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How to Best Utilize the Energies of the Full Moon

How to Best Utilize the Energies of the Full Moon

Practitioners of witchcraft and other mystical workings place tremendous value on the various phases of the moon. Each phase serves a different magical purpose with the full moon being the strongest.

The full moon, which is indicative of completion, is the perfect time to bring things to a close such as trying to stop smoking or clear away clutter and other unwanted items from your home. It is the best time to begin a weight loss routine or end a relationship on a more positive note.

This full moon falls in Capricorn which is best for working through difficult circumstances. It is the time to find your hidden strength that you may need to make one last push to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

Augusts’s full moon falls today, on August 15th, and would be the prime time to conduct magical workings or manifestations for increased finances, a better job or new car. This is also a very good time to become a volunteer or do some kind of work to bless others, especially those less fortunate.

This particular moon is also perfect for dream work and all kinds of divination. Those desiring to develop their own intuition and/or psychic abilities should begin their studies now.
If you often have an active dream life, maybe consider starting a Dream Journal to keep track of the various messages being given through your dreams. This is also the perfect time to get a Psychic reading on the remainder of the year to help you better plan and prepare for things to come.

Many individuals utilize the energy of a full moon to perform cleansings on their homes and themselves. This is also the best time to charge your magical tools such as gemstones and crystals, etc.

The cleansing of your home can best be done by opening as many doors and windows as possible to allow the light of the full moon to flood into your home. Light some white candles and incense as close to the center of your home as possible then say a prayer or blessing over your home. To increase the intensity of the cleansing, carry the incense throughout your home waving it into every dark corner or space all while continuing your prayer or blessing.

To cleanse yourself, bathe in the full, unobstructed light of the moon. Open your bathroom curtains or blinds while preparing your bath including your salts, etc. Be sure to have at least one white candle and your incense then soak for at least 15 minutes in the tub.

The full moon is said to heighten the activity of the mind, amplifying conscious thoughts as well as pulling sub-conscious ones to the surface/conscious mind. This can awaken one’s spirituality, making it particularly beneficial to participate in a full moon meditation.

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