Tauranga Spiritual Growth Centre presents Andy Quinlan Energy Healer Sunday 27th October at 14 Norris St at 7pm

What do I do:
Create modify and manipulate energy.
Play with the dance of life.

My style of healing is guided and intuitive from spirit.

I’ve been on a very deep journey for the past 5 years, ive had a lot of learnings,and out of those I’ve simplified it down what works and doesn’t work and what I present is the simplest version I can possibly teach.

I would like to invite you to a space of exploration and curiosity.

We will interactively play with energy balls and energy signatures.

Most importantly i’ll share a simple technique of using a 1 – 10 scale to remove blocks and shift energy.

And give a bit of background on who I am and my journey, the ride, opening heart space, twin flames … hope to see you there🙏

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