listen to what is being said. Or left unsaid. Again, this may mean you drawing something out of someone by asking the right questions. Probe. Explore. Get your answers, Scorpio. And do beware of one-sided conversations (that date who only talks about themselves?), or deflection – someone changes the subject or suddenly needs to leave the room when you put them on the spot. Those are about more than words can say. And yes, these too ARE answers!

Once the Sun crosses into your 10th from the 22nd – you feel that once again you’re back in the driver’s seat when it comes to the direction your life is taking. The spotlight is going to be on you in the next month. And chances are this stems from something you initiated while the Sun and other planets were in your 9th. That bold, flexible and open minded approach now pays off for you. And better still – others see you as the Real Deal. Yes, you can thank ruler Pluto and its opposition to the Sun on the 23rd. You bring it on home, baby.

Your old ruler Mars has now joined Jupiter in your change sector. Which Mars rules. Your other key date this month is the 22nd when Mars and Pluto align. Whatever you are seeking now – focus on ambition, career, recognition and attainment. That and just that. Worldly success. But what about the love, I hear you say?! Here’s the trick, Scorpio. It will be found on that path without you having to do anything. It will seek you out simply without any intervention from you when you pour your passion into something you wish to achieve. It’s the unlooked for bonus in your success package. I could say everyone loves a winner. And you’re on that streak this July.

In a nutshell: Both your rulers combine to bring you shifts and surprises this July. Consider if something catches you unawares that it is designed to free you. Focus on an area where you feel the need to succeed, brings you success in others – effortlessly.



Nurture those ideas

Bling yourself up

Find a new star to aim for!

What we bring into reality, what we experience or manifest, always begins with an idea. A thought, a flash of inspiration around what could possibly be. So, the first three weeks of July asks you follow yours and entertain visions of something different, Sag. It’s that old adage – where intention goes, energy flows.

Planets in your 8th lend you magnetism, focus and power. So do use this superpower to focus as much as you are able on positive outcomes. Its unrealistic for anyone to be upbeat all the time. And chances are you’ve read about what is being called ‘Toxic positivity’ – and how it can in fact undermine our progress. So, we’re avoiding that too! You’re not ignoring any issues or what you may need to deal with in order to clear the path to getting what you want. In fact – you’re feeling more capable than usual when it comes to finding solutions. You’ve a realistic approach especially around the time of the new Moon in your 8th (5th). But also hold the power of transformation in your hands.

Watch for unexpected shifts around your resources, your work or even a health issue mid-month. The 15th is a day where you might want to slow down. Something could trip you up – a detail you didn’t account for, a shortage you need to cover off, flare ups and blows – you weren’t looking and something falls over. This can be prevented and isn’t a given. But don’t rush as Mars and Uranus collide in your house of everyday work, routine and health. And if you’ve taken on too much – that’s now going to be apparent, Sag.

Settleds may see their significant other’s financial goals come together. If you are in any kind of union, joint accounts, investments and that mortgage may be your focus. Looking at moving your money, refinancing or searching for a better deal may be a knock-on effect of overall improvements.

Saturn is the ruler of your money zone and it always helps you with financial forecasting and planning to look at where it is or what it is currently doing in your chart. For example, when Saturn is retrograde, improvements can be made but they come in slowly. And Saturn in your 4th means you will channel your money into your home or plans which create stability and security for you.

This month’s full ‘Blue’ Moon (21st) appears in your 2nd and Saturn’s ruling sign of Capricorn. This is a date to be realistic about what you have. And to detach from negative emotions around your finances. Take a down to earth approach and leverage those assets – both material and intangible. Above all, look to your capacity for enjoyment of the material realm – do you allow yourself to take pleasure in what you have worked hard for? Are you telling yourself that security, abundance and wholeness are out of reach? Consciously lean in to those barriers.

Once the Sun is in your 9th, all things Sagittarian themed rule again. You may be browsing those travel sites on-line if you’re not heading to the departure lounge right now. Planning that next trip. Big plans are favoured. Bold, colourful brush strokes. Taking that leap of faith and knowing you’ll land right where you are meant to. You’re choosing something bigger now and not staying stuck.

