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Your November 2022 Horoscope

Scorpio season is here! See what’s in store for your sign this month

By Ashleigh D. Jay

A good amount of our time last month was spent in our own personal abyss. What did you learn about yourself in the darkness? As November begins, use the First Quarter Moon to make moves that reflect how deeply you’ve committed to certain causes and groups. Take action on your ideals. Weed out those who disrupt your flow and squash your individuality. 

On the 8th, we have a Taurus Full Moon that serves as a lunar eclipse. It’s tempting for us to cling to our old lives, but they’re dead. Illuminate what pains you. Venus (Taurus’s ruler) is not pleased to be in Scorpio, but the moon is being helped by Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. This full moon seeks to draw out and/or remove anything that isn’t real, valued, or worthy of keeping. Clear the way for a radical yet steady pace of breakthroughs in your life. Does what you have in reach look different?

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 15th/16th, showing us the beauty of belief. This month, Venus is a mover and shaker, and wants to connect us with our morals and life philosophies. There will be a desire for adventure, fun, and exploration. Under this energy, we are seeking relationships with truth and wisdom. We are also inclined to make international connections or bonds with people we don’t have much in common with at all.

On the 16th, The Last Quarter Moon in Leo provides a clean slate. Be aware of how pride or ego have helped or harmed you in the past. Are you ready to be royal for real and not just in a fantasy? Let go of preconceptions of what it takes to be fly.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 17th, placing our attention on spiritual and religious studies, academia, law, logic, and international relations. It could feel like our minds are a little sluggish due to Jupiter stationing to go direct later in the month, but forward motion can help ease your confusion. This is a great time to learn a new language, refresh your prayer practice, or rethink how far you’re willing to go to achieve something. This could also bring more media around foreign affairs as well as higher education reform.

A new journey begins on the 22nd when the Sun enters Sagittarius. Create a new vision for who you are now. Scorpio season stripped us down, and it’s time to find meaning in Sagittarius season. How have your beliefs shaped you? How have your beliefs shaped your ego? Where do you find your word or judgment to be law? It’s easy to be self-righteous and preachy when you’re not walking your talk.

If you would like to recommit to backing up what you’ve said (to yourself and others), you have a chance to do so under the Sagittarius new moon on the 23rd. How can you develop a new outlook on your journey? How do you feel about where you’ve been and where do you want to go? What are you truly devoted to and why? Perhaps, you’re feeling called to serve others. Speak of your goals with passion and clarity, and don’t forget to take action.

On the same day, Jupiter goes direct and helps us feel more tapped into the spiritual and creative places within us. You could be eager to escape and jump into a fantasy. Watch out for excessive use of drugs and alcohol this month and go easy on the self sacrifice. There are no awards for being a martyr or a victim. What are you sensitive to these days? Where have you been sleepwalking in your life? Mind your company and be careful what you soak up from the energies around you.

  • 11/1 — First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
  • 11/8 — Taurus Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse
  • 11/15-16 — Venus enters Sagittarius
  • 11/16 — Last Quarter Moon in Leo
  • 11/17 — Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • 11/22 — Sun enters Sagittarius
  • 11/23 — Sagittarius New Moon, Jupiter Direct in Pisces
  • 11/30 — First Quarter Moon in Pisces


Happy birthday, Scorpio! This birthday season has a slightly tough start, however, it leads to a fruitful finish. At the top of the month, you might run into a family situation that calls for you to show up as an authority. Wear your new crown with humility and grace. Shortly after, the full moon illuminates what stands between you and those you’re in a relationship with. What boundaries need to be set to facilitate your personal and professional needs? What is truly valuable to you about these relationships?

As Venus enters Sagittarius, A profitable and purposeful season begins in your life. If there are any moneymaking ideas that you have, this is the time to document them and share them with those you trust. You can’t do everything alone, but everyone doesn’t need to know the plan. Keep working on your vision and use the new moon to declare how you want to secure the bag this year. You have much more power available to you if only you would let go of the fear of who you’ll be after your vision comes to fruition.

