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The Plain Truth about Living in the Moment

An expression often bandied around is ‘living in the moment’. The extension of this expression is said to be live without regret nor expectation. This is fine and dandy, but what about dreams and desires, fears and vulnerabilities? Living in the moment without regret nor expectation implies these aforesaid emotions should not exist. It implies that to dream about tomorrow will take you out of the moment and therefore is a dangerous folly.

This ignores the fact that tomorrow, and yesterday for that matter, are just as much a part of the moment as the moment is just as much a part of tomorrow and yesterday.

Living in the moment also means living your feelings, emotions, truth, dreams, desires and fears. All these things exist in the moment and are not to be excluded as some would try to convince you. The moment is not a zero zone. It is just the opposite; it is a complete zone.

Furthermore, it is these things such as dreams that make us human, that makes us able to derive pleasure and pain. Pleasure and pain are simple to define. If your expectation comes true it brings you pleasure. If your expectation is not met, it brings you pain. Pleasure and pain are just the measured deviation for achieving your wants. So pleasure and pain in themselves are an effect. Something from outside of yourself that impinges on yourself. The cause is you.

This is why living in the moment is so important because it is in the moment we can become, unite, cause and effect.


Kevin Reed

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