You are currently viewing A speech by Kevin Reed to Tauranga Spiritual Society July 2002

A speech by Kevin Reed to Tauranga Spiritual Society July 2002

The world is truly full of sorrow!

Every man, woman and child is a condemned criminal, only they do not know the date of their execution.

This is an unpleasant state for everyone.

Consequently every person does everything possible to postpone the date, and would sacrifice anything that they have, if they could reverse the sentence.

Practically all religions and all philosophies have started thus crudely, by promising their followers some such reward as immortality.

No religion has failed by not promising enough.

You are all doomed.

Born of sin, the prospects are not good.

Impure minds in a state of penance and in search of salvation.

There is only one hope left for you.

There is only one small slim chance, but a chance nevertheless, of redemption, enabled by repentance.

No one person can enter the kingdom of God except by me, say the prophets.

As the sons of Adam, scared by potential mortal sin, we strive and we seek as we search out that path of salvation for our pitiful souls.

The devil is our enemy, using the selfish pleasure of sin as a temptation to waylay our journey home.

But there is always a chance of forgiveness for our trespasses and we, too, may sit at the right hand of God if only we turn our back on our sins and renounce Lucifer and bow down in adoration to our Savior.


Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That warms and comforts me.

I once was lost. But now I am found.

Was blind but now I see.


And that dear friends is religion. A source from outside of your own knowing and a source outside of your own divinity and a source outside of yourself that if you follow, promises you eternal life. The trouble is, that there are specific instructions and only acceptable modes of behaivour that one must do to achieve the rewards promised/ There is a right way and a wrong way. There is a path to God and a path to Satan, and religion through its interpretation of the writings and records of those assumed holy people from our past, is like an instruction book and a map home. We need the manual if we are to build our castle in the heavens. Without the map and without the instructions and without the spiritual guidance, what hope is there that we, the lost and marred souls, will ever find redemption for our sins? What hope, indeed?

Spirituality is different.


It is different because rather than us needing something from outside of our own source to follow, it encourages us to uncover the answers that lay inside of ourselves. It encourages us not to follow somebody else’s map, but to follow our own, because it recognizes we all have our own unique path and it recognizes that we all have our own unique map. Instead of needing some thing from outside of our space, like religion offers, it allows us to fuel the peaceful knowing from inside of our space. Instead of making us codependent it allows us to be independent.


Whereas religion starts from the premise we are all doomed! Spirituality starts from the premises we are all aspects of God and how, as an aspect of God can we be doomed! As you may have heard, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not like what religion thinks, human beings seeking a spiritual experience.


Everything you do in life will have one of two effects on you. It will empower you or dis-empower you. Does religion empower you or dis-empower you? Is it empowering to be told what to do and if you do not do it you will be cast into the burning fires of hell to gargle red-hot ball bearings for eternity?

I say no it is not!

Is it empowering to be told that we are all unique and that there are many paths and many truths and that you will become the path and truth that is fitting for you, because it is from within you and that you can never travel the wrong path because as a carrier of divine light you can never do wrong? Yes it is.

So, for you to hear.

Firstly, if you like to be condescended to, if you like to be told what to do or else, if you like to be threatened, if you like to be made to feel like a victim – then follow man’s religion.

However, if you believe that you are a child of God made in God’s image and that all answers to the pain you may encounter in your life are within you, uniquely designed just for you, and that you have the potential for anything you want because you know who you are! – Then great. That is spirituality!

Do you understand where I am coming from?

But hey,

Even in spirituality there are infections of man. Ill-conceived thoughts and religious indignation.

Spirituality has been infected by religion and it has been infected by the psychic and it has been infected by the new age. I will tell you how and why and I urge you to listen to me, and to think for yourself and to be aware of dis-empowering thoughts wherever they may be found, even here in Spirituality.

It seems to me that spirituality as it is practiced today has adopted many eastern religious beliefs. These are still religions. Concepts such as karma and reincarnation are religious concepts.

Even in Hindu one must acknowledge that the mind is trapped by its desires and only through meditation and good living and discipline one can work through ones desires until there are no more attachments and therefore no more need to reincarnate for karmic purposes on this earth plane. It is still dis-empowerinmg. It is still ‘you are doomed’. but under another guise.

Look. Listen to me as I dispel some notions.

We are not here to learn! This is not a learning place for our soul to develop. Our soul is already perfect. It is a reflection of God, why would it need to develop. The only thing it needs is to self realize. To self realize that you are perfect and this is not a lesson or a learning earth but rather it is a heaven, It is paradise it is the garden of Eden and it is that if only you listen to the outside religion of man that makes it otherwise.

There is no right path and wrong path. These are Christian concepts. The only path is where you are standing. It is your standing place and only when you and you alone take the next step will the path of yours be one more step traveled. How can it be wrong for you to be you? Good and evil, right and wrong, these are Christian concepts. Spirituality does not believe in the devil because it does not believe in hell. It does not believe in evil because it does not believe in there ever being a wrong for you on your path. Evil, right and wrong, these are your prejudices when measured against man’s religions. It does not believe in sin. If we are carriers of divinity how can we sin. The concept of god sinning against god is nonsense.

Psychic is not spiritual and spiritual is not psychic. We are all psychic because we are all a reflection of God and once you realize this you can be anything you wish to be. And if you choose to just be you, you will recognize that what others call psychic is just as natural to everybody as breathing.

