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Some thoughts for you to maybe ponder

Some thoughts for you to maybe ponder and address if you choose. All these thoughts come under the umbrella of tantric philosophy and practice.

How do you teach surrender – I guess first you gotta teach trust…funny though because it’s the trust in the other person you gotta teach and that’s a hard one to get my head around. How do you teach discernment? What is discernment/ What is Trust? Is it if the other person behaives in a way I want, then I trust them/ In which case, is not trust a mirror thing? Weird stuff but mind boggling. When does testing turn into trusting?

How real is your heart’s twangs? Is it really a follow the heart choice or is your heart ruled by your head or groin? How do you know?

Why the fear of hurt? What is hurt? Is it your expectations not being met? In which case expectations have a lot to answer for. Is it real to not have expectations? Do expectations live in the moment?

What is this word commitment? If you commit to a relationship are you don’t setting the energy come hell or high water with preset blinkers on. Is commitment denial or suppression of liberation ad freedom to just be? How many times to you bang your head against a brick wall until you get the message – anything worth saving is NOT WORTH SAVING.

What role does our upbringing play in our deep seated needs/ Like is it fair to say that woman at their core are programmed to be subservient and unknowingly actually like being downtrodden? I know that may sound chauvinistic but why is it then that a stereo type is that woman are drawn to the rebellious males, you know, the leather jackets and motor bike dudes who drink, curse and treat woman like shit. Is the old saying ‘Treat them mean and keep them keen’ apt? I sense a deep deep inherited psychology of male/female roles and dominant/subservient programming has never been addressed as it is politically incorrect. But there maybe something in this/ Is there?

Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda said that we love somebody because they love us? Is this true? What does he actually mean?

Is it possible to be in a relationship and still keep your individuality – questions of power and control, ownership and jealousy? 

Dose the term ‘Natural Unfoldment’ come under the MIND section of Tantra? Is there really a thing called natural unfoldment?…or a woman and men manipulators by nature?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm am sure can think of many more questions