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Fantastic evening, great practitioners, awesome energy! I can’t believe I only paid $10 for all that I gained. Thank you so much!

Tammie Irvine

Really great night. Met some really great people. I’ll be back next time.


Abbey Lou

Great night. Thank you! Look forward to coming back.


Jenna McCready

Awesome kaupapa, awesome atmosphere and you leave feeling just as awesome!!

Kelz Tamanui

Latest News

WOW! Tauranga Psychic Café Spectacular is on again Sunday the 21st of May, 2017. If you have not been before – this is …
Alligator Maternal, revenge oriented, quickness, aggression, and basic survival instincts. Ant Group minded, determination, patient, active, and industrious Anteater Lethargy, curiosity, nosiness. Antelope Active, agile, jumpiness, and …
WOW! Tauranga Psychic Café Spectacular is on again Sunday the 7th of May, 2017. If you have not been before – …
This is my Latest Course and it’ll be going off. I will be taking you places within the inter-dimensional Multi-verse and …
The Psychic Cafe holds it's events on the first and third Sunday of every month. The next event/gathering/meet is Sunday …
The ancient art of Tarot Reading carries with it a myriad of out-dated and completely unwarranted superstitions. If you’ve ever …
6 DAYS TO GO! FREE EASTER EGG FOR EVERYONE Come along and see why we are Tauranga’s fastest growing Spiritual and Healing …
Are you psychic? LEARN TAROT with Medium Psychic Kevin Reed (over 40 years experience). Register now: kevinreednz@gmail.com or phone: 07) 5787205

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