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This world is my world – or is it?!

It is created by me for me and because of me. My perceptions and understandings all originate from within me. I am at the centre of my world. All life is seen and interpreted through my eyes and no one else’s.

Therefore it is true that if I create my world then I can also direct my world. I decide what is important and what is not. I decide how I will react and how I will not. I decide what is real (to me) and what is not.

No one can take from my world and no one can add to it without my consent. I let things in and out. I truly are the creator, director, producer and actor within my world. Glory be to me!

Am I selfish?  Am I in touch with reality? Who’s reality?  Am I arrogant and egotistical? Who am I? Is the world truly a reflection of me or am I a reflection of the world around me?

Is this world really my world?

Is it important?

In a sense this world is your world and in a sense your world is as only as real as you are. If you see the world through your physical eyes, then you see a physical world. If you see the world through emotional eyes, then you see an emotional world. If you see the world with your spiritual eyes , then you see the spiritual world. If you connect with the world through god’s eyes that are within you, then you will know the world and your questions will be answered. Then you truly will be at one with yourself rather than a physical, emotional or spiritual self.

You say no one can take nor add to your world without your consent. If your world is solely physical then your death takes your world from you yet your identity lives on. Even on the other side your world is still perceived through your eyes, albeit non-physical eyes for your physical body has been taken away. But certainly, once dead, even in your own after life world – you will not be able to appreciate the sense of touch. You will not be able to appreciate the joy of fragrance – you will only have memories of touch and fragrance, of sound and matter – for your world will lose it’s substance. Then you will become unnerved and your world will loses it’s appeal and you will lose your sense of being the master of your world. And you will turn to someone to something and ask, and cry out. Help me -my world is falling apart. And you will eventually let your world die with your physical body and you will created a new world. A world deserving of your station. It may not be the ideal world, it may not be the god knowing world but it will be your world once again. Once again, that is until you die in your new world and the process revolves and you cry out and you come to higher insights and create for yourself higher world. Eventually through this path of worlds within worlds within your self you will finally let go of the pettiness of it all and become one with that which always was and always will be. Your true death will be a birth in a world of God’s and Kings and you will take your rightful seat in this world and wonder why you wasted do much time during your path on all those self created worlds that were in reality nothing more than self gratification of self flagellation. This process is your heaven or hell, your retribution or judgement and you all along were your own judge and nemesis and only by living it could you realise it. Now, at the right hand of god you will help those other souls to realise the wastage in their folly. You will help them quicken the process. You will encourage them to yield rather than control the worlds. You will be their guiding light just as we now are yours. Isn’t it all so awesome. The plan seems to make sense. The karma is allowed to be cleansed during the process and your create your own process. The danger is in thinking that you can outsmart the plan and then sometimes this reality is not a truth but just another world that you have created.

So, how do you know that your world is not the real thing or not. How do you know that you have superseded the soul’s flightpath. The answer is when you die you will be born again with us. In other words, when there is no ego then their is no ego created or self created world. Kill ego, kill your self and your will be at rest. – This does not mean go out and kill your self -physically. This is not a lesson on how to commit suicide. Suicide is just another world of the ego. This means supersede it all. Lift yourself above it all. Take the fast track! Let things unfold naturally and strive to create a world most like the truth until eventually it will be the truth. Be true to your self. Be true to your path. Be true and be born again.

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