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Scorpio Horoscope 2024: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

You’re a sign known for your intensity, but 2024 is all about serenity and stability. Can you handle it?


December 28, 2023

Welcome to 2024, Scorpio. This year, both of your ruling planets, warrior Mars and transformative Pluto, enter retrograde phases, signaling periods of introspection and change. Pluto, the planet of rebirth, starts its retrograde journey on Friday, May 2, and continues until Friday, October 11. During this time, you’ll find a strong emphasis on self-care, an essential component of living your best life. As the year draws to a close, Mars begins its retrograde on Friday, December 6, asking you to embrace a slower pace to reduce stress in time for the holiday season. You can struggle to allow yourself to take breaks due to your ambitious nature, but remember that downtime increases productivity in the long run.

2024 isn’t about constantly pushing yourself to the point of burnout. It’s a year where the importance of maintaining friendships is highlighted, particularly when Venus, the planet ruling all forms of love, enters Virgo and your 11th House of Friendship on Sunday, August 4. You may feel compelled to rekindle connections with friends you’ve overlooked, driven by a desire to feel supported and serene. This year is about balancing action with rest and renewal. Keep reading to learn what this means for your career, relationships, and wellness.

Love & Relationships

This year heralds a 2024 filled with ease in pleasure and intimacy, thanks to the absence of Venus retrograde. This period is one of security and contentment in your love life, whether you’re blissfully partnered or embracing the single life. Sometimes you doubt yourself, but you must work on trusting your intuition and know that you’re doing what’s best for you. Allow yourself to be happy, Scorpio. When Mars, your passionate ruling planet, enters your 5th House of Pleasure on Friday, March 22, well, you’re turned on. It’s a time for kinky exploration or self-pleasure with sex toys.

Your focus intensifies around romance and relationships when the Sun moves into Taurus and your 7th House of Partnership on Friday, April 19. You may find yourself deeply invested in your home life or significant other, with less interest in professional pursuits. As long as your bills are paid, it’s perfectly fine to prioritize your personal life during this time. You don’t have to go hard all year long and go through rounds of burnout.

The serene vibe of 2024 continues as you find contentment in your relationship status when lover Venus enters your sign, Scorpio, on Sunday, September 22. This period is about appreciating and celebrating where you are in your love life. Later in the fall, however, you find yourself wanting more. And the stars say that you get it. A deepening in partnerships is likely on Sunday, November 3, when Juno, the asteroid symbolizing commitment, enters Scorpio. This transit could mark an important milestone in your relationship, such as settling on the right relationship format or even marriage. As you probably know, you’re a sign associated with sex. However, as the year draws to a close, your focus shifts towards emotional connection rather than physical intimacy. Turned on Mars goes retrograde on Friday, December 6, encouraging a deeper exploration of the emotional bonds in your relationships.


The year starts with potential changes in your living situation during the new moon in Aquarius on Friday, February 9, affecting your 4th House of Home and Family. This lunar event might signal a shift, such as parting ways with a roommate or deciding to move in with a lover. As a fixed sign, these changes may be unsettling at first. But they are guided toward leading you to a more fulfilling home life. A few days later, on Tuesday, February 13, as your ruling planet, feisty Mars, moves into your 4th House, be cautious of conflicts at home. Despite your sometimes dark and intimidating exterior, you have a soft spot for the warmth of Valentine’s Day, a time traditionally spent bonding with friends and loved ones. Practice self-care and patience to ensure you and your social circle can enjoy the festivities without unnecessary stress.

The importance of maintaining friendships becomes evident when Venus, who rules all forms of love, enters Virgo and your 11th House of Friendship on Sunday, August 4. You might feel a sudden urgency to reconnect with friends you’ve neglected, spurred by a fear of losing touch. A friend might leave you on read, and while it’s probably nothing, it serves as a reminder not to put friendships on the backburner. This period is a reminder to balance your love life with your platonic relationships, nurturing both with equal care.

A new moon in Virgo on Monday, September 2, further emphasizes your social life, potentially bringing new, meaningful friendships that could also forge valuable professional connections. Remember, your words have power, and as someone who can sometimes come across as prickly, you do have that stinger; it’s essential to approach new interactions with kindness and openness. Sometimes, even though others can’t tell, you have social anxiety, which comes across as being a bit standoffish. Ideally, you can tell your friends this so they don’t misread your intentions. This period is an opportunity to expand your social network, welcoming new faces who could become dear to you personally and professionally, so treat everyone you meet like your new favorite person.


The year starts with a promising transit as the full moon illuminates your 10th House of Social Status on Thursday, January 25. Full moons are times of manifestation, often bringing awaited news or opportunities to the forefront. This particular full moon is likely to boost your visibility and reputation in your field, setting a tone of success early in the year. Another abundant full moon occurs in your 2nd House of Possessions on Thursday, May 23. While it’s generally beneficial, especially for someone prone to social media stalking like you, detective of the zodiac, to minimize screen time, make an exception around this date. Your phone may light up with news you’ve been waiting for, and you don’t want to miss that call.

Due to our unpredictable economy, it’s unfortunately important to remember that while horoscopes can’t guarantee financial gains, they can offer insights into auspicious periods. According to the stars, the autumn of 2024 looks particularly promising for you. Venus, the planet of abundance, moves into Sagittarius and your 2nd House of Possessions on Thursday, October 17, indicating the potential for earning more money and taking on new projects that excite you. If you’ve been feeling burnt out, this transit will revigorate you and redirect you to the path that leads to manifesting your professional dreams.

As the year winds down, Mars, one of your ruling planets, goes retrograde on Friday, December 6, continuing through the end of the year. This backward dance might dampen your usual assertiveness or ambition. Remember, it’s natural to have periods of lower energy. During Mars retrograde, particularly around the winter holidays, allow yourself the space to relax and recharge. It’s a time to embrace a slower pace, focusing on rest and enjoying the festive season. 2024, You’re an intense and driven sign, fueled by passion, but it’s critical that you balance professional growth with self-care. Periods of rest are just as crucial as times of hustle and make you more productive in the long run.

Health & Wellness

Self-care is the name of the game for all of 2024. Venus, the planet that rules beauty (yes, in addition to love and money, everyone loves Venus), enters bold Aries and your 6th House of Health on Friday, April 5. Aries, a sign with which you share a kinship through your co-ruling planet Mars, brings a burst of energy, and you may feel as if you can work through the night and push yourself to the limit. However, this transit is not a call for overexertion. Instead, it’s a reminder to adopt a gentler approach to self-care. This is particularly crucial during April as a few days later, on Monday, April 8, a chaotic eclipse goes down in Aries and your 6th House of Health. As a Scorpio, you might find yourself prone to paranoia, a side effect of your incredible depth. Eclipses are intense cosmic events that can bring swift changes, and as a fixed sign, such rapid shifts might be stressful for you. It’s a time to lean into comfort, perhaps treating yourself to stylish leisurewear to make relaxation more enjoyable. Lounging is more effortless when you have something hot and comfy to lounge in.

Your other ruling planet, the transformative Pluto, goes retrograde from Friday, May 2, through Friday, October 11. Unlike Venus retrograde, which typically advises against significant appearance changes but, thank heavens, doesn’t happen this year, Pluto’s backward dance poses no cosmic obstacles to physical transformations. Feel free to indulge in a new piercing, tattoo, injectables, or any beauty enhancements you desire. However, you should expect an inner spiritual purging during Pluto’s retrograde. You may experience psychic dreams or feel a call to add a new ritual to your life, whether it’s ancestor worship or working with tarot. While Pluto’s retrograde demands a lot of growth, it leads to a calmer, more centered you.