You are currently viewing Weekly Astrology For All Signs November 14th 2022

Weekly Astrology For All Signs November 14th 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs November 14th 2022


Watch for Signs of the Trines

The desire you have within brings the change you seek without

The Force is within you

Answers, knowledge you need, shining soul compasses and guiding lights illuminating the way ahead appear as a sign of the trines occurs between planets in your 8th and Neptune and Jupiter in your 12th, Aries. We also have superb sextiles between Mercury (15th) and the Sun (18th) and Pluto in your 10th – all from Pluto’s ruling 8th. To say the Force is With You this week may be an understatement. The question is: how will you use it?

You’ve just over a month left of Jupiter working your 12th before it returns to your 1st. This transit should have shown you that if you want to change things in your outer world, you have to first change your inner one. Matchy matchy energy then occurs, providing you with the way forward or solutions you need. A final shift in your perspective or even a long awaited reward cycle sees you ready to embrace a fresh, new dynamic called Freedom.

The planets begin their shift this week from your 8th into Jupiter’s ruling 9th. Venus on the 16th and Mercury 17th. If there’s one final obstacle blocking your way forward into that cycle of dynamic change and expansion, you’ll be in the mood to tackle it. The truth around someone’s actions or something that’s held you back is revealed on the 19th as retro Mars dissolves any remaining illusions you may have as it squares up to Neptune in your 12th. Not only that, you’ve the courage that piercing, cold hard truth hands you. And you’ll do whatever it takes now to be ready to take a big step forward next week.

In a nutshell: Something chimes within you and that searing insight you receive opens up the way for you to change a long term situation or freely enter a fresh cycle of opportunity, Aries. You’re not just feeling the Force this week. You ARE the Force!


Plan for your future – but know it has plans for you too!

Friends hand you perspective

Two hearts, two paths and now which way?

Eclipse themes stirred up from last week’s total lunar eclipse in your sign, translate into questions around your marriage partner, spouse, long term lover, business partner, long term friendship or working dynamic. And even that rival or opponent Taurus.

The eclipse shadows are not yet completely banished. You may find yourself still watching and wondering what approach may suit you – and by default, your connection, best. The time for action is coming however. But if you are single and looking to be part of a dynamic duo, you are advised to continue to take things slowly if you want Robin to your Batman and not a Joker.

Your future is in motion this week – and again, by default that of the other party thanks to a series of chiming trines of the love times between the Sun, Mercury and your ruler Venus in your 7th and Neptune and Jupiter in your 11th. Jupiter is in its final weeks of its ‘Make a Wish’ granting cycle in here and will not return to this house for 12 years. So, time to take action towards that goal or dream.

If you need more perspective on the choice you should make or the path you should take, this also tells you to focus your energy on friends, groups, bands and associations rather than keeping yourself to yourself. Or your thoughts. People set your future path in motion and this includes that potential love path too.

That word you don’t like – the ‘C’ word of change will see you making some big ones from now and on into December. As Venus and then Mercury move into your 8th to be followed by the Sun next week, the time comes to stop thinking and make a choice. Release or embrace, settle or set free. It’s up to you, Taurus. But as Mars retro in your 2nd squares Neptune on the 19th, doing nothing or denying that a choice needs to be made by you – impossible. Remember – change is what makes the impossible dream possible again.

In a nutshell: The truth around love or a partnership may remain party obscured this week due to lingering eclipse shadows. Take all the time you need to decide your future, Taurus. But know changes are about to set your feet on a new path.


Duos, duets, double acts of all descriptions

Know you are The Right Stuff

You have to know the destination to arrive at it

You’re entering your yearly Me & You relationship peak this week. Both Venus (16th) and your ruler Mercury (17th) enter Venus’s ruling 7th ahead of the Sun next week. First however – do take care of business, ambitions and those work moves. This also clears the way to focus on two strong hearts or the potential to create the kind of partnership dynamic you’re searching for.

