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How to Astral Project in 6 Steps

By Maria Sofia Marmanides

We are all souls having a physical experience, which means there’s a lot more to experience than our five senses can give us. By developing our sixth sense, or extrasensory perception (ESP), we can get access to special gifts. This guide will teach you all you want to know how to astral project through developing your ESP.

There are many ways to grow these skills from learning meditation to dream analysis, to manifestation practice. With a little intuition and a lot of practice, anyone can access the spiritual realm through astral projection. 

If you’re curious about astral projection, keep reading. If you want to talk to someone right away, you can chat with a Keen spiritual advisor right now.

So, What Is Astral Projection, Exactly?

 Astral projection is the intentional awareness of your consciousness leaving your body and your soul entering a spiritual plane. During astral projection, people are able to see their own body while floating outside of it.

If it sounds scary, don’t worry. You can re-enter your body at any time.  

Why Everyone Should Try Astral Projection—At Least Once

Because we live in the material world, it’s common to think that’s all there is. But there’s an intangible spiritual realm that lives right alongside the physical. When we astral project, that’s where we go.


  • To learn more about human existence
  • To free your soul
  • To leave behind the physical world temporarily
  • To view time non-linearly
  • To relearn the value of life
  • To sharpen their intuition

Where and When to Astral Project Safely

You should only astral project in a place where your physical body is safe. It should be at a time when you are able to relax both physically and emotionally without interruption.

As you become better at astral projection, remember: it’s all about intention. All reasons to connect with the astral plane are spiritual ones, so knowing your reason will give you the biggest benefit. 

How to Astral Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

After you’ve prepared, this guide will help you start your journey. 


Like most spiritual practices, begin with positively-phrased intention. Some good examples are:

  • “I will astral project.”
  • “I am able to astral project easily.”
  • “I will enter a higher state of consciousness.”
  • “After I safely return to my body, I will have a greater understanding of [my specific situation or question].”


Lie down in a relaxed position. Focus on your breath and body, like meditation. As you relax your muscles, focus on your body’s sensations. Notice the different feelings. Close your eyes. Allow your mind to enter a sleep-like state, and allow your thoughts to drift. Stay very still. 


Staying in this half-sleep/half aware state is the key to entering a higher vibration state and astral projecting. If you fall asleep, that’s okay! You had a good nap and you can always try again tomorrow, so be patient. If you’re able to hold in the trance state, go on to the next step. 


Now imagine a silver rope attached to your body. This cord can come from your center torso or the crown chakra, located in your head. This cord connects your soul to your body. 

The cord is always present—you’re just now noticing it. Notice its size, weight, thickness, and movement. It’s yours. 

Now, grab onto it, and pull your soul out of your physical body.


As you float out of your body, you will have a conscious out-of-body experience. Some people experience floating farther and farther out of their body through space into the spiritual dimension. This is astral projection. 

What you see and encounter is unique to you. Some people experience meeting spirit guides in the form of past loved ones. You may access your Akkashic record or have a past life regression. All are valid.


Some people come back to their body automatically. If you don’t, start the journey back. Your first projections may be shorter. It’s common to re-enter the body from excitement. Process your experience. Share with friends and family. And get ready to try again another day.

Remember, this is a practice designed to increase your knowledge of celestial wisdom. Anyone can do it.