This is why the Psychic Cafe is so amazing!

Just look at our line up for you this coming Sunday, 16th July, 2017!

Where else can you have free access to so many of this area’s top practitioners all at the same place at the same time and just for you?

There are 12 healers: covering a variety of healing modalities; from laying on of hands Reiki, Kinesiology, Access bars, energy workers and Body Talk workers, meridian lines, massage, Blue Star healing and more!

There are 12 Psychic/Mediums: covering Tarot, divination cards, psychic crafts, Toe reading!, palmistry, auras, predictions and guidance and more!

We have spiritual educators: from Authors of Spiritual books, metaphysicians, star groups, Star people! and more. Pieter de Zwart will be running a workshop for you to discover the Mind Body Soul link, especially related to well being.

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