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Elephant and the Fish


Have you ever wondered why an elephant tied to a huge tree with a very thin rope makes no effort to break it and escape? This inertia of the elephant is not an anatomical infirmity.

Psychologically, it is the mental block that makes the elephant underestimate its own immense power, reinforced by some early failures of life.

The inability of the elephant to break free from the fragile rope has a very interesting story.

A baby elephant is tied to a very thick pole with very thick rope just after his birth. In the beginning, it tries hard to break the rope and escape but fails to do so.

A series of such failures serve as the mental block for the elephant, the repercussions of which continue even when it grows into an adult.

There is yet another interesting anecdote. A scientist placed two fish in a jar full of water.

Both fish swam all around the jar. One day, the scientist put a piece of rectangular glass in the jar as a barrier. Now, both the fish could not go beyond it.

Thus passed a few days. One day, the glass barrier was removed. The scientist found that both the fish were not able to go beyond the point where the barrier had been kept earlier.

The saga of human psychology is in no way different from the aforesaid stories of the elephant and the fish.

We all suffer from phobias. We accept them as our fate and stop trying to go beyond them. Human mind is the greatest powerhouse of possibilities.

Never give in to failure. Keep trying harder and you would end up reaching the pinnacle of success that you had once dreamed of.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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