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Hear the Mediums!

Coming soon – the last Sunday of this month, 30th June 2019.
Wow! A very special event – 4 of the Psychic Cafe Mediums will be on stage giving you messages from spirit. Proving life after death, your past, present and future!

• Gary Hamnett, Psychic and Animal Totems expert!
• Caitlin Ellis, Clairvoyant, Medium and Healer.
• Laurelle Barnett, International medium with over 30 years experience!
• Kevin Reed, Psychic and Mystic, specializing in Auras.

If you have never experienced Mediums on a stage giving people in the audience messages from Spirit, then now is your opportunity.
It is not often you get this many Mediums of this caliber all together to demonstrate their gifts for you, prove life after death, give you peace of mind and excitement for the future.
Pay at the door, only $15 – certainly an experience not to be missed!

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