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Here’s what your horoscope predicts for you this May…

Plus how to treat yourself this month.

By Emma Howarth

28 April 2023


20 April–20 May

It’s time to get serious about self care, Taurus! Life is full on right now and the overwhelm is real. But now is not the time to rush into any big decisions.

Mercury retrograde in your sign invites you to take time out to get real about the person you want to be, where you want to go and who you want to come along for the ride. Indulge yourself with a bit of magical thinking, Taurus. There’s a dream come true with your name on it lying just outside your comfort zone. An ending that becomes the most thrilling new beginning could hit just right around the 5 May full moon eclipse. Know that you’ve got this.

By mid-month (when Mercury resumes direct motion) you’ll be more than ready to dust yourself off and start over. And your luck is in from 16 May when Jupiter, the planet of fortune, takes a spin in your sign. The new moon in Taurus brings all the clarity you need to make a plan that puts your needs first happen – and fast. You have the power to change your own life for the better and that life starts right now. By the time Gemini season arrives on 21 May you’ll be looking at a very different picture – one where you shiner brighter than ever and life feels full of potential.


21 May–20 June

Wish you could take a rain check from reality and run away from it all? We hear you, Gemini. Life has been a lot lately and if anyone needs some R&R it’s you. Fortunately the cosmos has your back this month sending go-slow vibes galore your way. Allow yourself some time out, especially during Mercury retrograde (until 15 May) and you’ll soon be back in action. The 5 May full moon eclipse falls in your health conscious sixth house bringing a wellbeing wake-up call your way. You know what you need to do, Gemini. Is it one day or day one?

By mid month you’ll be more than ready for a change of pace and a stroke of luck in your healing zone could offer the closure you need to move forwards. Forgive someone! Forgive yourself! It’s time to look forwards, not backwards. Use the power of the 19 May new moon to recommit to a spiritual practice or wellness goal and the world will soon open up for you. Birthday season begins on 21 May inviting you to step up, step out and show everyone what you’re really made of. You’ve always had plenty to say but the words you’re sharing now matter more than ever.


21 June–21 July

If one step forwards, two steps back feels like the theme of your life right now, don’t despair! You are getting there faster than you think, Cancer. And a recent set back might actually be a blessing in disguise. Revisit an old project or passion as May begins and you’ll soon find there’s gold in a forgotten idea. There’s magic ahead in your social life too but wait until mid month (when Mercury resumes direct motion) to schedule a key meeting. The 5 May full moon eclipse falls in your good times fifth house bringing all the big ideas to the table. If you’ve been waiting on a breakthrough, wait no more.

Venus in your sign from 7 May brings all the love vibes your way and your powers of persuasion are off the chart. Think big when it comes to your next move and don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who feels out of your league. A lucky connection could begin to take your life to the next level this month. The 19 May new moon invites you to reconsider who you want to spend your time with, and whether that means switching up your friendship circle or changing jobs there are some very interesting times ahead. The start of Gemini season (from 21 May) brings closure where you need it most. You’ve come a long way, Cancer – don’t stop now.


22 July–22 August

A career goal that stalled before it got started could be the source of much frustration as May begins. Keep the faith, Leo. Your ideas are as game-changing as they always were, you just need a bit more time to finesse this one. And that’s what Mercury retrograde (until 15 May) was made for. By mid month the path ahead will feel much clearer but before then you’ve got work to do. The 5 May full moon eclipse brings long-awaited news or big realisations to your domestic zone. Just because society tells you something has to be one way doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd. You are more than ready to step out on your own on this one.

Thanks to Jupiter in your success zone you’ll have luck on your side at work from 16 May. Your next move is a big one, Leo, and now is the time. By the time the new moon arrives on 19 May you’ll be ready to set new some seriously bold intentions. You’re going places and fast. Mars in your sign from 20 May brings an energy boost when you need it most and by Gemini season (21 May) you’ll be feeling fired up and ready for anything. Good job, too. A summer invitation pile up could feel overwhelming as May plays out but it’s important you put yourself out there. There’s a meeting of minds that could prove life-changing on one of those RSVP cards.


23 August–22 September

Curiosity is key for you this month, Virgo, as you embark on an exciting voyage of discovery. Life is working in your favour right now even if it all feels like a lot of work for little reward. Time spent following your interests will be time well spent this month and a project you revisit during Mercury retrograde (until 15 May) is set for success. Expect the right kind of wake-up call around the 5 May full moon eclipse, which falls in your third house of communication. You have something important to say, Virgo, and it’s your duty to get out there and say it.

A stroke of luck related to travel could see you setting off in a whole new direction later this month – or at least making plans to that effect. The 19 May new moon falls in your expansive ninth house inviting you to aim higher, believe in better and quit the self sabotage for good. You are destined for more and you know it. By Gemini season (from 21 May) you’ll be ready to start work on an exciting new project, one that puts you front and centre of a whole new way of living. Your moment in the spotlight starts with a bold step you take as May plays out. This is it, Virgo.


23 September–22 October

Where your attention goes, energy flows this month, Libra. And if you’d like some of that energy to flow directly into your bank account you might be in luck. A full moon eclipse in your money zone on 5 May brings themes of worth to the cosmic table. Is it time you valued yourself more? Maybe even asked for more? A big realisation that hits hard early this month could be the start of an exciting change. Passion projects and love affairs look lit from mid month when Mercury resumes direct motion and lucky Jupiter takes a spin in your intense eighth house. Believe in better, Libra, and better will come.