Something that will help ease your fears is Jupiter going direct in the area of your life that deals with fun, romance, and creativity. After setting your new moon intentions, dedicate yourself to celebrating and having a good time. Of course, overindulgence is not the goal, but a deep sense of enjoyment is. Dive into any music, art, films, or spiritual studies that are calling out to you. You may find clues about your next venture or your next lover.


As the month begins, you may have an unexpected conversation with a relative that hits you in a deeper place. The full moon will provide more clarity by helping you see where that hidden feeling is coming from and what you can do to ground yourself. You’re always down for a good time, but you need to take the first few weeks of November to sit in how you’re currently feeling instead of how you want to feel. 

When Venus, Mercury, and the Sun enter your sign, you will begin to feel more like yourself again and less lost in the shadows. What has the last year taught you about your beliefs and how the expression of them affects those around you? Better yet, how are your beliefs and your vision working for you? The new moon arrives right as your season begins, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re enjoying the latest adventure or not. A new level awaits you if you’re willing to accept and adjust.

The same day as your new moon, your ruler Jupiter goes direct. Any resistance that you felt up until this point was likely because Jupiter was stationing and somewhat stagnant. Moving forward, there’s nothing in your way, except the limits you put on your imagination. This will be an opportunity for you to reconnect with your roots and your upbringing. You may even get an opportunity to travel or delve into your family history. Watch out for any connections that come through a parental figure.


You could feel like there are some edits that need to be made to your social circle to align with the person you are today. Saturn has been working on your self-esteem for the past few years and now it’s finally paying off. The full moon will help you see the value in certain friendships and activities. You may even realize that you were more connected to the activity than the person you were doing it with. Let go of the idea that you’re not allowed to have fun and you have to be responsible all the time. If anything, you’re responsible for your own joy.

As several planets enter Sagittarius, you get immersed in the hidden parts of yourself. Old beliefs and dreams you had for yourself are up for evaluation. You may decide to have a different holiday season routine this time around to tend to your needs and get some alone time. Don’t drift too far into the darkness. Remember to come into the light and reduce your tolerance for isolation and restriction. You’ve given up enough and soon it’ll be time for you to reap some benefits.

Jupiter going direct will help you say what needs to be said when it comes to expressing those deeper feelings and beliefs. You may be overdue for a spiritual conversation with someone you trust or even someone with whom you want to build trust. For as practical as you are, you are partially driven by your dreams and a desire to work until they come to fruition. Do not doubt your spiritual power as a creative force.


November finds you addressing things that have been under wraps for the longest. The full moon highlights where you need to balance home and career. Work has won the battle for quite some time, but here is your moment to feather your nest. Don’t worry about your life becoming boring because you’re more focused on your home. Start thinking about how you want to feel in your sanctuary and what you want your family life to look like.

After discovering how the world views you (and deciding how much you care), you’re free to dream better and bigger. Now that you’re in this new position (professionally and personally) and nothing is as it was, what are your aspirations? Now that there’s some respect on your name, with whom do you want to create and celebrate your wins? Think hard and be decisive. This isn’t the time for fake friends. 

Jupiter going direct gives you the green light to cash in on all of the fantasies and ideas you’ve had. Some of the things that you used to escape and get inspired are the very things that will maximize your bag. It might be time to reveal a hidden talent and see where it takes you. Move quickly and wisely while it’s still in Pisces. Make connections and art — the medium is up to you.


Investigate your deeper emotions and reasons for self-sacrifice as the month begins. The full moon will highlight the mental and spiritual insights necessary to transform the way you learn and communicate. Perhaps you want to learn another language or the tongue of your ancestors. Let your desires lead you to more knowledge, whether it’s in books or the world. 

Speaking of the world, it could feel like there’s too much attention on you these days and it’s partially true — people are waking up to your impact and influence. They are attracted to your vision and it’s a reflection of how much you’ve been truly creating. What kinds of people and things do you envision around you when you dream big? You’ll be able to find them the more you socialize where you feel respected. Remember, your baseline vibe matters; you don’t have to give up your energy to make things right. 

