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Challenging Your Thinking.

Annis Parker (click here to go to Annis’s web-page)

logoIndependent Energy Healer, Teacher, Lecturer World Wide. Works with People and Animals domestic & Zoo Exotics.

As many of you know I work with animals both domestic and zoo. I KNOW I work with people too and teach but because the former is confidential work I tend not to talk about it. So this week, when I had gone to see a cat, which had suddenly become afraid when inside the house, and I was talking to the owner about how people affect animals and treat them as “dumb,” ” lesser Beings” he suddenly asked…… do you work with people too? I realised that being quiet and invisible (hard for some of you who know me to believe) is not always helpful. Putting that aside though, let me challenge you to change your thinking. I have just returned from working with racehorses.

The questions asked of me are ‘why isn’t he/she running better.’ Now the thought behind that is, 90% of the time, related to money and winning. That carries an energy of greed/winning and causes huge disruption, even if the people concerned appear to have plenty of money. When I work with an animal or person I am not focused on that at all (which is often to my detriment) however I am focused on health and wellbeing. These two are poles apart.

The other thing I am noticing is that just because something is supposed to be ‘good for us’ (and I might add not everyone is the same,) then it must be good for an animals. NO it isn’t. That is extreme arrogance. I see people feeding things to animals that should not be fed. An example here is oil being given copiously, to horses. They are herbivores and do not have a gallbladder so why in the name of fortune would you feed oil. I lived in the tropics for years and NEVER saw a horse eat a coconut. Don’t be so easily led by whoever is promoting something. Ask questions. Some one asked me to see a horse which wasn’t doing what they expected. When I saw the animal it was showing signs of great discomfort and I couldn’t quite see what was causing that. Then I walked to look at its feed. I asked what a certain item was that I could see and was told it was milk powder. What were they thinking? This was the extreme irritant to the gastric lining of the stomach. Come on people!

Our human arrogance is extreme. No, we do not know best, we are still learning and there are times to step back, watch what an animal naturally heads for is given the opportunity and look for truth. Often hard to find I know. We are control freaks

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