The Language of the Heart

I was recently asked to explain the language of the heart. The question was basically: “Do we have something like that: a language of the heart?”

Yes we do.

It is exceedingly difficult to present enlarged concepts and advanced truth in the attempt to expand the consciousness of the heart and enhanced spiritual perception when we are restricted to the use of the circumscribed language of our planet. Sometimes we have to make efforts to convey our meanings of the heart messages using the word symbols of the Earth’s languages.

Learning the Language of the Heart

by Daniel Mitel

A long time ago, before the fall from unity consciousness into polarities, we used one language: the language of the heart. What is the language of the heart? As Drunvalo explained to us, conveying Melchizedek Consciousness to humanity, once you are able to move your spirit inside the heart (there is a specific meditation taught in the “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” workshop), then you are able to “speak” with any human (or non-human) using a specific language that is used all over the universe: the language of the heart. Of course, there is a condition here: that person has to be also in the heart when you are in your heart. Although, even if that person is not in the heart, through the language of the heart, you can “speak” and connect with that person’s higher self. We really believe that this is going to be the communication of the future.

But the most important step, beyond the communication with other beings, is that when we are using the language of the heart, we connect with the ultimate omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent three first levels of Supremacy: God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. Later, moving through the ascension process to the fourth dimension, we connect with God the Supreme: the actualizing or evolving God of time and space. At this stage of spiritual evolution, any being in any universe personally experiences the achievement of God-unity as the evolving and experiential God of the evolutionary creatures of time and space.

We, evolving beings, experience an irresistible urge to symbolize our finite concepts of the unknown. Human consciousness represents a value level – an experiential reality – which is difficult to symbolize. Cosmic consciousness implies the recognition of God functioning on three supreme-personality levels of sub-infinite value and relative divinity expression: pre-personal (the higher self), personal (as in the evolutionary experience of human beings), and super-personal (certain celestial beings).

I am writing about these three levels of cosmic consciousness because when we reach the realm of the heart, we are able to go beyond personal experience. When we move our spirit from the brain to the heart, we can experience pre-personal (higher self) and super-personal (contact with higher and more advanced spiritual beings).

The only way to communicate within these levels is to use the language of the heart. While we are using the language of the heart, the higher concepts of universe personality are expressed automatically within us: identity, self-consciousness, self-will, and the possibility for self-revelation.

The language of the heart has another vital role. In any universe, in the contest between actual levels of reality, the personality of the higher level will ultimately triumph over the personality of the lower level. This inevitable outcome of universe controversy is inherent in the fact that divinity of quality equals the degree of reality or actuality of any willing creature. Using the language of the heart, we are able to go over any error or unmitigated iniquity. Ultimately, we are able to “clean” our karma and touch that level of high reality characteristic of the heart’s energy.

Last but not least, the role of the language of the heart is related to forgiveness and love. We are born inherently kind and naturally compassionate. The better a man understands his neighbor, the easier it will be to forgive or even love him. Using the language of the heart, we are able to forgive ourselves and all our trespassers.

And let’s all remember that we are born from love; therefore, our only personal attitude towards others is always a reaction of divine affection.