You are currently viewing Psychic Vampires. People who live off  your life force.

Psychic Vampires. People who live off  your life force.

We all have energy, we swim in it, we are apart of it, we are it. Yet, what is ours is ours for within the global universal energy are circles within circles and each circle represents an individual. Our light, our energy, our effervescence, intersecting, sharing, transmitting and receiving. A complex pattern of interaction and self-identification. Yet often in this mish mash collection of links and threads or auras and energies there are takers, givers and suckers. Suckers because that word best describes this topic.

Please be aware that every time we think, hear, feel or see something or someone we are creating a link with that object. Throughout a single day many links are created. These links usually fade away as soon as the thought, word, sight or feeling has passed. We create the link through intention and the link is dissipated afterwards. In a sense, we send out a connection and afterwards that connection returns to its origin. This is usually done automatically and is so subtle that we often are not aware of the process.

There are three types of energy: neutral, positive or negative. Many names have been attributed to this simple truth. Masculine, Feminine and transgender. Angry, happy and lethargic. Desires regrets and ambivalence. Acceptance, rejection and neutrality.  We are the source of energy that comes from us and the receptor of energy sent to us. Being sensitive enable us to discern accept and reject energy sent our way. Quite often, again, this is done without our being aware. Unless, of course you are sensitive to energy or aware of the process. Nothing is left without trace except where the trace has dissipated, and it is possible to track or follow the links made to you so that you can identify the sender, if you so wish, if there is still time.

An energy sucker is different to say a psychic attacker. The sucker needs your energy to keep their own ego alive. Energy is done at an ego level.  People who subconsciously or consciously suck your energy leave you drained, unusual, bewildered or tired. You can stop this from happening quite easily, just say no! That in itself is an energy. A neutralizing energy of a correlated energy that neutralizes. Just say no. it is that simple!

What if you say no but are still being sucked upon. Then you may have said no, but not really meant it. No is no and no works best when it comes from the heart with resolution, determination and conviction. This energy not only prevents other energy from entering your space but also enhances your own energy. It is self-empowering not dis-empowering. People who cant say no because they will feel guilty in all honesty do not want to say no, otherwise they would.

I once heard an old Maori women say that words were Tapu. Tapu because they have power. Once spoken they can’t be taken back and strongly directed they can have powerful effects on the target. Sometimes words are said unwittingly or insensitively, they still have their power. Imagine the fine woman who has just purchased a new dress. If she was told that it make her look terrible, those words are strong enough to firstly strike her in the solar plexus and then her heart. She may never wear the dress again!

Sometimes the words or energy sent is not intended to be negative but nevertheless is perceived as negative and in this case its power is double. Double because the receiver took an energy sent and changed its polarity just merely by their mind space or thought process of the time. In this instance it is ourselves that cause us grief not the energy sent. Ever been in the situation when it does not matter what you say, your words are twisted around to have a negative meaning by the receiver. That is their energy changing yours. What to do? Nothing, once the energy has left your space it is beyond your control. Unless of course you have placed a lot of attention and focus to the energy you send.

Energy and our ability to be sensitive to it – first rule: be aware that we must first look through our own aura before we can see another’s. This may shade or change what we see. Likewise with energy received. First question: Is this my own energy or someone else’s?

Such is life that if we don’t respect it’s almighty power we will be swallowed up by it. The trick is to gain mastery over life, energy and us so that it is you that swallows it.

When you are at a low ebb within your own energy you are most vulnerable to the effects of incoming energy. Sometimes, energy needn’t even be incoming. It may just be the environment or the glow around an object. Ever joined a circle of people creating negative energy, it doesn’t take long before you are buying into it.

Sometimes an evading energy can be our own. A thought form created by your own prejudice or belief that it strengthens such belief rather than quash it.

It’s all about energy. The givers, the takers, the sharers and the makers.                          Kevin Reed©