Has your image become a little too conservative and dull? Recapture the zhuzh factor. The adventure may extend to some experimentation here. Venus in your 9th wants you dressing not to impress but to stand out like a superstar. If you feel as if you have been getting lost in the crowd lately, do spend some time with that wardrobe or on your look. There is a good reason for me telling you this as how you feel about yourself is inextricably linked to your ability to attract. So, while your mojo is never actually stolen or missing, we can say like Austin Powers you may be disconnected from it. And as how you feel – especially about yourself, determines what you can manifest, Being Mojo has a huge role to play.

Of course, stay within your budget. Venus in this house can make us spend up big. Or take an easy-come, easy go approach to our cash. That being said, when the Sun lands (22nd) often lucky breaks or wins can come our way. We don’t count on it however! But our openness and expectation to receive puts us in the mindset where we draw opportunities to us.

When it comes to love and simply attraction in general, ruler Jupiter bigs up those prospects and is now aided by Mars which lands in your 7th on the 20th. Just take it that you’re looking for adventure and whatever comes your way now. Singles will be at their most magnetic. Settleds recapture the sizzle. That born to be wild vibe acts as cosmic catnip not just in love but across the entire gamut of opportunities in almost every area you can think of, Sag.

As the planets shift into your 9th, they all oppose Pluto in your 3rd. Mercury (3rd), Venus (12th) and the Sun (23rd). These are key dates that can offer up transformative solutions and the breakaways from being stuck that have held you back. This month also sees Mercury enter retroshadow (in your 9th but it enters your 10th on the 25th). So, take your time when engaging in that most loved of all Sag activities, travel.

What won’t you do for love or what you love? Chiron has been posing this question ever since it entered your 5th. It’s retrograde in here from the 27th and trine to Venus in your 9th emboldens you and the answer is there is no ‘won’t do that’ at this point. Seeing just what you can get away with when you take it bolder and even more outrageous, means that you’ll use any excuse to do just that. And all this excitement won’t wane as we head towards August.

In a nutshell: If lack of a particular resource has been holding you up, July could see this finally resolved. To experience it, you have to feel it. Does that image say you’re stuck in the past? Or simply stuck in that waiting room, Sag? Dress to escape.



Get ready for a once-in-a-Blue-Moon event

Is it me you’re looking for?

Love, reclaimed

Come and get your love this July, Cappy. A new Moon in your 7th along with Venus in here adds up to BOTH rulers of this house in residence at the same time. (The Moon rules Cancer and Venus rules your 7th house). This makes the 5th one of the best days of the entire year to plant those relationship seeds for the next 12 months. And also to open yourself up to receive love and other benefits in return as this is your prime house of attraction.

Do keep in mind, manifestation doesn’t just rely on our amazing powers of imagination, visualisation and willingness to do the magical work to bring us what we want. We have to be in a state of deservedness, openness and ready-to-receive. Otherwise – right on cue the universe delivers what we asked for. Only for us to self-sabotage or reject it. Do work on both sides of this coin while the planets are in your 7th.

If love is elusive, hard work or on a rinse and repeat cycle, you have a fresh set of tools to reach for. And an invitation to try something (or someone!) new. Ditch the usual ‘type’ if you are seeking, Cappy. And if Pluto’s self-examination in your 1st has led you to connect your past to your relationship choices in the present, your best hack to break the pattern is to opt for the one who seems strange.

Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? After all, aren’t we always told to go with our gut? I am not talking about ignoring red flags. That’s different. But if we have experienced toxicity and dysfunction growing up, that’s what seems familiar to us. What we feel is safe, is unsafe. Or we can attract unavailable partners due to feeling we are unlovable. So, if this has been your story and your pattern, keep in mind not just reciprocity now but that real love feels strange. Unfamiliar. Maybe even a little scary. And if someone appears who makes you feel that way, do give them an opportunity to show they are the answer you’ve been looking for.

This month hands us a rare ‘Blue’ full Moon in your sign (21st). The second of two full Moons during your partnership peak when the Sun is in Cancer and your 7th. Combined with Mercury’s slowing into retroshade from the 17th in your 8th, this is about reappearances, rebirths and resurrections. Have you been feeling you have been abandoned in the emotional Lost & Found office of the cosmos? If so, this second ‘Blue’ Moon sees you reclaimed. Love moves back in. Or you see clearly where it can be found.

