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This book is about some of my experiences with eating and how I overcame the cruel way food controlled my life. I was addicted to food and only I know how painful my life was as a result of yo-yo dieting, binge eating and the love hate relationship I had with food panning over most of my adult life.

My addiction to food was just a symptom of a deeper issue I needed to resolve. The need to gain some control as I tried to please everyone was immense and I ended up pleasing no-one, it was a nightmare.

Today I am healthily aware that food is to nourish the body and do not use it as a form of abuse. I used food as an emotion comforter trying to stuff down how I felt. Food can never fill an emotion or spiritual hole.

My journey has been painful and long. I am relieved that I now understand and am able to take responsibility for my life and my choices instead of being a victim and a reactor to life via food.

No one is to blame for what has happened to me during my life and that includes me. I do not play the blame game. I make healthier choices and understand that my choices have consequences to myself and my loved ones. I have learned new skills to cope with life. I realize I gave everyone the one thing I needed, unconditional love.

I dedicate this book to Stephen Barlow with love

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