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Have You Had a Hugging Dream?

Did you know that many of us visit the Spirit World when we sleep?

We’re all aware that our physical body can’t exist without time to rest, regenerate, heal, and recharge our energy. Sleep is a vital function of our daily routine and overall well-being. I believe that our spirit also uses this time for a similar function. While we’re asleep (usually during our deepest dream state), it detaches itself from its physical encasement (our body) to visit the Spirit World to regenerate. During this time, it’s still connected to our physical body through what is known as the “silver cord,” or “etheric cord.”

Many people have reported having vivid dreams in which they communicated with loved ones who have passed on. When we see our loved ones in this dreamlike state, it’s usually just a fleeting visit. They appear younger, healthier, and more vibrant, because, in the Spirit World, that’s how they are!

As we awaken, the spirit returns to our body, and we feel the connection start to slip away, as though we’re letting go from an embrace. People tell me stories of how they often wake up with tears in their eyes as the feeling of that special visit slowly fades. I remember the first time it happened to me.

I waited a year for my mom to come through after she’d passed on. When she finally did, I remember waking up from this special dream with the distinctive memory of how we hugged in an all-too-familiar embrace. I could feel her love as though she had been right there with me. I still hold that feeling in my heart to this day.

Anyone who’s seen my lectures and demonstrations will have heard me ask my audiences, “Who here has had a dream of a loved one, and who has had a hugging dream?”

Usually, a sea of hands will fly up, along with nodding heads and smiles, confirming that they too have had a dream experience with a loved one. It’s heartening to witness, and it just goes to validate the existence of the Spirit World further.

If the dream you’ve had of a loved one is a real visitation, then the dream is more than likely to be uplifting and happy. Alternatively, if you dreamt of someone experiencing sorrow or fear, then that’s not real after-death communication. More likely, you’re still working through your bereavement.

Trust me; you’ll know a real visit and a real hug when you have one. They’re very healing and precious, and no one can take that away from you or say that it’s your imagination playing tricks on you, or just wishful thinking! You know when these visits and hugs are true, as you’ll feel them in your heart.

John’s Lesson

The good news to remember is that we can get a glimpse of the Spirit World and we don’t have to leave this world to do it. We truly have connections to our loved ones who have crossed, even though we remain here.

Have you had a hugging dream lately where you felt like you connected with your loved one in the Spirit World? If you have, please share your story with me on my Facebook page. You can also call into my Spirit Connections radio show, and we can talk more about how we bridge the two realms in our hugging dreams.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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