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Wisdom from Kevin Reed

Just because you choose to ignore this emotional/mental slime that you breath does not mean that it doesn’t exist. It exists all right and if you choose to ignore it, if you choose to say to yourself, ‘I do not acknowledge it therefore it does not exist in my reality”; if you choose this then you are a fool.

What will happen is that the enemy, so to speak, will get into your space and you will not know until it has such a strong hold over you that it will raise it’s head and challenge you and you will think, ‘Shit, where did that come from,. I did not see that coming!’.

The secret is to be aware and to tackle, to destroy the negative energy as soon as you are aware before it gets any further stronghold. Deal with you issues as they arise, do not leave them thinking that they will go away, for they wont! Energy just does not disappear because you want it to. This is taking the lesson of discernment to another level, beyond the physical into the metaphysical. Not only discern people around you but also your own thoughts and feelings.

Does this mean that you need to protect yourself? – No it does not! You do not need to protect yourself from a thief in the night. The thief will come regardless, but if you are vigilant you will catch the thief before he strikes, will you not. It is not about protection, it is about vigilance and discernment. Sure the soul has nothing to fear, but once you are aware of fear then you are no longer soul are you?

Sleep well tonight my friend!

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