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Common Mistakes in Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself

Whether you’re an expert Tarot reader or an utter beginner, you may probably attempt to do a tarot reading on your own. It’s ok as you know how to use the cards and you are aware of the power they have in giving guidance or insight in many aspects of your life. Perhaps, you are currently facing an issue or you want to know more about yourself so you use these cards.

However, did you know how you can do correct tarot reading on your own? You have to keep in mind that doing it for your self could end up very confusing or incorrect. This is more likely to happen especially when you commit some mistakes in reading and interpreting the cards. Here are the 7 mistakes which you could make while you read tarot cards for yourself. Of course, there are ways on how you will be able to avoid them.

You Do it When You’re Too Emotional or Stressed

For instance, your boyfriend decided to leave you and end up the relationship between the two of you. Now, you use your tarot cards just to know whether he will come back to you someday. Otherwise, you have lost your job and you want to find out when you can have a new job. As you may probably notice, your emotions in these situations are too high and you might be worried about what has occurred. Doing the tarot reading alone for these circumstances might result to an inaccurate reading most especially when you are excessively emotionally invested.

All you need is to be calm and remain focused while you read the tarot cards. If you are not emotionally stabilized at this time, you must never try to do it. Let the time eases your feelings before you continue.

You Keep on Drawing Additional Cards

There are times that drawing an additional card is necessary when doing a tarot reading. The main idea behind this is to elucidate a particular card. For instance, you draw two swords which are pertaining to deciding between two choices so you have to draw two more cards to interpret those options.

However, you draw a card which you use as the clarifier and then you draw more cards until you see something that is favorable for you. As a result, you have many tarot cards which give different messages which can make you feel confused. The worst is that you may not be able to tell the true message of the cards. Thus, you are not satisfied with the results as the cards fail to let you have what you desire.

In reading tarot cards for yourself, you must draw clarifiers when needed. Likewise, you only need to draw 1-2 extra cards.

You Do More Tarot Readings with Similar Topics or Questions

One of the most common mistakes that tarot readers commit is they read cards again and again with a similar topic. In a tarot reading, having 2 or more readings with the same purpose is not advisable. When you do it for yourself, you must follow one rule and that is to read once for a particular topic. If you really want to do it again, you should wait for the next month to read with that purpose.

You Research for More Card Meanings for Something You Like

The truth is that each tarot card comes with more meanings. You have to keep in mind that there are several aspects for every tarot card which makes it complex and rich. On the other hand, it offers the chance of researching various meanings of tarot cards until you finally find what you desire. When doing a reading for yourself, you may probably ignore the usual meaning of the card as you keep on thinking of the meaning you want.

You must resist the temptation. Instead, you should go over your gut. You must never focus your attention on finding the meaning that suits you.

Using a Complex Tarot Spread

Most of the people who are fond of reading tarot cards use the most famous tarot spread which is the Celtic Cross. On the other hand, this particular tarot spread is quite too complicated and it is usually inappropriate to be used in most readings. You must go back to the fundamentals in tarot reading.

Remember, a 1-card tarot reading is incredibly powerful most especially when you are sincere in meditating for that card and you go deeper to its value and meaning. For different questions, you just need only some cards to get the answers. You have to refrain from using complicated and long readings which can lead you to confusion as well as convoluted interpretation.

Using too Complex Tarot Cards

Use tarot decks with lots of pictures, especially for the minor arcana. A card that just shows 2 cups will be difficult for a beginner to interpret. A Tarot card that shows a couple that are close and attracted to each other holding a cup each will be much easier to understand!

Interpreting the Tarot Cards in a Way You Like

The most complicated thing to do when reading tarot cards for yourself is that you may encounter a convenient but too subjective card analysis. When you’re emotionally invested for a specific situation, you have your beliefs and perspectives which will shape your understanding of the cards in a definite way. The reality is that it might be too hard to stay objective and carry professionalism when you read the cards for yourself. This can be more possible if you have a vested attention.

You have to bear in mind that there is nothing wrong in interpreting the meaning of tarot cards for yourself. On the other hand, you also need to consider the opinions of someone who also do it. In order for you to obtain a 2nd opinion, you may post your reading on the forums through the web.

You can ask the help of your friend who is also engaged in tarot reading. Otherwise, you may look for a professional tarot card reader who will assist you in understanding the meaning of the cards you have as you do the reading. Doing tarot reading for yourself seems to be amazingly insightful and powerful once you are able to do it in the right way. As you know the common mistakes to avoid when it comes to tarot reading, you will be more able to make precise tarot readings.

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