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Kevin’s Cosmology in Numbers

In a sense the whole world, seen and unseen, is no more nor less than mathematics. It is a esoteric maxim that says that there is even harmony in chaos. What appears random and unrelated is instead part of a pattern and everything that is a part of creation is subtly weaved together as a whole.

In today’s times we attribute numerology to Pythagoras. Pythagoras was not just a great mathematician, but he was also a philosopher. In fact it was Pythagoras who created the term philosopher.

But before we look at numbers, we must first grasp how it is that such a thing as a number does indeed have its own meaning; how this is to be.

Consider that the universe is made up of different languages and so it is that energy too, has its own languages. The language of colour, sound, patterns, feel and even taste. Numerology is defining subtle energy in the language of numbers, mathematics.

Pythagoras explains how our cosmology in the language of numbers. He loved the number one, and called it the Monad – it is the only whole number that can not be divided into other numbers – so he saw the number one as representing ‘Source of God’ – the everything. He did not consider the number two to be a number in its own right at all, but instead saw the number two as being the reflection or duality of number one. Just as we have a yin/yang, so too, for Pythagoras, one and two represented between them The total Source of God, or God manifest. In a sense, one was the thought and two was the form. If you like, one is the masculine and two the feminine. This is why all odd numbers are considered masculine and all even numbers feminine. Funny though, because Pythagoras interpreted the number two as ignorance and whereas one represent good, two represented evil. He called it ignorance because it is the opposite of knowledge and he saw one as the all pervading all knowing absolute source of creation, the Monad. However, he did concede that knowledge is also borne from ignorance and therefore these two numbers, one and two, have a special relationship. Therefore, for Pythagoras, numbers per se did not start until the number three. This is not how numerology is practiced today, but it is nice to know some history.

 Pythagoras believed that the numbers one through to four represented God. Because one and two and three and four al added up to ten, and ten is one, the Monad, to the power of ten. He represented this as follows and this pattern is often used as a sacred symbology of all creation

God Symb

Cosmology in Numbers

0          The zero dimension is the last dimension. It is the beginning and the end. It is nothing to nothing. It is the uncaused effect yet to be caused and yet to show effect

1          The first dimension is the effect now caused. It is something that has come from nothing. The something that has filled in the gap between the nothing to the nothing. Out of nothing came something. Out of zero came one.

Where is one? Where is this something – the first creation be it before thought was thought. It is nowhere for it only exists in its own mind but it does not know where it is or who it is. It has no mirror to see it self. It has no need to hear itself. It is not aware that it lives in a universe for it is not aware of the universe because it is the universe; it is everything that was created from the zero.

2          The second dimension is awareness. Once the first dimension became aware of itself it split itself into two and became the second dimension. Am I, I am. The only reason I am exists is because Am I exists. A symbiotic relationship BUT, WAIT FOR IT.  Some of you have this wrong. Herein the second dimension is your Yin/Yang your dualistic reasoning of truth. You believe they exist side-by-side, one being the reason for the other. I have heard it all, cant see good unless have seen evil. NOT SO. YOU HAVE IT WRONG. The good created the evil or vice versa depending what side of the fence you sit. The yin yang is not perfectly equal or reflective of each other. Because the I AM was borne from the AM I. This means the AM I came first. The AM I created the I AM. The yin created the yang. You think the second dimension is one of dualism and balance. It is but it is also deeper than that. This is why Pythagoras had the utmost respect for the monad, the one. Even though one and two had a relationship of dualism, for Pythagoras, the one was still supreme.

You will probably guess now that you also have your order wrong. Some people think that the higher up you go the wiser you are. 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc. No No No. The wisdom is in the zero Dimension. You have already passed your wisdom, you are now in your ignorance and get further into your ignorance the further up your scale of self grandeur and ego love. 1,2,3,4,5,6, indeed. Your journey is not 1,2,3,4,5,6 – rather it is …..6,5,4,3,2,1,BANG!

  • The third dimension. So, duality exists in the second dimension, being the third sphere. But what good is duality if it is two but still one.  Where is its depth? It is only linear here and needs depth. This is the third dimension. The triangle. A flat Pyramid! Lost its depth. Yes lost its depth because as we become more aware of who we are, we are giving birth to individuality. Lost its depth because up is actually down and higher is actually lower. So, three may combine one and two together, but until it has depth, it still remains flat!
  • The fourth dimension. Some will say ha! I am better than you because I work with a higher dimension. Ignorant are some. That is truly their ego. Ego that was created from the need to create and self perpetuates within the frame of your being. This fourth dimension is a dangerous place. Full of ego and therefore full of hate, jealousy, greed etcetera. The dimension that needs to verify itself. Needs to protect it’s creations to keep itself safe and alive. The delusion of grandeur. It is here that self resides without regards to it’s greater beginnings. In other words, it is humanity. It is the springboard to our own creations here on Earth.

To recap, simply put:

1          Am I – Potential

2          I am – Actualised

3          Who am I – Birth of seperation

4          This is who I am – Individuality

These numbers are symbolized as follows:

0 = O          no colour

1 =             Colour White

2 =          Colour Red

3 = ∆           Colour Orange

4 = or    Colour yellow

…and the accepted meanings are these:

  1. Potential, possibilities, an idea, a seed, masculine and all the male qualities therein.
  2. Actualisation, watering the seed, acting on an idea, feminine and all the feminine qualities
  3. Harmony, growth, fruitfulness, depth and essence, the path to achieving, the produce of one and two.
  4. Stability, achievement, a good base.