Your planetary ruler Jupiter goes direct on the 23rd, in your sign, no less. Watch out for excess consumption of food, fantasy, or substances. You love to indulge and this is the time of year to do so, but don’t go too far. Instead, ask yourself: What opportunities are you gravitating to? What can you do to better promote yourself and what you have to offer? What can you create that pleases you first and foremost? Check in with your spiritual practice and see what’s still working and what needs to be the new move.


Taking a deeper look at your spending is on the menu this month, thanks to the full moon. It wouldn’t hurt to take a preliminary look at your tax situation and if anyone owes you. Do you measure your personal worth with what you’re able to spend? What do you need to have to feel good about yourself? What do you need to get rid of to feel more connected to others — especially your loved ones? Address your beliefs on what it means for you to be valued as an individual and a member of the groups you support.

Mid-month, you may discover something that brings you joy and could springboard you to your next adventure. If you’ve been thinking about going back to school or taking a long plane ride somewhere, this is the time to plan and get ready. Your ruler Mars is currently retrograde, so be mindful that you may have to do things more than once, gather more energy, or have an alternate plan. You may also find yourself being more involved in your spiritual practice than you have been in quite some time.

Your spiritual side doesn’t get publicized as much. You’re often considered to be all over the place doing random things. However, Jupiter going direct will bring insight on what inspires your impulses. Make use of this opportunity to feel deeply and seek knowledge to expand your mind as well as your heart. Perhaps the things that entertain you will provide some answers on what you’re truly drawn to.


As you turn a corner in your career, your relationships become even more of a focus, thanks to the quarter moon leading into your full moon. You’re being pushed to adjust to a new kind of professional reverence out of respect to your consistent efforts. The last few years have tested your patience, but you’ve got a new foundation on deck. What do you want to experience in your personal and business relationships? What habits or agreements are you willing to let die so you can replace it with something that suits who you are today?

So much of the latter half of the month is about you getting comfortable with things ending, especially the end of the perceived value of certain beliefs. You’re at a point where you want to have a sense of faith in the equal exchange that a treasured connection brings. Do you believe in your bonds? Do you believe they can steadily evolve with you as you achieve more?

That said, are you prepared to take another look at your goals? You’re in demand this month, and it’s important to accept opportunities that feel right to you. Let your dreams guide you a bit. Sure you’re usually more concerned about what’s happening in your real world, but it’s time to get inspiration for your next come-up. You have to let yourself envision it before you can possess it in real life.


Thoughts and desires you’d rather remain hidden come up to the surface as November begins. Once the full moon arrives, you’re in the thick of a subconscious revamp. The eclipse will snip away and purge anything that’s keeping you from feeling valued and stimulated. Your days need to lead to a transformation, whether you’ve changed your mind or location. 

Relationships are a major theme for you this month as Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the new moon touch this area of your life. Venus will help you make more connections and attract more people to you. Mercury will assist with your partnership brain. How do you feel when others are involved? How do your beliefs affect your relationships? The new moon comes with a fresh start and perspective on where you want to go on your journey and who you want to go with you. Your faith has informed your bonds, and it’s time to decide how you want to pursue and maintain them. 

Your personal and professional relationships become even more important when Jupiter goes direct on the 23rd. Take the contacts you’ve received and execute on the opportunities that arise. There’s potential for excess and overindulgence, so don’t overpromise. Be careful consuming drugs/alcohol at work functions; you could get more loose than intended. Keep your fantasies in check. You don’t need to do it all, just do enough.


Be clear on how you want to give to others. What is the value of your company? You’ll get a better answer once the full moon arrives on the 8th. If you’ve run out of that deep feeling of creative and social satisfaction, take a look at your circle and upcoming events. Who do you want to get to know and what kind of fun do you want to have? You could also be thinking about whether you want a(nother) child or not. Perhaps you feel differently than before, and that’s OK.

Regardless of your parenting plans, this is a great time to do a full health and wellness check. Make your appointments and start paying attention to any aches and pains, especially in the hips and thighs. Mental and spiritual health are part of wellness, too. Use the new moon to give yourself a fresh look at your body, your workload, and your daily life. Where do you want to add more meaning to your day?

