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What is the difference between: Spirit and Soul and Shells and Shadows

Each human has a spirit. Their essence that makes them them. You may have heard people say about someone with enthusiasm how they have a lot of spirit. Your spirit is your sense of self. Your consciousness, your identity.

A shadow or shell has no substance, it is like a memory or a photograph, while you acknowledge it, you know that it is not the real thing.  It is like the discarded shell of a cicada.

A soul is that link we all have with the oneness outside of creation and part of God. It is the soul link that enables us to be sensitive to the finer energies of higher beings. It is the soul link that allows us to tap into the divine source of all knowledge. It is the soul link that gives us an urge to progress. When man’s spirit transcends ego in thoughts he is linked to soul.

When a medium links with a physical person to give a message or to communicate with spirit, what the medium does is create a link firstly with the physical person. The medium may then see an image of a loved one in spirit. This is just an image, it has no spirit. We call this the shadow. From this link the medium then links into the spirit. The spirit of the loved one will communicate as if the loved one is still alive. How the loved one would talk to you in their normal way. Because the spirit has a sense of identity. So the spirit will say, ‘I am well’. The medium may then link with the soul. This is the link with the divine. The level of the message will ascend and the soul will be giving a so-called spiritual  type message, ‘Go forward young one and sin no more’. These will clearly not be the words or mind set of the spirit of the loved one, but therefore must be linked through the loved one and be coming from a higher source. This source is the soul. Mind you, soul will never say. ‘sin no more’ because sin is a concept from man, not from soul.