The 19 May new moon offers a potent opportunity to hit refresh on a priority that’s slipped down your To Do list. It’s time to do what needs doing and make the change, Libra. Gemini season brings plenty of expansive energy your way from 21 May. Plans related to travel, learning and new experiences look good as May plays out so book the trip, take the challenge and allow your curiosity to lead the way. Magic awaits if you let your intuition guide the way. All you really need to do is take the first step forwards.


23 October–21 November

A relationship that feels like it’s going backwards when it should be going forwards could be a cause of much frustration as May begins. Trust that amazing intuition of yours on this one, Scorpio. If you have a hunch they’re worth the wait, you’re probably right. And even if they’re not, better times await you for sure once Mercury resumes direct motion (and lucky Jupiter heads into your love zone) mid month. Until then, a bit of extra self-care wouldn’t go amiss! Tune in to the magic of the 5 May full moon eclipse and you’ll soon know what you need to do to take your life to the next level.

The 19 May new moon offers a fresh start right when you need it most. If you’re ready to call in a magical partnership (of any kind!) now is your moment. By Gemini season (from 21 May) you could find yourself embroiled in the best – and most passionate – kind of love affair. That doesn’t mean you can down tools on the rest of your life though. Mars heads into your success zone from 20 May bringing power-up energy to career goals and new projects. If you’re ready to take on the world, the cosmos has got your back.


22 November–20 December

Can’t seem to get a project off the ground no matter how hard you try? That’ll be Mercury retrograde playing havoc with your plans! Use the first two weeks of May to dig deep and reassess your options, and the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for should arrive before the month is out. And just to be clear, the time for self sabotage is over, Sag! Stop letting it creep back in! Tune in to the power of the 5 May full moon eclipse and the closure you need to leave the past where it belongs could soon feel easier to come by.

You’ll have luck on your side by the 16 May when fortuitous Jupiter heads into your sixth house of daily habits. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pursue a passion, start a health kick or switch up your life for the better, now is your moment. Use the power of the 19 May new moon to really cement your intentions for the rest of 2023, especially any that are connected to your personal wellbeing. You’ve put other people’s needs first for too long, archer! Love is in the air this Gemini season (from 21 May) so be ready to take a romance to the next level. You deserve it.


21 December–19 January

Wondering why your big break is taking so long? This month’s go-slow vibe might feel like a whole lot of stalled progress but the bigger picture is quite the opposite. Just because things aren’t happening fast doesn’t mean they’re not happening at all, Capricorn. A project that’s evolving slowly is set to launch like a rocket when it finally comes together. And all you have to do is trust those razor sharp instincts of yours. A magical meeting of minds could provide the missing link you meed around the 5 May full moon eclipse, which falls in your social zone. Be ready!

By mid month the stars are aligned for fame, fortune and good times. Follow your heart, do what you love and watch everything (including your love life) fall into place as May plays out. The 19 May new moon offers an opportunity to really cement your goals for 2023. That big dream of yours is closer than it’s ever been, Capricorn. By Gemini season (from 21 May) you’ll be ready to knuckle down on an exciting new project, plan or negotiation. This is the one, Capricorn, and you know it.


20 January–17 February

Feeling tied down? Put upon? Sick of being bottom of the priority pile? We hear you, Aquarius. You’ve always been a free spirit but a tricky home or living situation is really cramping your style right now. As May begins, take some time out to re-consider your options regarding a move/renovation project/big family decision and you might hit upon a solution that isn’t as drastic as you thought it might be. There’s always another way, Aquarius, and you’re the one to find it. The 5 May full moon eclipse brings exciting career developments your way as one door closes and another opens. Be brave and know you’re more than ready to walk through this one.

By mid month everything should feel clearer in your personal life thanks to Mercury resuming direct motion and lucky Jupiter spending some time in your domestic zone. Living life on your own terms has never felt so good! Use the 19 May new moon as an opportunity to set intentions that prioritise positive relationships with those closest to you but don’t change your plans to suit others for the sake of it. Gemini season brings some long-awaited good vibes your way and an exciting creative project. Be ready to shine, Aquarius. This is your moment.


18 February–19 March

Progress might feel slow right now (thanks Mercury retrograde) but a project related to writing, speaking or sharing your story is evolving faster than you think. And in the best possible way, too. Put it this way, if you were thinking about throwing in the towel, now is not the time. You’re being called to leave an old version of yourself behind on the 5 May full moon eclipse as you step into a far braver, bolder you. Believe in yourself, Pisces, because life really is happening for you, not to you, right now.

By mid month you’ll be feeling fired up and ready for anything thanks to lucky Jupiter hitting up your communication zone and Mercury resuming direct motion again. The flow you’ve been struggling to find arrives at last! And the magic really is real! By the 19 May new moon you’ll be setting an intention that has the power to change your life for the better in multiple ways. This really is the beginning of something special. Expect to spend more time at home this Gemini season (from 21 May) as a behind the scenes project begins to grow. Your star is rising, Pisces, but you have to do the work first.


20 March–19 April

Transformation awaits for Aries this month and, thanks to a powerful full moon eclipse on 5 May, you shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out what direction you’ll be headed in next. It’s time to level up, Aries. Your life (and finances!) might feel stuck in reverse as May begins but there’s magic ahead if you can keep the faith. Expect good news related to pay or promotions in the second half of May when Mercury direct and lucky Jupiter (from 15 and 16 May) team up in your money zone.

A fresh start new moon on 19 May invites you to know your worth, ask for what you deserve and leave the past firmly where it belongs. You’re headed somewhere far better than anything that went before, Aries. Mars in your creative fifth house from 20 May could give you the boost you need to get a passion project off the ground and by Gemini season (from 21 May) it’s all systems go. You have an important message or story to share with the world, Aries, and the world is finally ready to listen. Stand up and be counted. You have more power than you realise.