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Why are guides Important to all of us, except me?

First off, guides are not important to any of us, except for you! They are not important because they are subtle influences in the background whether or not you are aware of them. They are similar to the subtle influences of planetary vibrations because they, like planets have been reflective of you since birth. The question therefore – is what exactly is a guide. Well – it is a word that you have created to best describe the energy that makes you what you are. Those energies are aspects of ourselves and therefore when you contact a guide you are really getting in contact with yourself.

Guides are not important because your life is somewhat pre-destined and whether or not guiding energies are acknowledged around you would not deter your destiny.

You ask a trick question in that you already know the answer yet want it confirmed in your mind. In return, we ask you a question – why do you need guides and do you think guides need you? Consider this and you will find that you and guides are one of the same as we are all one of the same. Your tendency to shy away from praises compels you to transfer your attributes to some thing outside of your control when the truth could be no farther away. To link into your guiding energy is to discover yourself and to be no longer afraid of your self but, with self-confidence and assurance and knowledge and inborn wisdom – to be who you really are. You are the guide!

You have created an elaborate system of guides, angels, and demons. Of masters within a hierarchy of spirit. There is no hierarchy in spirit for such concepts are earthly. There is no guide more “powerful” or “reliable” than yourself – for the guides are yourself. So you ask about highest vibrations – they are no more than your highest good. You ask about negative vibrations – they are no more than realized fears. You ask about Angels and Demons – they are your words for your highest and negative vibrations.

We are a unique species, unique habitat –borne of the same substance and there is a connection between the creator, creation and realization therein – it is your mind, your id, your individuality, your ego. Without mind you would not be able to process and ergo exist.

Just as we can communicate to our loved ones in spirit and seek guidance, why can’t that happen with Guides? Your loved ones in spirit have the same metaphysical blueprint as you, but they have their own MIND! Guides, per se, are borne from your own mental, emotional or even spiritual self, they are YOUR MIND!

The almighty plan that you attribute to God is beyond your comprehension. Therefore you have no other option than to just accept.  But you can’t accept – you need reason, you need explanation, order and structure to help you understand in a way you’re your mind is only capable of understanding. So it is with Guides – you have created a system that fits your pattern, which passes your tests of logic and reasonable doubt. That does not make them any less or any more real – all that does is acknowledge an intelligence, an energy, a wisdom that you have access to. Foolish beings. You have access to it because it is you. It is almost like you seeing the hand on the end of your arm as separate and individual to your whole body. Think about it. Get real. See the truth, understand the truth and become the full you that presently remains dormant, unused, under utilized and misunderstood.

My conclusion: I would argue that guides are an external representation of yourself in order to allow yourself to clearly see all aspects in a debate with your mind. That doesn’t make it any less helpful to do so, just less real.

Kevin Reed. Medium Mystic Metaphysician Healer and Psychic ã2005