It’s linked to how you are seeing yourself as much as how others see you, Capricorn. And because thanks to Pluto you now have a totally reforged attitude to who you know you are, you know what’s right for you as well. With an unshakeable self-certainty. This may require you to say no just as you may say yes. All in the name of love of course!

Change is your certainty as the Sun arrives in your 8th and opposes Pluto on the 23rd. There’s a back and forth motion to this however. And the process may last right up until November for you. See this as chrysalis time for you. And don’t push the process. Be content at times to sit with it, be within it and align yourself to its timeline. No, that’s not being powerless to control your destiny. That’s the complete confidence and trust of self-empowerment. You can discern accurately when you need to take action – and when you simply need to let go and not get in the way of transformations which need to occur.

One intimate connection or very close friendship may be in focus now. If you began seeing someone during your partnership peak – this is the time when it can go to the next stage. The best connections are the ones where both parties are changed in some fundamental way. No matter the ultimate outcome of the union. Or the form it takes. So, expect one relationship to be the catalyst for this. Just as you perform the same alchemical transmutation for the other. Look to the 22nd for who is front and centre in your life – or your consciousness, Capricorn.

Heading into August, passion and shared rapport define your unions. Be they in business or in your personal life. The next few weeks and the retrograde cycle which includes not just Mercury but also Neptune in your 3rd and Chiron in your 4th, makes this period ideal for getting rid of anything you no longer need in your life. And for looking at long term futures in terms of your money – and yes, your relationships. Sometimes letting go brings you what you need all along. Don’t doubt you have the courage to do this if needed. And trust that along this path – what’s strange, unfamiliar but ultimately right for you, will seek you out.

In a nutshell: A second love path defining full Moon appears in your sign this month. It’s a rare event designed to get you reconnected to that loving feeling. No matter your current status, Capricorn. You’ll reclaim what’s lost. That includes self-love too.



What’s mundane is magical

Ditch the limits on love

It’s what you experience – not what you have that matters

The Everyday and practical magic of our 6th house may seem mundane compared to all the sparkle and attraction potential of our 1st, 5th or 7th houses. It’s less showy and more subtle. What changes you make may go unnoticed by the world at large. But for you, they can be life-affirming and path changing when the new Moon appears in your 6th (5th).

All areas of our life are interconnected. When we understand the ripple effect this can have, we then see how adjusting something routine and basic can not only hand us everyday improvements, but that fresh energy then touches on all other elements in our life. I could say Do the Work ahead of the play once the Sun reaches your 7th (22nd). And Venus enters here on the 11th. So, both rulers of this house/sign will be in here together (The Sun rules Leo and Venus rules your 7th).

Your 5th remains energised by Jupiter all year long. But let’s now bring the focus close to home. There could be a day of disruption ahead when you have to think on your feet or quickly adapt to the unexpected. The 15th has Mars collide with ruler Uranus in your 4th of foundation, family, home and security. If something has been building to a breaking point, then this is when it could finally collapse. Do pay attention to what needs to be doing around the home. Don’t ignore any messages from your body to rest either. Others could find a sudden way out or solution appears to something that quite literally had them stuck or not seeing things how they were. It’s a wake-up call if so. And one which at the same time points to a fresh path.

This remains a fabulous cycle for anyone looking to find work or change jobs. If you seek – you shall find now. You can switch up that routine that’s turned into a rut, escape the hamster wheel and above all, feel more energised. New habits you embrace are likely to stick.

You’ll find the way forward with the full ‘Blue’ Moon in your 12th (21st). A rare and special full Moon and the second in this sector of your chart while the Sun is in your 6th. Something that may have been nudging you or lurking on the edge of your subconscious, now comes into full focus for you.

If you need to rebuild or start again, then this will actually show you that you’re replacing what you had with something so much better. More stable and reliable. Built to last. And it could ultimately put more resources at your disposal. One cycle may come to a close. You prepare to begin anew – healed and committed to a healthier path. Above all, you do need to heed your intuition and those insights that appear unconnected yet prove to be more relevant than you realised when you look closer. Do explore alternatives. If something continues to persist despite your best efforts, then use the energy of the Blue Moon combined with the upcoming retrogrades to seek out professional help.

The Sun’s landing in your 7th unleashes your annual partnership peak. You begin with it with both rulers of this sector of your chart in residence. It’s not just about partnerships but about attraction too. As your 7th is one of your main houses for this.