Mercury along with the Sun and Venus in Mercury’s ruling 6th, perform reputation boosting or door opening manoeuvrers as they trine both Neptune and Jupiter in your 10th this week. A promotion, better paid position, recognition and an opportunity to bring your ‘A’ Game sees you step up and show you’re the right stuff. Especially when combined with sextiles between Mercury, the Sun and Pluto in your 8th. You make it happen and you have what it takes to succeed, Gemini.

A long term working relationship could be what emerges as the planets change signs. That’s not to say love isn’t on the cards as well. The upcoming month will bring you the chance to enter into a new type of duo or duet or build on an existing one. Do bear in mind however that if something isn’t working, there is no magic Band-Aid available. Retrograde Mars in your sign will have you facing that fact if it exists. Do know what outcome you are after either way whether entering into anything new – be this professional or personal, or in reaching the decision you need now to move on. Again, this involve a job or career path which has run its course. The good news is, you can put love or work back on the right one to explore for 2023, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Time for your annual Power of Love peak as ruler Mercury and Venus cross into your 7th of past, present and potential partnerships. Know what you’re asking from love, however. Or if you’re looking in all the wrong places or at the wrong kind of love.


No more questions, just decisions

Claim your destiny from that cosmic lost and found

Become the magician of alchemical change

Love and freedom themes with a dash of good luck sparkle propel you up, up and away from any remaining eclipse shadows this week. Should I or Shouldn’t I? questions are replaced by a reset of your soul compass which sees you make that choice with confidence. And a touch of daring, Cancer.

Yes, we know you are the sign associated with clicking the heels of your ruby Jimmy Choos and chanting ‘There’s no place like home’. But you are also the sign ruled by the tides and oceans and desire to search out just what and where home is for you. The awakening series of trines this week between the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your 5th and Neptune and Jupiter in your 9th direct you towards love that is worth coming home to. It could be a person, a place, what you love to do, your children or the children of your talents – what you give birth to from your creativity in other words.

Added to this tide of positivity carrying you in the right direct are two sextiles between Mercury (15th) and the Sun (18th) and Pluto in your 7th. Pointing to a change or transformation in that love destination, Cancer. So unleash your inner magician, alchemist, explorer this week and head out in a fresh direction. Mars retro in your 12th hands you heightened awareness as to what you truly need to claim and call your own. And also sees you demolish any fears which stop you from doing exactly that. As the planets change signs this week – with Venus and Mercury arriving in your 6th, the journey you’re on also including putting your own needs first for once.

In a nutshell: Reawaken to your inner power and strength. Tune in to the wisdom of the card of The Magician in the Tarot. Soul chiming alignments this week hand you the ability to send love and other destiny aspects, down the path where you want them to go.


Ready to get wild?!

Is it lasting?

Attraction is as effortless as breathing

Wild hearts – go for it! That workaday vibe begins to shift for you this week. The good thing about taking care of business first is that it then leaves you free and unencumbered to plummet head-first into your yearly pleasure and hedonism peak. So, let’s chat about that first and leave the good stuff for last. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in your 4th align to Neptune and Jupiter in your 8th in a series of trines designed to send your roots deeper. Or to project you towards something long term and sustaining around home, lifestyle, living arrangements, family and security. You could be handed a key to a door – literally or metaphorically, which hands you the space, resources or emotional support you need. Do think in the long term when it comes to planning, Leo. Or what you sign up for or agree to. Built to last is the question to ask yourself.

From the 16th it’s all change. Ahead of the Sun next week, Venus and Mercury cross into your 5th of all things shining and Leo-lustered. Romance, holidays, joy, self-expression, children or young people (or the young at heart), pleasure, sensuality, indulgence, parties and being seen and rewarded are on offer for you. Fierce, feisty – your inner fire is totally blazing now. If you effortlessly showcase who you are with no filters, you will effortlessly attract what you need. And if you feel you need to make too much of an effort – this may actually be a red flag. Let go of caring what others think. This is a party where no critics are needed – or invited for that matter.

