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Aries Horoscope 2024: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

2024 brings change to your social circle and professional and creative advancement. Ready to become more famous?


December 28, 2023

Welcome to 2024, Aries. This year sees your social circle expand and your career and creative life get a makeover. And don’t worry. We’ll teach you how to handle your ruling planet, warrior Mars’ retrograde (and explain what that means for your sex life). Because the taskmaker Saturn, ruler of time, spends the entire year in Pisces and your 12th House of the Unconscious, you may undergo a deepening in your spiritual practice, whether that means getting more into tarot cards or ancestor worship.

Transformative Pluto goes back and forth between Aquarius and your 11th House of Friendship and enters Capricorn and your 10th House of Social Status, indicating that the biggest changes happen within your friend group and accomplishments, whether that means your career or creative endeavors. Perhaps both. You may also end up becoming close friends with a coworker or have a life-changing networking opportunity while out with friends. When the year comes to a close, you should be more fulfilled at work and more famous, Aries. Because lucky Jupiter hangs out in Taurus and your 2nd House of Possesions before moving into Gemini and lighting up your 3rd House of Communication, if we look at astrology and ignore any harsh realities from the economy, the stars say that 2023 is excellent for your wallet.

There’s also a chaotic eclipse in your sign, and just as the year starts to come to a close, your ruling planet, assertive Mars, goes retrograde, primarily affecting your sex life and career. But this is only the broad strokes of the year ahead. Keep reading to learn what to expect in matters of love, friendship, career, and health from 2023.

Love & Relationships

Few can resist the confidence and sex appeal that Aries exudes. You’re the first sign of the zodiac and, as a result, the star’s firstborn. Your most significant challenge in love isn’t asserting yourself but listening to others. When the divine communicator Mercury moves into your sign on Saturday, March 9, it’s important to consider the wild idea that you could learn something from your love interest. Perhaps this conversation is delightfully wild and erotically charged. They may have a kink or fantasy they want, with your consent, to indulge in. Other Aries may see themselves leveling up a relationship around this time, discussing living together or what relationship format is best for you. Single Aries will feel a desire to brag about themselves to others (no shame) and feel called to venture into dating or increase the frequency in which you go out with others around this date.

Aries season begins on Tuesday, March 19, and lasts through Friday, April 19. It’s your solar return, and you should celebrate your birthday and make this time of year about your joy. But when romantic Venus dances into your sign on Friday, April 5, your romantic relationships take center stage. Some Aries may accept marriage proposals around this time (if you’re into that sort of thing) or host non-traditional ceremonies to celebrate a partnership. Single Aries will likely be presented with interested suitors around this date. Whether you judge them to be up to your standards is your call, ram.

There’s a new moon and solar eclipse in your sign on Monday, April 8. Make big decisions before this date. Eclipses are high-octane cosmic events that can be quite stressful. Solar eclipses, in particular, along with the new moon phase, can indicate that a new chapter in your life is starting. The only issue is that if you haven’t initiated this change yourself, the stars might rush it along and do it for you. So if deep down, you know that you’re meant to be single but haven’t put that into motion, expect the stars to do it for you around this date. The reverse is true: lockdown meaningful love or risk losing it.

Expect to feel more passionate than usual once your red-hot ruling planet, Mars, moves into your sign on Tuesday, April 30. Long-term but sexually stagnant relationships experience a resurgence of desire thanks to this transit. Single Aries may decide that they deserve a casual hook-up. All Aries, regardless of relationship status, should consider treating themselves to a sex toy. It’s important to remember that you don’t need a partner to enjoy pleasure. Asexual Aries deserve to submerge themselves in other avenues of sensuality, such as massages, skincare routines, or moody manicures, really whatever helps you inhabit your body and feel good. Mark down Thursday, October 17, in your calendar, as a bold full moon in your sign will also raise sex drives. Just be aware that when your ruling planet, assertive Mars, goes retrograde starting on Friday, December 6, the reverse is true: sex drives drop. You may wish to retreat from dating or ask for alone time from your spouse. Please don’t feel ashamed if this happens to you; it’s normal. The best way to handle Mars retrograde is to dive into Venusian self-care activities like makeup, long baths, face masks, and really whatever makes you feel pretty.


There’s going to be changes in your friend group this year, Aries. Pluto, the makeover planet, is in Aquarius and your 11th House of Friendship starting on Saturday, January 20, through Sunday, September 1, and again from Tuesday, November 19, to the end of the year. During this time, your relationships with friends evolve and move into different categories. Coworkers become friends, friends become lovers, and you might even have to be okay with letting someone drift apart. It’s just part of growing up.