Spirituality has become a closet for psychic and esoteric mystery to hide in. Numerology, palmistry, astrology, crystals, alternative medicines and psychometry – what do these have to do with spirituality? Spirituality is about fulfillment of your own realization that you are truly the Son of God in a rhetorical sense.

Listen. We are not all doomed. We do not need religion. All we need do is smile and say to ourselves, life is great! And I assure you. Life is great. As great as you make it for you are a god of earth. And just as the god of gods has created the creation, we the gods of earth create our own existence.

What is the lesson here?

I tell you. There are no lessons we can take in that we do not already know. Lessons and talks and reading and learning are not new knowledge for you to take in. Rather they set of a spark in you that makes you realize you already know. These are confirmations that reopen and recover the light of your own soul.

If we take all elements of dis-empowering concepts and beliefs out of religion you should have something similar to spirituality. If you take all the same dis-empowering concepts and beliefs and if you take the psychic and mysticism out of spirituality, you should have something similar to enlightenment.

Think about it. Think about how you see yourself and how you see your beliefs. Do you see your self as the victim and your God as the solution?

We are here today, celebrating fellowship and honouring God.

We are here today not to be given a map but to see that we have our own maps.

We are here just being. Smiling, laughing, crying, sniggering, thinking and most important of all breathing. God! Isn’t it great?

What is the lesson here?


The lesson is.


I am not weak that I need God to make me strong.


If I need a God to make me strong then I need something from outside of me to believe in, like a crutch   – this is a false god because it can only exist as long as you are weak, The true god is an essence and it is inside you. Furthermore, ‘weak’ compared to what? Weak compared to seemingly happy people, weak compared to a religious model, weak when measured on the religious scale of right and wrong? Nobody is weak unless compared to something else and all too often that something else is a thought, a pattern in our own minds. An internal flawed perception reflective of the victim in life. Get out of that mind prison. Nobody is weak least their own minds convince them so. Ha! It truly is a battle between mind and soul, Makes me think that perhaps the path to enlightenment is the path from your mind to your heart! An internal path and not an external path. It may not be about going to church and doing good deeds, it may be a lot simpler, it may be just being honest to yourself!


I am not lost that I need be found.

Found by who. Other people who think their way is the right way. The psychology is that the need from other people to insist there way is the right way is a need to prove to themselves their way is the right way, afterall, they need the reassurance because if it wasn’t the right way then they are fools because it is the way they are doing it. I am not lost that I need to found because I know that at the end of the day, what I do in this moment I could do no other way, otherwise I would have…. and therefore I know that I am not lost because my map is mine and only works for me.


I am not non-spiritual because I breathe and I am a reflection and a carrier of God.

People talk about most what they truly have least. The need to validate is strong. People who cant wait to tell you they are spiritual are the last people you should go to for spiritual guidance. Listen, we are all spiritual! We just show it in our own unique way. Even Hitler was spiritual, he, like us is a child of GOD. So instead of breaking us up into groups of spiritual and non-spiritual, again I ask, Spiritual compared to what or who?


I am not cursed from karmic debt that I have to be miserable today.

The karma is not that you have to be miserable today, the karma is that for whatever reason, you have chosen to be miserable today!

Misfortune does not happen to us, it is perceived by us. So too, is Karma!

Karma is man made, not God made.


I am not a sinner.

Sin is a power accusation made by insecure men of self-righteousness.

The concept of sin is a nonsense. The concept of the devil and Satan are non-sense, mainly Christian and religious concepts. The only true sin. I believe is sinning against yourself. By not being who you truly are.

Sin is a judgment and a prejudice.

If I am a creation of god, then I am made from god essence, how can God sin against god. In is judgment, god is not judgment. Humans are judgment, sin is law made by human, and not god, to show their ignorance of god!


I am not a lesser being than anyone else.

So many people condescend without meaning to. Every time you ask someone who has not asked you, do they want a healing….you are condescending. They are weak and you are strong and you may kid yourself that it is out of compassion and love for humanity that you offer the sick a healing. In that instant you have made yourself better than your brother or sister. Well, I am not a lesser nor better person than anyone else………and that includes GOD!


I am not a follower, I have my own mind.

I do not believe that like in exams at schools, we can cheat our way to enlightenment by copying somebody else’s work. Ultimately, it is us, alone faced with our self that must make the transition from earth to heaven and ultimately that journey will be on what we truly know for like blind faith a map is useless in the dark and it is only our own true absorbed knowing that will be out light. I am not a follower, not only do I have my own mind, my own mind is essential for it is the key to the door to enlightenment.


I am not wrong, my path is perfect for me, because nobody else has and can ever be me.


I am not weak that I need God to make me strong.

I am not lost that I need be found.

I am not non-spiritual because I breathe and I am a reflection and a carrier of God.

I am not cursed from karmic debt that I have to be miserable today.

I am not a sinner. Sin is a power accusation made by insecure men of self-righteousness.

I am not a lesser being than anyone else.

I am not a follower, I have my own mind.

I am not wrong, my path is perfect for me, because nobody else has and can ever be me.

I am not a victim.

I am not a rescuer; I have no right to walk someone else’s path.

I am not codependent or dependant.

I am not born of sin and I am not impure.

I am me and I am perfect.

And when Kevin asks me, do I want a psychic or soul message; I will chose soul because I am not bothered by the superficiality of the psychic…or even better still, I will decline because I know who I am.

Thank you.


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