With that in mind, you won’t tolerate negative people or those out to dull that glow. Do bear this in mind between now and the start of 2023. Mars retrograde in your social sector works as the ultimate sorting hat. Expect fireworks around friends as a result. Either the kind where their energy is like a rocket taking you higher. Or acting like the ultimate damp squib. The 19th could show you who wears what hat. Don’t allow anyone to fizzle out that sparkle, Leo.

In a nutshell: With planets now assembling in your fabulizing 5th you’re entering your yearly love and pleasure peak, Leo. Attraction is your superpower. But what you need to understand is it should be effortless. If it requires too much effort, it may not be what you want – or need.


Love asks for your trust

Journeys are always better with a travel companion

Live today but choose for your future

Mutable energy swirls around you and builds handing you tools to bring about solutions, opportunities and positive change. Provided you go with it rather than resist it. That’s the key to making the most of Jupiter’s final weeks in your house of duets, double acts and dynamic & dramatic duos, Virgo. You will not experience another cycle where you have both Jupiter and Neptune in here again in your lifetime. So, seize the love or whatever partnership opportunity which presents itself now and run with it.

A good card for you in the Tarot this week would be the 8 of Wands as this card is not only linked to Jupiter, movement, travel and unimpeded forward progress; but also motion which rocks your emotional ocean as those Wands are symbolic of Cupid’s arrows. Throw in ruler Mercury, the Sun and Venus in your 3rd all making trines to Neptune and Jupiter, and what you have is the arrival of good news inviting you to tango with someone. So you’re embarking on a journey either in a loved up way or collaboration which benefits you both. And yes, with two alignments to Pluto in your 5th, it could get oh-so-hot.

The planets begin a shift from your 3rd to your 4th – mutable Sagittarius which Jupiter rules. Starting with Venus on the 16th and your ruler swiftly following the day after. The Sun will join them next week. All this intense mutable energy adds up to moving experiences in this house. Your roots, home, homeland, family, property, flatmates, sharers, Airbnb guests and above all, what grounds you. Choices and decisions can be made. Upsizing, down-sizing, escapes to the county – however living well looks. To achieve it, you’ll need to make changes. Think in the long term and don’t be tempted to make unilateral decisions around these if domestic harmony is your goal.

In a nutshell: It takes two this week, Virgo. So don’t even think about going it alone. Your entire romance, long term love and partnership sectors are open. As are you to taking that double act to the next level.


Engage with the material world

Ideas hold the key to your future

Rewards and satisfaction are on offer

Money and work is in focus this week with rewards and satisfaction on offer, Libra. Time to look at what you do and even why you do it. Yes, of course paying the bills is an important part of living in a material world. And being Venus ruled we can’t ignore the fact you are a material sign even if you are Air Venus and not Earth Venus like Taurus. You love quality, beauty and also the means to indulge yourself in creativity. All this requires money.

This week hands you a series of wonderful aspects between the planes in your 2nd (including Venus which rules this house) and Jupiter and Neptune in your 6th. All this points not only to rewards for a job well done or even a better paid one, but also as the planets link to Pluto in your 4th, the ability to craft something soul satisfying and sustaining.

How you use your ideas and how they can be leveraged to either generate something money-spinning, as well as simply having the time to create and pursue that vision, will become your focus as first Venus (16th) and then Mercury (17th) move into your 3rd. The Sun will join them next week and now is the time to act on and express those ideas. There’s one in particular that has real power behind it so focus on taking it to the next level. With a little effort on your part you can break free from a dead end and find yourself released onto an open road which takes you all the way into ‘23.

In a nutshell: A better way of working or working that idea? You may be doing one or both this week, Libra. Above all, act on that idea that won’t let you go. Within it is the power to change your direction.


Act to Attract!

