Psychic Cafe Event

The Psychic Cafe, The Place to be! We have between 20 and 30 of the Area's top practitioners. Nowhere else in New Zealand will you get so many psychics and…

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Spiritual Study and Psychic Craft

Terminology: You will achieve a good understanding of terminology often associated with the esoteric. Metaphysical Blueprint: The Aura, body energy systems, spiritual DNA, matrix and patterns of life. Meditation: Visualisation, trance, astral travelling, procedures, protections, meditation. Spirit Forms: Guides, Loved ones, Guardians, Elementals, Animal Totems, Demons, Lost souls, Thought forms, Shades/shadows. Communication: Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Clairaudience, Trance work, Transfiguration, Ouiji, Channelling. Mediumship and clairsentience. Divination: Dreams, Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Scrying, Auras. Healing: Rescue Work, house blessings, possessions and demons, difference healing modalities. Psychic surgery, Kundalini, Reiki, Pulsing, Reflexology, polarity. Other: Psychometry, Past life, Soul trekking, Platform work, readings, omens and signs, symbology, cosmology and more: Philosophy, Theology, Quantum Physics and wisdom.

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Meet the Psychics and Healers, café style!

Meet the Psychics and Healer, café style! – one time only door fee of $10 gives you access to Healers, Psychics, Mediums, Spiritualists and more – not to forget our kitchen with home-made food and refreshments – ALL FREE FREE FREE!

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