17 May 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Psychic Readings

I am looking for budding Psychics with wide eyes and bushy tails who want to learn and do as much as they can in the Psychic/Spiritual community and public facilitated by The Psychic Cafe.
The premise is that you are already Psychic, the course is to teach you how to use it and how to do ‘readings’ in a way that work, are credible and purposeful.
How to do Psychic Readings.
7 week class teach you how to do ‘Readings’.
At the end of it, an opportunity to ‘do your craft’ at the Psychic Café.
About objectives of this class – psychic tools expressed by metaphysical knowledge, founded by Spiritual grounding and expressed through credible and ethical readings.
If you are interested and serious about the world of Psychic Craft and Spiritual Practice – contact me now.
Thanking you kindly.