A beautiful understanding and explanation of healing and holding space by Cherilyn Whitestar


The term holding space has been coming up recently and many people don’t understand this term or reference. Someone said to me it means supporting someone but I feel it has a far deeper meaning. There are many ways we can hold space for someone but in this article I wish to look at it during a healing session.
A lady asked me the other night ” are you doing healings?” which my automatic reply was yes and she hopped on my table. What I should have replied was “are you seeking assistance to allow yourself to heal?”
We call ourselves healers and other people refer to us as healers which is true but really the only people we heal are ourselves. When we work on and heal ourselves we change the energy within and around us which has a ripple out effect and influences the environment and people around us yes but starts with the healing of ourselves.
When someone comes for a healing session please let me make this clear for it keeps coming up time and time again, myself or the practitioner/healer/shaman is not the healer. The healer is the person on the table, they allow themselves to heal! A healing does not take place unless the person chooses to allow themselves to heal and accepts that healing has taken place. They are their own healer.
This brings me to holding space. Our job is to hold space for the person, keeping them in a safe, nurtured space of unconditional love, opening the door, lighting the path for them to release what ever they need to release or let go of or what ever form their healing needs to take, our job is to hold space, provide the tools and bring them to a place where they have a choice of allowing themselves to heal! We do not do the healing for them! We are there to hold their hand and walk them through the process holding space for the divine healing energies to work through us to them. In the end the choice is theirs whether they are ready or willing to allow this to happen.
A shaman/healer does not need to stand up and tell the world I am a great shaman/healer. The right people will see for themselves or feel drawn to you if you are the right person to help them. It saddens me to see shamans/healers taking ownership of the healing. Yes we absolutely must take responsibility for our work but it is not for us to take ownership of the healing that has taken place.
Earlier on my spiritual journey spirit spoke to me of the gifts I carried. Many things where said but the one that spoke the most to me was that the gifts I carried weren’t mine, they belonged to the people, the land, the universe, to God and the Goddess but I had been made guardian of them. It was my responsibility to see they were protected and that I used them wisely for the greater good of all but if I tried to falsely take ownership of them and misuse them they would be taken from me. So the next time your are privileged to be part of a healing remember you were only part of the process not the healing. Honour and acknowledge the person for having the courage to seek help and allow themselves to receive and most of all honour and acknowledge our Creator, God and Goddess whomever you acknowledge for the privilege of being able to hold space for that person

Whitestar .

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