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Card of the Day ~ Growth 🌱



~ Grass ~


‘Your message is best expressed when you are uniquely you’

This card implies personal commitment + following one’s heart. It is about honouring your growth, + the growth of others. There is a sense of courage + abundance + an ability to stand tall. This is a time to uphold what your heart knows is true
The Legend…
Grass is excited. He is ready to tell his best friend Weed that he is gay. But Weed reacts negatively, + it is the first for many judgmental encounters for Grass. For years he is turned down for jobs, + even when he applies for an apartment. Grass frights for the right to live where he wants, + wins, but soon after he moves into his new apartment someone breaks in + attacks him. In the hospital, his loved ones gather, sharing stories of who Grass was to them. He dies, leaving behind his legacy of love + courage
Grass says “break away”. It may be time for a change of scenery. Visit a foreign country, embark on a new enterprise or learn a skill. Most importantly, grow
Personal Inquiry…
What have I outgrown? Am I willing to become independent?
Key Ideas…
  • Taking a stand
  • Living your truth
  • Lack of safety
  • Clashing values
  • Teaching by example
Warrior, Peace, Courage
Find a peaceful place where you can listen to the sounds outside. In your mind’s eye, watch the grass sway in the wind. Allow images to come to you as you see a road + wander down it. Where do you find yourself? If you wish, write down what you see
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