Speaking of meaning, Jupiter going direct activates your desire to expand your horizons. Whether you want to study a subject, language, country, or faith, this is the time for you to take the leap. You may receive word of an international opportunity that’s straight from your dreams. If you’ve gotten your daily lifestyle together, you may find you’re more prepared than you think to make a move.


It could feel like you’re being pulled in a few different directions as November begins. The full moon adds to the growing pains by shining a light on how family and home life pulls on you compared with your professional life. Perhaps a conversation with/about a parental figure leads you to a new view of who they are underneath it all. Let go of any pain and pride that doesn’t belong to you.

If you’ve had any creative things in mind, you would do well to reconnect with the mediums that bring you the most joy mid-month. Thanks to Venus, you may meet someone in the midst of your fun time that could turn out to be very profitable for you in a few different ways. For the new moon, ask yourself what you want to do to entertain yourself. If you have lacked inspiration, it might be helpful to take a nice bath. Whether you are single or taken, this month is fabulous for getting romantic. Make dating and courting your priorities. Date yourself and/or your partner — you could discover that there are new things that make you both tick.

You get a chance to go even further with your new discoveries once Jupiter goes direct on the 23rd. Perhaps you’ve been accepting or providing care for wounds that have long healed. Maybe you’re at a new stage in your journey and the old tricks aren’t working anymore. If you want to have a deeper and lasting connection with someone, you have to be real about what it takes to get intimate and close with you. Take this time to be transparent about how you feel, especially with those who are reciprocating that honesty.


This month, an incident at work, or during your errands, may inspire you to do things more in service to yourself. You may find yourself more open to what the full moon has to say about devotion. Where have you devoted your time and energy to the wrong people or ideas? Are there moments in your childhood that hurt you and influence what you believe about your experience? This is the time to journal it out and connect with the higher power you believe in.

Family and your upbringing are major themes for the month. Perhaps the branches that make up your family tree have been too self-righteous, overwhelming, or overbearing for your liking. Here is the moment for you to decide what you would like your family to look like. The new moon offers you a chance to use your fresh perspective on your position in your family to chart a new course. Don’t be afraid to have tough conversations with your parental figures. You may find they’re more open and vulnerable thanks to the current skies.

Not long after the new moon, Jupiter goes direct and turns up the volume on your partnerships. New opportunities and connections are flying left and right, and it’s up to you to decide what meets your standard. It may seem contrary to what you’re used to, but it’s important for you to be energetically aligned with those with whom you do business and romance. Connections in all areas of your life may see some blessings come their way. Do you all share the same dreams? Do you all have similar desires? Are you all on the same page in your journey, let alone in the same book?


As you ride into November with a burst of creative energy, the full moon asks you to recognize how you feel about yourself and what you have to offer versus what you receive from others. People may not be aware of what you do behind the scenes to keep the peace, but this lunar eclipse will make everyone aware.

Mid-month, there will be a lot of focus on your relationship with your siblings (chosen or blood), neighborhood, and your communication skills. Linking up with those you care for and exploring your area, or a new one, could help you mend/maintain fences. If you’ve been thinking about taking a course to develop a new skill, get to it. Whatever adventure you’re seeking, just know you’re the architect. Get those ideas down on paper or stored where you can reference it easily. You might even have a longer-form piece in you.

As the month wraps up, Jupiter goes direct and seemingly adds more time and tasks to your day. It’s like you get busy all of a sudden and you could feel like you’re in the middle of Alice in Wonderland. Save yourself the drama of being lost in a fantasy by admitting that you could use an escape every now and then. Be sure to look out for your health and set up the routines needed to feel your best. And remember this: Seize opportunities as they arise.

Ashleigh D. Jay is a Chicago-born and based astrologer, writer, and commercial real estate broker focused on sports and entertainment. Previously, she has written for Businessweek and ZORA, a Medium publication. In case you’re wondering, she’s an Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising. You can find her at @ashleighdjay on Instagram and LinkedIn.