The Sun’s powerful opposition to Pluto (23rd) brings something or someone into your orbit. Or even for some of you, more than one choice. Above all, explore fearlessly any remaining beliefs around limitations or what you think you can’t have, Aquarius. Is it your own beliefs around what is out of reach that in fact, keep it from you? Love and this includes self-love, dies in the limitations of our own minds. Relight the eternal flame of possibilities if so.

A new beginning is just around the corner and no matter what, will appear next month with the new Moon in here. However, you can get a head start on this thanks to Mars joining Jupiter in your other house of attraction – your 5th from the 20th. The trine between Mars and Pluto in your sign the following day, means all your houses of attraction – your 1st, 5th and 7th, crackle with attraction energy. How you harness this and use it is up to you. But deploy with confidence free of negative beliefs.

This could see many of you astounded by your own abilities to manifest or change up your present circumstances. Others who have been trudging through a love Sahara suddenly find there’s more than one oasis ahead – and none of these is a mirage. You experience an over-delivery on what you set out to attract. Can you have too much of a good thing be it attention, good times or love? Up your comfort levels around this and simply enjoy the experience.

Keep your focus on experiences and not stuff. There’s a need to avoid spending on what you don’t need. And to understand the key difference between abundance and what in fact, makes you complete. While you cannot have too much love and blissful good times, you CAN have too much stuff. Especially if honestly, you already have enough. Neptune in your 2nd commences a long, slow retrograde at a late degree of your money zone. Between now and November keep your focus on differentiating needs and wants. The more you refine this, the more you’ll end up feeling you have. This could prove to be a less is more cycle for you. One that leaves you with a sure sense of what is valuable to you. And this may be more than what you can buy.

Mercury is also slowing from the 17th in your sector of duos, duets and double acts. It continues on into your 8th on the 25th, but will return to your 7th next month. Although you can attract – and then some, you don’t have to say yes or commit to it all at once. This tells you to take your time with it, Aquarius. Know you want it – and that it wants you back in the same way. Love dies in limitations. But thrives in surety.

In a nutshell: Planets in your partnership zone oppose Pluto in your sign. This adds up to a powerful force of attraction that’s both irresistible and magnetic. What you draw towards you has been charged and thought about by you for some time. One way or another – you’ll begin to understand the role you play in this.



Dance with creation

No more denying those feelings

Define who you are

Get your soul glow going with the new Moon in your 5th. This is the high point of creation/attraction for you. And while the Sun and other planets move through your 5th, they trine Saturn and ruler Neptune in your sign. Your imagination is grounded but still able to soar. Hence you are in a prime position to manifest what is perfectly aligned with your being.

This experiential new Moon reminds you that creation is forged in the fires of fun and enjoyment. And yes, if romance is on your mind or simply feeling closer to those loved ones, then no matter your relationship status, love becomes both an emotional state of being and the way you express yourself now.

July sees ruler Neptune slam on the brakes and head backwards from the 2nd. Well, you’re used to your ruler spending a lot of its time retrograde, Pisces. Attuning yourself to the shifting energy of the planets aligns with your symbol of the fishes – you can swim in a different direction or adapt to the currents around you. Neptune has been busy amplifying your Pisces traits. While Saturn also in your sign keeps it real for you. So, the mash-up of these two energies may have resulted in the real unreal as far as experiences go. And your attitude to yourself, your appearance, image or profile. Online or off.

Are you living two lives, Pisces? Or are you being sucked in by others who are? The rise of influencer culture and also reality TV has coincided with Neptune in your sign. And as it begins the end of its transit through your 1st, we will begin to see the unreal exposed. With the curtain fully pulled back to reveal who is pulling those levers by the time Neptune enters Aries next year.

Of course, if something is genuine – there’s no big revelation. And a certain amount of allure, illusion and good old fashioned stardust are part of Neptune’s tool kit. And we’re allowed to use these. But getting hooked like a fish by the fake, or even starting to believe our own fantasies (especially with our on-line presence) – can cost us in many ways. You’ll be seeing what’s real and who or what’s not clearly.

