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Learn Tantra – explains Kundalini Energy!

Kundalini energy is from within you. It is the part of you that helps you get up in the morning. It is your dreams, desires, and motivation. Without it you would not function. It is your internal body fuel on all levels. When running properly it enables your chakras to function. Your chakras are the bodies energy systems that help us assimilate energy from the universe in which we live.

Kundalini, crudely put is our base energy, situated at the base of the spine. Our job is to take this base energy and raise it up the spine to connect with your Godhead. Thereby turning it from say, a sexual energy into a spiritual energy.

For some people, not all, they may find themselves experiencing a sexual response, especially when bringing this energy up through the lower part of the body. This is normal and will pass as the energy is raised. Ultimately, it is your energy and in whatever way you respond to it’s raising is in fact a part of you.

The secret is to stop suppressing it and repressing it but dare to be the true you that you are and yield to your innate desire to function clearly on all levels of existence. That is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Most people will be in a ‘buzz’ space for several days, maybe even several weeks. It is a very personal and profound way of assisting you to be you.

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