One of the problems with being the first sign of the zodiac is that you get really used to people coming to you, Aries. It’s always important to take the initiative to check in with friends, but the stars reiterate this message when the messenger Mercury enters your sign on Saturday, March 9. There’s a selfish reason for this as well. Your season begins on Tuesday, March 19. There are few things sadder than an Aries who feels ignored on their birthday. So make sure to have a party. And, yes, you can ask your friends to take over the planning. But not if you’ve left them on read since New Year’s Eve. As a cardinal sign, you’re an expert at taking initiative — especially when it benefits you. Don’t be offended by that, just use the selfish parts of your nature (all signs have them) for good, such as to have an epic party that’s fun for everyone.

Beware of bickering on and around the chaotic new moon and solar eclipse in your sign on Monday, April 8. While you may associate eclipses with fun times in science class, astrologically, they’re trickers who like to cause swift change. Stay in and get plenty of sleep around this time to avoid any drama (or fighting with a friend you don’t want to lose as you grow up). By now, you’ve likely been told that you can be harsh. You are in full force, in good ways and bad, when your ruling planet, Mars, comes home to your sign on Tuesday, April 30. Just be a little bit extra careful with your language during this time to avoid accidentally hurting someone’s feelings (it’s been known to happen). The full moon in your sign on Thursday, October 17, could also lead to potential drama. It’s likely not as bad as during the eclipse, but it’s still a good date to beware of. Now, if your intentions are to hit the dance floor and get into consensual trouble with the company of friends, harness that messy full moon energy and do so.


Keep in mind that all astrological predictions are subject to capitalism. So while we can’t promise money, we can tell you which days the stars want to send abundance your way. Everyone knows that Venus rules love, but she also governs money. When the opulent planet enters your sign on Friday, April 5, your words drip with honey. Now is an excellent time to stand up for your worth and ask for a raise or promotion (or similar advancements within your passion project or creative side gig).

Mars could be described as Venus’s counterpart. But if Venus is honey, Mars is a rocket launcher. No wonder it’s your ruling planet. Mars comes home to your sign also in April, starting on Tuesday, April 30. You’ll feel extra assertive around this time, making the month of April generally excellent for work and hobbies. Just remember that you’re naturally a bit bossy. When asking for things (especially if you really need the work to be, well, all Mars-energy about it), make sure that you’re acting assertive but not aggressive to the point of pissing people off (unless, of course, you’re trying to switch up your career). But mark April down as a potent time for advocating for better work/life balance as well as making money.

Jupiter is the luckiest planet in the whole zodiac and rules expansion. Everything it touches grows, and no, that’s not a sex joke. It’s in Taurus and your 2nd House of Possessions, the part of your chart that indeed rules cash from the start of 2024 until Saturday, May 25. So while we believe in you all year long, the first half of 2024 is especially powerful for making money moves. The autumn, however, is when most of the change will take place in your work. Transformative Pluto is in Capricorn and your 10th House of Social Status from Sunday, September 1 to Tuesday, November 19. Whether this sees you starting your own business, switching jobs, or climbing the ladder in your present work is between you and your ambitions. The full moon, the lunar phase associated with manifestation, in your sign on Thursday, October 17, might bring the news you’re hoping for, so make a note of that date in your calendar.

Just be aware that you’ll feel a little more sluggish than usual while your ruling planet, fighter Mars, is retrograde, starting Friday, December 6. It’s kind of convenient that this occurs around the winter holidays as you may already want time off, but most importantly, don’t fight it. Allow yourself to move slower than usual (while still doing what you have to do to make rent, of course), and know that it’s okay if you’re not in full force at all times.

Health & Wellness

With the disciplinarian Saturn spending the full year in the sign of Pisces and your 12th House of the Unconscious, you can expect to become more serious about your spiritual practice. Spirituality is so incredibly personal that what that means is between you and your god(does), or lack of one, but 2024 is a year that sees you changing the way you approach love and self-care. Some Aries will begin working with their ancestors in magical practice, up their prayer game, or dive into tarot or (hey there) astrology rituals. Others could be faced with the tough task of rejecting a religious tradition they grew up with.

Definitely treat yourself during Aries season, which begins on Tuesday, March 19. With pretty Venus, ruler of beauty, in addition to love and money in your sign starting on Friday, April 5, you’ll feel extra called to treat yourself to frivolous pleasures such as a manicure or even injectables, so plan your time and money accordingly. Self-care is the highest priority during the eclipse in your sign on Monday, April 8. Most of your scheduling around this date should involve ensuring that you get enough sleep. The same wisdom holds true during the full moon on Thursday, October 17, in your sign. Full moons can produce some of the same anxiety that eclipses do, to a lesser degree.