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The Transcendent and Supportive Energy of the Feet

Stone Feet

By Humanity Healing Network

Passion for some, repulsion for others. The feet are responsible for taking us where we want to go, supporting our ideas, and being able to walk on this great journey we call life. But they are much more than a means of movement.

The Energy of the Feet

“The man is his own study book. Just turn the pages to find the author.”

~ Jean-Yves Leloup

They carry energies and are portals of exchange with the universe.

In reflexology, the feet carry information about the entire body. This therapy is based on the belief that each organ or part of the body is represented, or reflected, in the soles of the hands and feet and that exerting pressure on these places causes physical changes in the rest of the body.

“When the nerves of the eyes and feet are correctly understood, there will be less need for surgical interventions.”

~ Sir William Osler

Practitioners of this technique stimulate the points located on the feet to promote the healing of illnesses and alleviate unpleasant symptoms they bring us. In addition, it can treat organic, emotional, and various body parts disorders, thus generating a great body balance in the simplest way possible. Feet are our roots.

Imagine the body as a tree.  If the sap is alive in us, it goes down to the roots and up to the highest branches. Making this analogy with life in matter, we can say that we can walk towards the light precisely through our rooting in existence.  And our feet are our roots. Through them, the bad energies flow, and the universal vital energy also enters.

The foot purification ceremonies that exist in some religions do not exist for nothing. Its meaning is to put into practice humble service to all our brothers, following the example of Jesus to all his disciples. The love of Christ, embracing all humanity, makes all people brothers and sisters through the strength of his example.

The “mandatum” (foot wash) left by him invites us to transcend the physical act of washing the other’s feet, to experience the full meaning of this gesture: to serve, with love, to others.

Our chakras are spread throughout the body and are also located in the feet. I would say that, in the case of the feet, these energy points are very important. We know that bare feet on earth can energize us, and much mentalization is used in meditation that uses the feet to renew energy. This is due to the chakras we have on our feet.

These chakras are like the first floor of the root chakra. It provides support so that you can stand up and live your truth. In it are earthy energies responsible for the vibrational balance of the body as a whole.

The foot chakra allows ideas to leave the mental field and become a reality, like a magnetic field of attraction giving physical form to your thoughts. The thought-forms we emit will gravitate around our feet and thighs, so taking care of the energy related to these limbs is essential.

Some aspects of our lives indicate that the energy that circulates through the feet is not going well and is not balanced.  If you see a tendency in your path not to finish what you start, this is a strong indication that your foot chakras are blocked.

Another evidence is the difficulty in materializing ideas. It rains ideas, solutions, inventions, and projects in your head. Still, you cannot put anything that you mentally elaborate into practice. As a result, nothing materializes, or it doesn’t move forward when it materializes. Pay attention to this, as you can work with the energy of the feet to unlock many new gifts in your life.

If you “get out of breath” easily during meditation or other spiritual pursuits, your foot chakras are certainly not balanced. This lack of concentration or blackouts that some people have as if they were transported to another dimension is a sign of an energy imbalance that can be resolved by treating the energy vortex of the feet.

The alarm goes off, but your body doesn’t wake up. You would give the world to sleep on, and it seems that even after a long night’s sleep, you woke up even more tired than when you went to sleep. It is as if you are awake, but your spirit and consciousness are not there. It could be the fault of neglected energy in the feet. 

If you have a chronic illness that doesn’t respond to treatments and doesn’t leave you, taking care of the energy in your feet can bring the long-awaited cure. But unfortunately, with the “terrifying” energies blocked, nothing else flows. The imbalance that this situation causes in the body is great and can affect our health.

There are many techniques for promoting foot chakra balance.

The first thing you can do is always go barefoot at home. Then, once you arrive from the street, remove your shoes and step on the ground.  If you have a garden somewhere with earth, put your bare feet in contact with the earth for at least ten minutes. This will help a lot! But just getting into the habit of walking barefoot is enough to activate the energy circulating through the feet and promote exchange with the earth, receiving vital energy from it. The more you do this, the more open and activated your chakra will become.

Another effective technique is to meditate and imagine your feet bathed in light. Just imagine that a bright light surrounds your feet, starting as a small point of light and evolving to such a point that it illuminates the entire room.

This light can be white, violet – to transmute what is negative – or green, where diseases are involved. So wrap your feet in that light energy and allow them to relax into that light.

Water can also provide a great balance for this part of our body.

A basin of rock salt is enough to energize your feet and your chakras. Salt also helps a lot. This is in case you live far from the beach, because if you have access to the sea, even better. Walking on the sand with your feet dipped in the seawater is simply amazing in terms of energy. It’s no wonder so many people love to do it without even knowing why they feel so good when they do it.

The energy exchange that exists with nature through the force of the sea is incredible and healing.

Still using water, we can also use plants’ healing and spiritual energy. Roses are great for this job, so dipping your feet in a container of rose petals will energize your entire body and unlock your foot chakras.