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Healing is Letting Go -Nikki Starr Noce, M.D

Death Valley was an incredible experience. What a beautiful place that gifted me more life and love…

As I shared in my Thanksgiving post, I guided myself in a healing ritual to forgive those who have trespassed against me, my family and my ancestors in this life and past ones too.

I screamed with rage and laid upon the Earth and she helped me release all of those poisonous emotions that had been trapped in my heart and body. The visual I had was like a wound being drained. Afterwards I was beaming, full of love and light in a way I had never been before.

This process of forgiving was more healing than I could have imagined. For me this really solidified that healing is actually a process of letting go. Letting go of what no longer serves you, what is not yours and what is not love. This ritual was so powerful that I guided over 40 students through the process (minus the screaming portion) in my Sunday morning Energy Detox class. The results were astounding.

Perhaps you’d like to guide yourself through this ritual to see for yourself?

Ritual of letting go and forgiving:

  • Find a barren space in Nature where you can be alone and not disturbed (your own backyard can suffice too)
  • Optional: You can create a ritual circle by placing stones or crystals in a circle that is wide enough for you to lay down inside.
  • To begin light a candle and set your intention for forgiveness and release of … (name whatever situations or/and simply state what you wish to release such as anger, resentment, etc.)
  • Give an offering of fruit, sweets or a crystal as an exchange for the healing you will receive
  • As you feel comfortable emote any sounds, words, utterances, screams, etc. whatever supports you in bringing up the emotions of anger or pain that you wish to release. The more intense you choose to move these trapped emotions the faster the process.
  • When you feel complete, lay down on the Earth, first on your back, then your belly and also each fetal position side. For each position imagine that you are draining any emotions and grudges from your body, being and life. See them melt/ooze/release into the earth. When you feel complete switch to the next position. Continue until you feel completely emptied of these emotions.
  • Then grant forgiveness to whatever people or situations that sourced these emotions. Remember that everyone is doing their best in every moment. Stating “I forgive you (state names or incidence) for any way in which you consciously or unconsciously trespassed against me and my family. I forgive you. You owe me no karmic debt. Thank you for any lessons learned. Peace and harmony is now restored.” Add anything else you wish to say. And feel love and peace in your heart and send it to them with your will and intention.
  • Allow yourself to lay back on the Earth to receive any nourishment and support.
  • As you lay on the Earth focus on your heart and the infinite love that lives within you and see it like a light within your heart that spreads out to fill your entire body and even beyond your body to your aura.
  • When you feel full of love and light you are complete.
  • Give thanks for the ritual and state it is complete and snuff/pinch the candle out.
  • Clean up the space but leave the offering to be consumed by Nature.

I’d love to hear how this ritual went for you. Share your comments below to inspire others to perform this ritual or you can email me at

Many people wonder why as a medical doctor I’ve chosen this path of spiritual healing over western medicine. I truly believe that when we heal at the spiritual and energetic level we cure the disease and symptoms. With prescriptions I felt we were patching up the issue, which only provided temporary and transient relief. Everything first exists at the energetic level, such as our thoughts before they become actions.

I feel my work now is true preventative and curative medicine. I’ve been receiving interesting testimonials from my people that after some of the meditations and healing journeys I guide them on where their rashes have improved, their back pain has instantly disappeared, they choose to forgive their spouse, their cancer surgery site is healing better, some feel lighter and most feel even more relaxed, inspired and full of love.

This week I’m accepting two more online clients. So wherever you are in the world, I invite you to go on a three monthly journey with me to your greatest transformation. Whether you’re challenged by love in your life or you’re seeking spiritual mentorship, or you have some major goals you’d like to realize for 2019, I am here to support your journey.

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