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More wisdom from Mr Reed

For some, the spiritual path is sure to bring unhappiness!

What is spiritual? I guess it is living your truth fully without constraint. In a sense I believe that if you breathe then you are spiritual and if you don’t breath then you are spirit. (Just made that one up right now.)

My point is—that spirituality is about being happy with who you are. Spirituality is a personal thing, and our goal I assume is to find an inner peace that our spirituality or philosophy on life allows.

So, if you are already happy; if you live life to the full; if you know who you are and where you are going, then you already have achieved your spiritual goal. Therefore a spiritual path will lead you away from your happiness, it will make you question who you are and where you are going and thus it will bring confusion into your life. Furthermore you will be challenged with all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas about lessons, and karma, and guides and past-life’s that you may completely get swallowed up by in the whole adventure.

The silly thing is that you were already happy, that you are already spiritual and now you go on a path to find happiness and find spirituality when you had it all along.

So, for some people, spirituality is very dis-empowering and will lead to chaos. But then again, for others, it may just be a journey of confirming your inner happiness and acknowledging

your innate inner peace.

I write this because I have seen the damage that the so-called spiritual journey has done to people. The trouble is that they don’t really know what spirituality really is and get it confused with the psychic journey!

Anyway, there’s something to think about. If you disagree, let me know. I love a great discussion.

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