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Are You Dreaming About an Ex?

What does it mean when you dream about your ex and why does it happen? Is it just an unwanted dream, or is it in fact a vision of your future?

For some people, dreaming about an ex is a heart-warming experience that takes us back down memory lane, revisiting and reminiscing over past events and times that we had together. For most though, it is not as welcomed – many of us don’t want to dream of our ex! What does it mean when you dream about your ex and why do they keep popping up when you should be enjoying a restful night’s sleep? Dreams are our sub conscious mind bringing up past experiences, feelings and memories, sometimes mixing them with current anxieties and sometimes actually giving us an important message relevant to the future, in a roundabout way. Exploring the reasons as to why we dream of past partners, husbands, wives, lovers and childhood sweethearts may not be something we all want to necessarily look into, but it may help us to understand why and make sense of it.
I was unhappy, so finished the relationship but I keep dreaming about my ex-girlfriend…


Dream analysis shows that often the reason we dream about an ex is actually more to do with what is going on in the background of the dream. The ex may only really be relevant in that your mind is creating something around the time in the past that you were with them. It is the period of time that your mind is returning to, in a similar way when we are awake and old memories pop up out of the blue – our mind does the same in a ‘sleep state’. For some people who often think about their ex, there is more of an obvious reason as to why you have dreamt about them. If you have a lot of memories that still resurface, whether good or bad, your unconscious state is just as aware of them, as your conscious state. Perhaps there is unfinished business between you and your mind seems to want to reopen your thoughts, bringing your ex to the forefront when you are asleep as well as awake.
I keep dreaming about my ex-boyfriend!



What does it mean when you’re dreaming about an ex? There can be many various reasons as to why we dream about past lovers or partners. Can you relate to any of the following statements?
DREAMING ABOUT MY EX BOYFRIEND – “I keep dreaming about my ex boyfriend! I don’t miss him and would never get back together with him” Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend may signify that you miss feeling loved, getting attention from the opposite sex, or miss being in a relationship. This is especially relevant if he was your most recent boyfriend.

DREAMING ABOUT MY EX GIRLFRIEND – “I was unhappy, so finished the relationship but I keep dreaming about my ex girlfriend” In the same way, you may miss intimacy or a closeness. If you were the one to finish the relationship, there may be a slight underlying guilt towards your ex too.

DREAMING ABOUT MULTIPLE EX’S – “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex, and then another ex, also comes into the dream?” Dreaming about more than one ex-partner symbolises past time periods and events in your life. Your sub conscious mind is pulling you back to this time. Any awkward moments in dreams between ex-partners is just a way of your mind releasing current life anxiety. The actual people in the dreams are not necessarily relevant.


So, if we are having reoccurring dreams about our ex, does it mean that they may possibly be coming back in to our life? In short, yes of course it is possible, but we do need to really analyse our dreams to understand the meaning behind them. We need to find out if they are just a mixed up dream full of useless information and strange situations (as is sometimes the case!) – or whether they are indeed, a vision for the future.