Claim your right to shine

Look to who or what throws shade

Be the Power of Attraction in action this week, Scorpio. Yes, your birthday season is coming to an end. This week sees Venus (16th) and then Mercury (17th) enter your 2nd with the Sun to follow next week.

Watch for game changing news or an opportunity as Mercury and the Sun sextile contemporary ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Plus a series of rare and wonderful trines occur as the Sun, Mercury and Venus trine both Jupiter and Neptune in your 5th. What you focus on, answers your call. Expect pleasure, love and even that spotlight to seek you out. This is a preview of what 2023 has in store especially when it comes to anything that comes under the heading ‘Just the two of us’.

It’s not the time to wait in the wings for the cosmos to send you your cue but to take to the stage and direct your life. Yours is not the understudy or the ‘best friend’ role. You are the star. So, do act like it, Scorpio. Above all, look to what dims or diminishes your glow during ancient ruler Mars’ retrograde cycle in its ruling 8th. It could be time to put in some long overdue boundaries or even open the doors to discussing what needs to change. Especially if someone close to you always grabs the attention or makes everything about them. The planets in your 2nd are asking you to know your worth. And the love you’re worthy of. Don’t accept any fakes or substitutions, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Be bold, brave and brazen this week, phoenix. Don’t wait for permission – act to create your own success story. Fortune has always favoured the brave. Or those simply willing to take a chance.


Your new cycle begins

Lifestyle changes bring benefits

Love reborn

Although the Sun has yet to reach your sign – that happens next week, your birthday season is off to an early start this week thanks to the arrival of Venus (16th) and Mercury (17th). Let’s get this party started, Sag.

Before we plummet headlong into full-throttle Sag Season, ruler Jupiter has something for you which may turn into a lasting blessing. This could be an opportunity to enhance your home, lifestyle, path or living arrangements. Or simply the gift of inner knowing as you discover hidden opportunities right under your nose or finally free yourself from an inner turmoil which has been holding you back.

Freedom is truth. And the way towards it or the insight, choice or solution which finally offers you that could come spinning out of the stars. All courtesy of generous Jupiter. As the Sun, Mercury and Venus all move through your 12th, they will trine Jupiter and also Neptune in your 4th. The freedom to live life free of past wounds, burdens and issues makes itself know. Take the shining path, Sag. These aspects won’t occur again.

The arrival of the planets in your 1st is your cue to state your intentions for the coming year. And also unveil a brand new version of you. Think Sag 2.0. You may also be looking long and hard at what you expect from others. Be aware Mars is retrograde in your 7th from now until the start of ‘23. Jupiter will return to your 5th of romance at the end of December. If it’s a new kind of loving feeling you’re seeking for your fresh cycle, then wait until the new year before heading out in search of it. Right now, it’s all about you and rightly so. Take the road to freedom.

In a nutshell: Are you certain you’ve lost that loving feeling or do you just need a different kind of love, Sag? That old excuse ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ may actually apply. If the fire’s gone out, maybe you need to own that. That’s called blazing a trail back towards passion.


Workshop that idea

How ready are you for success?

Unleash your visionary side

If you have been thinking of fresh goals for ‘23, this week is all about going within and refining those ideas rather than actually launching them. Think of this as soul workshopping as you focus on the how, why and practical steps you need to take before fully committing.

You are now coming to the end of Pluto’s journey through your sign. It will be gone for good in ‘24 and move on into your money and values zone. Wanna be a billionaire? Set your ringtone because you will experience power money on some level as well as crowdfunding or new ways to experience that rich feeling. Your worth and self-worth will transform. For now however, angles between the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your 11th and Jupiter and Neptune in your 3rd hand you a platform, way to get your message across or means to launch once that due diligence is done. Put it this way – writing, commerce, publishing, speaking, sharing, photography, design, ideas and the internet are your co-creators and greatest resource. Get talking, clicking and applying. And ask who you know for help you need. Become a visionary.

