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When you are clearing your karma or subconscious patterning the depth of your perception is very important because this will determine how deep and efficient your clearings are.
The Ego is an extremely important part of our makeup, it is in charge of our 4th-dimensional operating system that enables us to live in a 3rd-dimensional reality. If anyone wants to create Oneness on the outside of themselves then they must have Oneness on the inside of themselves and to create an enemy of the Ego will only create separateness on both accounts.
We must understand the Ego, find out how it works, why it creates what it does, how it creates and actually change the program settings it uses rather than personally attacking the Ego. It is similar to complaining and blaming the chef for such a limited and tasteless meal, change what is in the pantry so the chef can cook up an unlimited meal. It is nought the chef that is limited, it is the connects inside the pantry.
One of the jobs of the subconscious Ego is to balance out your life to make you whole. This is done by pulling in other people, beings and things to fill in where you are inadequate. Whatever you are weak in or devoid of the subconscious Ego will hook in another person, being or thing to fill your gap and balance you up.
This is Karmic Balancing.
To balance you out the Ego hooks in the exterior jigsaw puzzle pieces to assist you with what you are inadequate in.
It will do it with other people as in parents, siblings, partners, spouses, children, friends and acquaintances, as well as other beings in the form of animals – pets, birds and plants, it will also do it with inanimate objects like cars, furniture, etc … as well as with food, drink and addictive substances … actually, anything on the outside that fills in the emotional or mental inadequacy on the inside.
If you are inadequate in the attributes of the Blue mental body {Self discipline, self-motivated, good mental fire, intelligence and cognitive mind} the Ego will hook in a Blue person to fill in your vacancy and they will add your much needed mental blueness.
This will manifest in a person thinking for you, telling you what to do and how to do it, reminding what you have done wrong or how you could do that better – they will be your extra walking mental based mind or external hard-drive and you’ll have that person or a duplicate of that person with you for the rest of your life.
If you are inadequate in the attributes of the Red emotional body {Happy within yourself, open to having feelings and emotions, willing to be spontaneous and social} the Ego will hook in a Red emotional person to fill in your vacancy and they will add your much needed emotional redness.
This could manifest a person in your life to make sure you can feel and have emotions, always trying to keep you happy and emotionally satisfied, never really being truthful just tell you what you want to hear in case you become unhappy. These people will nought be here to think, make decisions or be self-motivated just pander to your emotions.
If you ever get annoyed with someone, some being or something in your exterior reality, instead of blaming them find within yourself the inadequacy that the Ego has to karmically fill within you and that is what you have to change or clear.
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