Neptune turns retrograde at an ‘anaretic’ degree of your sign – 29 degrees. And within 4 minutes of Aries. This is most probably its most influential and questioning retrograde yet. It is going to ask you who do you believe you are? Who do you follow? Who influences you? Time to become more defined. And also more choosy about those influences. This is a long retrograde which will take you up until November. And also begins when Mercury enters retroshadow and enters your 7th. You will not only be delving deeper to gain clarity on your own identity and what and who influences that, but will be seeking more clarity in your relationships as well.

With Mercury about to enter retro in your relationship area and you seeking insight within, do slow down when it comes to love, Pisces. I am not saying it’s off the table, but if you are attuned to that cosmic energy, you’ll quickly see its more subtle and introverted now. In your quest to discover the real and unreal, you’ll be content to wait for true colours to be exposed. And you know this takes time.

During Neptune’s stay you may have been trying on different facets of yourself for size. Like an actor stepping into character. But now its time to settle. To know and unveil the real you. You do have access to all the multidimensional aspects of you during the upcoming months. This includes being able to tap into the lives you may be leading in parallel universes. All the way through to past lives or even your future path in this one. You can explore these via dreamwork, yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, creativity or any mindful task that allows your mind to open and connect to the flow of cosmic insight.

Of course, the key word here is ‘authenticity’. We know when we are our authentic selves. And our body lets us know in oh so many subtle and not so subtle ways when we’re not. This month delivers a ‘Blue’ Full Moon (21st) in your 11th. The second full Moon to appear while the Sun is in Cancer and your 5th. It’s a rare cosmic event. We’ve talked about the many yous giving birth to the one authentic you. And how to get to that you have to try on so many for size. This ‘Blue’ Moon leads you into forging that identity and crafting it from the most luminous metal. And once done, you are no longer willing to be anyone other than that. This may mean looking closely at your friendships and connections and seeing whether they truly allow you to do this.

The other element of this ‘Blue’ Moon is it allows you to access potential new worlds via goals. In between who you were and are lie portals of potential. Spend some time seeing what is behind each of them. Imagine yourself having or experiencing them one by one. When we change our idea around who we are, we totally change what is possible for us to have and manifest. Choose what is authentically in alignment with your new energy.

Once you know who you have now become there’s more than one opportunity to get playful and explore your new potential. Previewing 2025 and beyond. I told you more than one dimension was yours to explore. Future ‘yous’ crowd your imagination. Like an actor looking at a wardrobe change or new role, do experiment now especially as while the planets remain in your 3rd and 5th houses, they make beauteous, alluring angles to Saturn and your ruler in your sign. These are your dates for that big reveal for that new image or outlook – or simply to put yourself out there and attract:

2 – Mercury trine Neptune, 3 – Venus trine Saturn, 11 – Sun trine Saturn, 11 – Venus trine Neptune, 22 – Sun trine Neptune.

5 – Mars sextile Saturn, 20 – Mars sextile Neptune.

Mars in your 4th from the 20th, needs you to keep busy. Frustration and blocked energy make for short tempers so resist the lure of the couch and that boxset during its stay. Mars in here tells you – get moving. If not an actual home move – then move that energy, that ‘stuff’ – channel Mars into DIY tasks or decluttering. Tackle family or domestic issues. Garden. Rent an allotment even. And if that simmering issue is centered around you needing more help and support – ask directly for it. Don’t sit on it until you reach boiling point. And do keep in mind what seems obvious to you may not be to others. And no, this does not necessarily make them uncaring, uncooperative or selfish.

Health matters become a priority as does simply making life run more smoothly as the big shuffle into your 6th happens beginning with Mercury on the 2nd, Venus (11th) and then the Sun (22nd). This is a house ruled by Mercury so do keep that upcoming retrograde in mind. But this also hands you the focus to tackle those outstanding every day tasks you may have been letting slide.

Allowing yourself to be who you feel you now are is the ultimate act of self-care and centered wellness. Do keep this in mind in the upcoming weeks. Still evolving? Both the retrogrades (ruler Neptune and Mercury) favour adjustments as new possibilities emerge into your consciousness. Polish up those facets and focus on how you feel when you really step into the reality of being the you that you were always meant to be. It’s the ultimate reality trip – and destiny combined, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Who we believe we are defines our destiny. And how we experience life. You’re beginning to emerge from a period of intense experimentation with your image and how you project it, Pisces. It’s now time to take this – and you, to the next life. And trust the truth of who you really think you are.