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Dangers on the Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a term created by you to reflect the ability to fly the skies, to free yourself from the physical and visit other worlds.

While this may be possible, the ‘time’ aspect of this space makes some things totally impossible. There is no time in the ‘so-called’ Astral planes, for the Astral Planes are created from your own mind and in whatever true reality is, do not exist outside of this space. Because there is no one united mind force of exact replica, ‘’time’ is well distorted for the timekeeper is the beliefs, memories and imagination of man.

Let us explain this space in more detail.

First you must accept that all creation is perceived through the eyes of man, from your perspective. The truth regard the Astral Planes is that man has built it as a step on his ladder towards enlightenment, towards his heaven. In this sense, man has mastered energy unwittingly and created substance from what first was thought. Consequently, as well as man’s dreams desires and pleasures that dwell at this point – so too, does his demons, evils and fears. Because of man’s sensitivity or innocence, he exposes himself to all of these energies when he too, is in this space.

Demons representing fears attach themselves to man from this space. It is dangerous peril indeed to bathe in a collection of thought-matter made by unknown sources.

So let this be a warning. Understand the Astral Planes. Know its creator and therefore know its perils. Only then, can you navigate it with some form of certainty. That certainty, or protection (if you will), is man’s belief in himself. Man’s light. His trust in his God. His trust in his invincibility. For this trust, this purity creates an energy of it’s own. An energy that validates man from other energies. This energy that negates fear and therefore repels fear-seeking demons.

Because man has created this space and because some men create their own heaven or hell then heaven and hell too, can be found on the Astral Planes. But, this is not a ‘real’ heaven or a ‘real’ hell. So we call this the place of ‘Lower Worlds’ – the place of Zombies, the place of lost souls, the place of karmic retribution. Also, on the other hand – the place of ‘stillness’, the place of meetings and the place of rewards. But all self-created and self-appointed nevertheless!

The place of a  ‘meeting of minds’; not a place of a ‘meeting of souls’. There is a difference – for mind deceives, whereas soul transcends. Messages from the ‘Astral planes’ can not be trusted! The mind is motivated by self and not selfless, and it is the mind that controls the astral planes.

 I bring this message to you because of the resurgence in ‘Astral’ travelling. Because of the pre-occupation with the ‘Astral planes’. And I tell you, most seriously, please beware. Please do your own searching and find your own knowledge so that you do not fall trap to the psychic garbage that dwells in the ‘Astral Planes’.

Your strength is your spirituality. Because spirituality is not about being psychic – it is about being one with Godliness, and it is here you will find the foundation for your psychic experimentation. Your spirituality will be your safeguard against evil, as perceived by you.

So go now – and be concerned – especially if you have not attended to your own understanding – to your own place of standing – to the standing of spirituality which makes you your own.

Kevin Reed ã

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