The planets lining up in your 12th from the 16th also see you focussing on who or what you need – or no longer do. This includes self-sabotaging thoughts and hanging on to the past. Venus enters on the 16th with Mercury close behind (17th). Combine this with retro-active Mars in your 6th and you are discriminating between what does you good and what doesn’t. Anything from habits to the company you’ve been keeping. The next few weeks offer a soul reboot and opportunity to ditch anything in the way of that goal. Engage fearlessly in the process.

In a nutshell: You’re future focussed this week but ensure you do your due diligence before launching that idea. You’ll also identify what’s still holding you back from achieving real success. And ditch that in the process, Cappy.


Be ready for rewards and recognition

Accept that entrée into new circles

Game on, Aquarius!

A chapter of that success story you’ve been authoring could come to a satisfying conclusion this week thanks to status setting trines between the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your 10th and Jupiter and Neptune in your money zone. Of course, you have to be ready to step up and bring your best game, Aquarius. But if you have been working long and hard with a particular outcome in mind, this week could reward and validate.

Finding yourself in the company of influential, rich or powerful people, circulating outside your usual circles could be another benefit. That includes that Mr. or Ms Darcy for singles. Don’t allow thoughts around punching above your weight to intrude now. Or imposter syndrome. Act like you belong or that you have a million pounds in the bank – even if you are currently living off pot noodles. It’s all down to your self-belief and willingness to accept abundance and success rather than what you have right now. Just take it that if the invitation is extended – you earned it or belong.

Venus and Mercury arrive in your future-driven 11th this week so take it the people who you meet, do business with, connect to or encounter are all tied up in the future that’s unfolding – in unexpected or mysterious ways. Both planets allow you to make your best impression and also to easily mix and mingle – even in circles new.

It’s not only about who or where you belong with, but who belongs with you. Mars retrograde in your 5th means lovers have to be up to muster. You are about to enter into one of the most powerful and dynamic cycles of transformation you will ever experience. Ensure that love is fit for purpose. And if not, don’t allow fears that there may be nothing or no-one better out there. When we tell the universe thanks but no thanks, it puts it on notice that we are so ready for something different. And it always answers that challenge.

In a nutshell: What you’ve been working towards could deliver the result you’ve been waiting for. If offered the opportunity to step up and showcase your smarts, or mix with the ‘A’ list – do take it. And don’t doubt it’s where you belong.


Upgrade that image

Step into the cyclone of opportunity

The tide turns in your favour

You’ve just a few more weeks remaining of the once in a lifetime cycle of having both your rulers in your sign at the same time. Jupiter will move out of your 1st at the end of December. And by the time it returns in 12 years your modern ruler Neptune will be in Aries and your 2nd.

This week hands you the last of the summer soul wine of this cycle as both Jupiter and Neptune trine the planets moving through Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart. The Sun, Mercury and also Venus. Solutions, release, opportunity, travel, expansion and what can only be described as charmed, lucky breaks and synchronicities propel you out of statsis and the mundane. And up, up and away into something bigger and more breathtaking.

This may have others looking at you in a new and different light as it could directly enhance your professional or personal status, your public image or reputation. Personally driven and spiritually authored changes take place which send you stock soaring as Venus (15th) and Mercury (17th) arrive in your 10th ahead of the Sun next week. Be seen as a team player, someone who knows what they want and takes themselves seriously. Jupiter and Neptune are gifting you a massive self-belief boost now so it is up to you how you use it.

We are moving into big mutable weather now with planets in Sagittarius, your sign and also Mars retrograde in Gemini and your 4th. If you have been living in someone’s shadow, or felt you need to meet their expectations, you will now shake yourself free of that. Yes, this may leave some people’s noses very much out of joint. You have but one life to live, Pisces – at least for now. So do that on your terms. Your definition of success is the only one that matters.

In a nutshell: Own your path, your life and your choices. This week offers an unprecedented opportunity to change how others see you – and how you see yourself. Be the glorious, brilliant being of destiny. You are far more than you have imagined, Pisces.