…if only we would make the connection

In order to make a connection or become closer to that other dimension we should know where we come from, why we are here and where we are going at the end of our lives.
We all come from and return to the same place, known as The Bridge, regardless of what we have become or have accomplished. There is no heaven or hell, barriers to any soul, or virgins awaiting those of a particular religious persuasion.
We choose our lives here in order to learn those lessons not already learnt. The basis of these lessons is for each soul to become as highly evolved as possible so we may progress towards a oneness with The Godhead. We do many lifetimes and roughly the same number as a man and as a woman as there is much to learn and we need to understand every lesson from both points of view.

This place has been created as a classroom to provide surroundings and opportunities for us to continue to learn throughout or lives, and there is an emphasis on our continuing to learn new things and information into old age. We need to treat this planet, and the bodies we have been given with due respect as they have been created specially for us and should not be abused.

There is a structure around which this whole system has been created so our souls can progress towards a higher plane, hence the need for us to learn those lessons our guides deem necessary. Between lifetimes here on earth we visit other realms and dimensions to experience some very different lifeforms, once again to learn from them lessons we cannot learn here. We also are able to review all of our past lives to examine how we overcame difficulties, or not as the case may be, in the past. This great teaching tool is called The Akashic Record.

Eventually when it is deemed by our guides we have completed our many visits to this planet we move on upwards but have to leave human form behind. We can then assist new new souls on their journey.

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